Dennis Kaufman’s life has been anything but ordinary. When he was 5, his mother married Jack Tarrance, a man believed to have murdered 100’s of people in a killing spree that latest over 60 years, and dubbed him “The Zodiac Killer.” Jack even tested Dennis’ own ability to kill by forcing Dennis to kill animals at a very young age. Tarrance died in 2006, and now Dennis has just uncovered documents, photos and even audio tapes that exposes the secret life of an evil man, and perhaps finally unravels not only the mystery of the Zodiac killings, but dozens of other murders across the country.

I have just returned from meeting with Dennis and viewing all the evidence. It took us days to sift through the piles of Tarrrance’s belongings. A lot of pictures and documents were destroyed by mildew over the years, leaving behind just the remnants of evidence of unsolved crimes. Is there enough here to piece together the puzzle, and perhaps help bring justice to hundreds of family members across this country?? I hope so.

Dennis’ story will shock, sadden and intrigue you. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this hour. Also joining us is Nanette Barto. She is a Forensic Document expert, and has worked on this case. She will talk about her findings — verifying Jack’s handwriting that ties him to dozens of letters admitting he did these crimes.

To view Dennis’ website, click here.

To view Nanette’s website, click here.

To listen to my show, Blogtalkradio.com/Watts-Up-With-This, click here.



  1. Steph, you did an interview with Dennis Kaufman and I believe you was also with Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch. You might be interested to hear that the document examiner Nanette Barto has been slandering Tim Miller for months, but the last 2 weeks is too much. I contact Tim Millers’ organization with a multitude of links of Nanette’s comments about you and Tim Millers visit with her and also the weeks of slander she has been making. She will be deleting her post as soon as she gets wind…but I have saved them all, and I have made contact with and sent to Tim enough info to piss him off for sure. BTW, she slanders John Walsh of AMW too. They are profiting off their dead children and are helping political people cover up the crimes. I am not kidding. Please contact me and I will be glad to send you all the links as they are at this moment in time. She will be doing some deleting as soon as she gets a hint of my reporting her. http://denniskaufman.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=4939489&trail=120 post# 117 is just the latest. There are worse statements but this gives you an idea.

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