In my report yesterday, I had to leave out a few pieces of the puzzle. Well, here’s one — police are enhancing video surveillance from the Mexican border crossing, which shows what appears to be the McStay family walking across the boarder, shortly after parking their car in a nearby parking lot. They had no bags with them. If this is them, then why? Stay tuned for more pieces of the puzzle.



  1. From what the police saw on that video, they could not positively identify the people walking, it was dark and shadowed……

  2. “he McStay family walking across the boarder”

    I didn’t even know they had a tenant. Why would they walk all over them?

  3. Also, isn’t your headline just a wee bit misleading?

    If all someone did was read the headline, they’d think it was 100% that they in fact have been identified, which of course they haven’t.

    Here’s a far more accurate one. In interest of good journalism, of course.


  4. thanks lake lover. now you can go back to sleep.

    Thanks Steph for changing it. Unless you’re trying out for the National Enquirer, the sensationalist/not accurate style of reporting doesn’t suit you.

    What’s the old saying? Don’t speculate, just report the facts?

  5. The McStay family thanks Steph Watts and Tim Miller for letting the world know the McStay family walked into T.J……Maybe………

  6. You may have been the first to break the story but you sure ruined your credibility. Hope you haven’t put 4 lives in more danger than they are already in.

  7. GrannyB, I don’t think he gives a crap about anyone other than himself.

    He’s a disgrace to good journalists everywhere.

    The next story you’ll see his name on is one about Elvis being seen at a truck stop, in the National Enquirer.

  8. Wow, since when it is ethical to launch personal attacks on the victim’s family members in the name of “journalism”, much less to try to “out” the identities of posters who are presumably protected by anonymity? Wow—you need to start another career. This is not journalism.

  9. granny. I’ll defend her over hateful old biddies like you every single day of the week.

    All you do is misread, miscomprehend, and force your own hateful thoughts onto others.

    You’re a disgrace granny. A complete disgrace.
    And an ugly old hag.

  10. Journalism? The guy can’t even spell. The spirit of this is the problem.
    A family is missing off the face of the earth. The rest should not matter, finding them should matter. If they did go into T.J and did not come back, the reaction should be OMG what happened in T.J. This had a slant from the get go and we are taking about the LIVES of four people including two small children here. As far as I am concerned even if Summer was out…… just does not matter. What matters is these people are GONE.

  11. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all your comments. Thats what this forum is for. A difference of opinion. Remember the more you hit my blog, the more it ups it’s I thank you for all your hits.

  12. I love how you keep deleting those comments that you don’t like.

    Steph, you’ve proven yourself today to be a complete PIECE OF SHIT who cares only about his own interests. I guarantee I will follow everything you do from now on and do my very best to upset your applecart, so to speak.

    You might as well quit now.

    1. Locode, LOL Do you have a life? If you don’t like Steph ( I personally don’t know him)why don’t you just scurry down the road? I can find you “happiness” sites which might help your anger. If you don’t like any of the above….wanna date?


    Do you even read what you’re posting?

    As usual, that statement makes absolutely no sense.

  14. Keep up the good work, Steph. Too many people want to talk about all the sweet nice things about this family, which is fine, but in the end, none of them know the family. None of us knows what goes on behind closed doors. I for one am interested in anything you have to report on this case & family. Please don’t let a few trolls ruin this for the ones who truly want to know what happened! I think you are a good reporter & have followed you with many many cases. You have never let us down. I hope you don’t take any of the mess posted above personally. There are many of us who want this puzzle solved. Hang in there & report it how you see it!

  15. Steph, if the only way you can get hits is to slander a missing family with two small children, maybe you ought to crawl back into whatever hole you came out of. IMO your opinion is not worth a crap.

  16. Why is this Michael so upset? Fox news showed the video, which appears that the family went across the border. IMO. this helps the case, people are on alert in CA and now TJ, Mexico to be on the lookout for the family. Seems to me Michael has changed his tune. Why? Looks to me some shady businesses sprinkled with illegal real estate deals. “Flipping Real Estate” Highly illegal!!

  17. fox showed A video, not the one from customs.

    Steph blogged about it, stating incorrectly that it WAS the McStay’s, and stating incorrectly that the McStay’s definitely parked the SUV. Neither of those facts were true, and not only was Steph called on it, rather than apologize, he edited his post.

    He had promised Tim Miller not to break any news without permission, which he had already done by reporting that Chelsea King’s body had been id’d, before it had officially been done so.

