Speculation is swirling all over the Cable News Networks about what really went down when Texas Equusearch founder, Tim Miller, confronted Casey Anthony in her home regarding what she did with her daughter. Now, audio tapes of Cindy Anthony threatening Miller have surfaced. Tim Miller will join me in an exclusive interview to set the record straight. Also, Reporter Rozzzie Franco has some exclusive information about the woman George Anthony allegedly had an affair with. You won’t believe what she has done to protect what she knows!!

We also have SHOCKING, never before heard information, in the Haleigh Cummings’ case. A new source has come forward, and you won’t believe what she has to say about what Misty and Donna Brock were doing to make money (other than dealing drugs). Art Harris also joins me for the latest in the Haleigh Cummings’ case.

This is a jam packed hour!!!!!  Join the conversation live this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on



  1. The police have already heard the tapes and did not press any charges against Cindy. Perhaps, maybe, Cindy did nothing illegal, contrary to the potentially false assertions.

  2. I feel terrible for the Anthony’s. I think Cindy new deep down Casey was involved in Caylee’s disappearance. When Casey was going to mark the map Cindy panicked. Her beloved Caylee dead!!! NO! She was in deep denial. Now she is trying to protect Casey from the punishment she deserves..

    1. Punishment she deserves? I believe the best they can get against Casey is possibly a negligent case and certainly not a first-degree conviction as she is charged, at least if one really understood the facts of this case.

  3. Michelle, who said that Cindy did anything illegal? The tape just shows that she is vile and just down right a hateful person.

    1. Just according you Keri, none of the defense attorneys have ever mafe such a negative claim against Cindy or her conduct, at least according to the facts of the case. 🙂

      1. For Keri, since he was unable to interpret the comment earlier: “Just according you Keri, none of the defense attorneys have ever made such a negative claim against Cindy or her conduct, at least according to the facts of the case.”

    1. Howw’s thisss JackE? If you have further difficulties understand any comments, just ask for more assistance. Good luck. 🙂

    1. There is no grander troll than grandma+4. But, there is a high tribute to being called a troll, it asserts the pashion one may have in their cause, especially for justice for victims of crimes. And, thank you granny for calling me such a title. Thank you, seriously. And, you are welcome. 🙂

  4. Michelle I don’t know what your smoking but it must be good. You obviously have NOT looked at the evidence (a decomposing body in the trunk of HER car! DNA proving it’s CASEY OR CAYLEE! Since it’s obviously NOT CASEY it must be CAYLEE !!!! NOT reporting her daughter missing or KIDNAPPED! Casey will be found GUILTY of first degree murder. By a jury of twelve people.

    1. Sorry Donna, but I don’t smoke like you. I have looked at most of the evidence in the case and found zero direct evidence to support a conviction of first-degree premeditated murder of Caylee, at least according to the facts filed by the prosecution. 🙂

  5. Smokin is cool, but .. this case is not !!
    premeditated murder of Caylee? of course , proof of.. premeditated !! computer searches prove someone in that house premeditated for someone to die..
    Amoung way to many proofs for plain janes like us to Recap each other on.Casey had thought about the how to get rid of caylee long b4 she went berserk while looking for a reason to go berserk on someone,, “just wait till the next time you piss me off” type of Insanity going on in caseys head.
    Lots LE know that will shed the truth to the public here b4 the trail is set in stone!!
    sic silent threats always going on b4 the final straw was drawn.

  6. You think it was some kind of an accident?!! I disagree. The evidence of premeditation is on the computer (and LE will tie those searches to Casey). If it’s an ACCIDENT you don’t cover things up!

  7. Accident??? Involving the Caylee Anthony Murder? there was no accident at all, Who is starting to sound like Bozo the wanna be attorney for Ms. CMA jr.?
    And there really were 3 little pigs that went to the mkt.too.

  8. Hey there, Michelle you stupid wanna-be twat. They let you out again I see. Bloggers don’t worry. First of all Michelle is actually a HE and he’s a real basketcase, more to be pitied than anything else. He’s been in trouble with the law, lives in his fathers basement. A genuine freak, folks. He doesn’t believe a word that he says. He is only trying to get a rise out of you. If you ignore him and never respond he will eventually slink back to his dark damp basement room where he belongs.

    1. Why allow facts about cases that you do not yet fully understand continue to scare you so much Sharon? But, thanks very much for proving my points about uninformed and uneducated people like yourself making salacious and slanderous statements against those that are better-informed then yourself. It proves that those not informed typically attack the messenger of things that are beyond their grasp in complicated criminal cases. Facts about cases should not scare you Sharon because they do not scare the highly-educated and professionals investigating the stories you walk into with preconceived notions that are almost always far off from being accurate. But, thanks for further proving my points about trolls like yourself. And, you are welcome for me pointing that out. Was hoping you might try to stay on-topic of this post, but we can see it is still beyond your abilities. Maybe now you might feel a bit more empowered after this most recent attack against others you remain so jealous of. Sit back, relax, and do some research on these post-topic cases, and try to fill in those gaps that others indicate your inability to comment responsibly. Maybe you need another change in your current medications. Let us all know if you need more assistance learning the proven facts of these cases and someone might actually take the time to assist you again. Did Casey Anthony get released yet? Has Haleigh Cummings been found yet? 🙂

  9. BREAKING NEWS in the Misty Croslin case: Nancy Grace of CNN says Misty’s jail commissary bill of over $50.00 is proof she did something to Haleigh. Good for you Nancy, but that is not proof in any courtroom in the United States of America. No wonder Nancy Grace cannot practice Law anymore anywhere with any of the 50 states of the United States. Courts are not run by speculation Nancy, and you should know this because Nancy has lost every case-motion she and CNN have filed in the federal case filed against Nancy by victims she has victimized already. But, to Nancy’s credit, Nancy does promote the alcohol businesses and the drug-making businesses that Nancy consumes herself by her sheer-volume.

  10. Bombshell 2night !! NG is obsessed with Misty Croslin, I think she got 1/2 jealous when she married Ronald C. Now.. with all this $$ that misty is spending on “deli” Delish prepackaged FOOD is getting on NG last nerve. What is it with her and repeating everyword that Misty says? Thats not helping find baby Haleigh by her obsession w/ what misty eats !!poor waman needs to pig out b4 she does that show, maybe she would forget about the jail house munchies.. ya think?

    1. A lot of Nancy Grace’s problems, even with her obsession with Misty and covering a lot of the cases where Nancy exhibits signs and symptoms that are well known to the legal and psychological worlds, validating her signs and symptoms of her mental illness, is best described to the layman imo by Dr. Rhonda Hahn, where Dr. Hahn gives a very simplistic description of why Nancy cannot control her conduct when dealing with certain issues, especially when her guests do not agree with Nancy or the guests prove Nancy to be so incorrect and uninformed to the facts. Of which, was one of the many reasons why Nancy was thrown out of Atlanta years ago, and why she is not allowed, contractually, to ever practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States of America. For those not familiar with her disorder, here’s a tiny glimps into Nancy’s P.P.D. (Paranoid Personality Disorder) difficulties and her psychotic actions against and towards victims and guests on her show.

  11. o noooooooooo, there is no treatment other than put em all in a hand basket and toss them in a slim infested swamp. with lotsa jail house munchies .. and a 2 bunk comfy jail house bed.

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