    Steph has killed his own credibility, and by doing so has also hurt that of Tim Miller.

  18. Locode, Tim has no control over what a reporter publishes. As for as Chelsea, Steph did not break the id’d of chelsea, the forums and the blogs were listening to the scanner in San Diego and that is where the information and confirmation surfaced in real time. “as it was happening”.
    Tweets were coming from people at the Laura Command center confirming also.

    Locode, even if the McStays did get in to some business trouble, the public would still be praying that they are safe. But, information such as the tape helps.

    1. Keri, your right and I actually didn’t even break the Mcstay video story. A local reporter called after talking to mike to ask about the video, According to her (the local reporter) Mike told her (and another local reporter) about the video. She said she was running her story that night. It was after that that I posted so I cant actually take credit for being the first to report the news about the video, the locals had it first

  19. Keri, you should understand the whole story before opening your pie-hole.
    Unfortunately Tim trusted Steph after Steph gave him his word. Clearly Steph’s word is worth nothing in an industry where integrity is a calling card.

    By admin on March 7, 2010

    Rumors are swirling about sightings of the McStay family crossing the border into Mexico and video tapes catching it on tape. A blogger known as Steph Watts, in the interest of himself, released the info on his blog, with total lack of regard for the missing family and did the same on another case less than a week earlier.

    I (Mike McStay) have seen the videos firsthand along with my mom, the Aranda family, and a family friend. The video quality is very poor. I personally could NOT make a positive identification.

    Careful reviews of the video shows that there are of two or three different families passing by, one with a little girl actually, and the other with a man who walks nothing like my brother.

    This blogger Watts has released information that detracts from the pursuit of finding my family, splits energies, and is simply for his own gain. This blogger has landed Texas EquuSearch in hot water with the San Diego Sheriff Department once again, just as he did on Monday March 1, 2010. I was in the vehicle when Watts told Tim Miller that he would not blog anything about TES’ cases unless Miller approved it, because of what happened on another missing persons case in San Diego county.

    The vehicle was found near the border, but there are no eye witnesses as to who actually got out of the vehicle, contrary to Watts’ blog. The vehicle could have been parked by others, we simply do not know at this time.

    We do know that a sweet, loving family is missing and the leads are far a few between. We know that the community has showered us with emails, concerns, and offers to help. We know that the Detectives are hard at work on this case. We know that cases like these bring out the best in many people and the worst in a few others.

  20. Locoda, being rude NEVER gets you anywhere. People stop listening. Let me get my point across. I saw the tape on Fox, IMO I did not think the video was the McStays, but it could be. Putting the information out in the public will help, the public will now have their eyes open for the Mcstays not just in CA but in Mexico, just in case they might be in Mexico. Note: All information in the public at this point is speculation, nothing is fact until it is confirmed by Law Enforcement.
    Prayers for the McStay family and their two precious children.

  21. The tape you saw was NOT the one that law enforcement showed the family, it was taken from private businesses at about the same time, but there’s no indication at all that it shows the family that LE suspected was the McStay’s.

    Again, understand the entire story before you type.

    And stop defending this POS coke-addicted poor excuse for a journalist. He’s a joke, and his integrity is ZERO.

  22. I understand the story that is being reported, which is basically nothing but speculation at this time. Judging by your post, you sure are up in arms over a video and information that the McStays might have crossed the border into Mexico. Why is that? This information only helps the investigation but you sure are trying to distort and reflect away from the McStays at the border. Hmmm

      1. I have no idea how you got your rocks on Nancy Grace. Anyone can see they are rocks. Five years in the ocean….
        I would like you to remove the last name of T.M from my posts. This is your fault not his.

    1. No, the story made it seem like the McStays had been seen leaving their car and crossed the border. To me this blogger made it seem like this family took off on their own. If he is wrong, he has put their lives at risk. That does not seem to mean much to you. Since we are playing games, are you Steph Watts.

  23. Keri, you really aren’t bright, are you?

    The points being made are that Steph made mistakes in his reports, and went against the wishes of the police as well.

    He MISTAKENLY reported that it was the McStay’s that parked the SUV. That hasn’t been proven.

    He also MISTAKENLY reported that the video does show the McStay’s. Obviously there is no proof of that.

    Now, if you had a brain, you’d understand the problems with those mistakes.

    As you don’t, I’ll let you go back to slurping up Steph’s every posting.

  24. “Keri, your post are smart”

    Wow, she has a smart post? I bet her fence is really great!

    Steph, you’re such a waste. You’re a disgrace to Canada. Lay off the coke, and get out your knee pads. You’ve got a lot of grovelling to do.

  25. Just wondering where all the money is going that Locode (aka Mike McStay) is collecting on the McStay Family sites toggle that sends them directly to pay pal? I know people that have sent in money.Will there be an accounting?
    McStay’s immature nasty comments, one sided anger and lack of sincerity make me wonder…A LOT!
    It seems that McStay is putting far too much energy into discrediting Steph. WHY?


      I suggest someone call Tim Miller from TES for comment on this, or better yet ask Mike. I was there when he told Tim Miller he was handling the money. I”m sure it is going into resources to find the family. Printing of posters, sending search teams over the border, hiring a PI ect. It would be unimaginable to assume they would use the money for anything else.

      1. His Website says for integrity and has another name on it. Maybe because unlike you, he has some?

  26. Judging by your post, I get the feeling that Steph made no mistakes. Let me tell you, I am bright enough to know that there is definately some shady ass deals with the businesses and throw in the wifes Reals estate license and name changes, perfect set up for shady real estate deals.

  27. “redirect this anger to make a positive difference in the world”

    By telling the world what a corrupt journalist you are, and opening people’s eyes to your lack of integrity, I am doing a wonderful thing.

    You can tell your mom/sister Keri to stop posting for you now. Anyone can tell she’s just a shill for you, who has no clue at all what’s she’s talking about.

  28. Idiots.

    I am not Michael McStay.

    I’m sure Stephanie can check my IP if she has the brains enough to figure out how to.

  29. So Locode is Mike? Figures and interesting. I do not know Steph, enjoy his website and radio shows. Let me tell you I am no “shill” for anyone. Now after SandClam’s post, I am starting to wonder what scam you are pulling. Is this a family affair? If you are Mike, what a disgrace to your family if they are not missing by choice!

  30. Hey loco your dumb is showing again. Who the heck is Stephanie? And you are all over the internet spewing. Is your name Virginia Lisa Summer Aranda Martelli McStay?

  31. Lol. Grannyb, you are the stupidest piece of shit I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across on the internet.

    Folks, this is a woman(?) who claimed that Summer McStay showed more affection for her dogs than she did her children.

    I guess that explains why the children were left in the backyard, right grannyBitch? Oh, they weren’t? You mean the DOGS were left behind.

    I am not Michael McStay, nor am I Summer McStay.

    What we know for a fact is that grannyB is a world class bitch who has no clue what she’s doing. She couldn’t “sleuth” her way out of her own bathroom.

  32. These hateful posts are not productive and have nothing to do with finding this family.

    Steph, you should really consider removing them. Just as in a person’s home, if a guest becomes combative or abusive, you remove them. This is your place and no one should have the right nor ability to monopolize this comment section with such hatred and vitriol toward you or other posters. We are here as your guests. If that privilege can’t be appreciated, it should be denied.

    BTW, There is no such thing as censorship on a privately owned blog.

  33. Aww, your little stick up for crew is here Stephie.

    Funny thing is, if you were short, fat, and bald, no one would give a crap.

    1. There is actually some truth to this, and I appreciate the compliment, especially considering I’m carrying a few extra pounds and my hairs a little thin!!!

      Locode, I actually have to Thank You. Over the last 2 days my blog has had a record number of hits.

      And, I also have to defend you Locode, when you claims you’re not “Mike” There’s no way you could be Mike, or any other family for that matter. They would never waste their valuable time on my blog with 4 family members missing, their entire focus should be locating them and bringing them home safe, which I’m sure it is.

  34. In this case, I don’t think the old “any publicity is good publicity” is going to hold true for you Steph.

    And thank you, obviously I’m not a McStay or a part of any of the families involved with this.

    It’s amazing what a couple of good guesses and some stirring the pot will bring out in people.

    Best of luck with the Enquirer Stephie.

  35. Anyways Steph, now that you’ve got your hits up, go ahead and delete my posts like we discussed when we set this whole thing up.


  36. I find Locode’s location interesting if they are in fact from Canada. I’ve wondered if the car being left at the border was in fact a rouse to throw off suspicion about the family heading North of the border. Locode also listed a location as being from Tx. on a certain message board and also slipped there about being from Canada. I found those locations rather interesting and then you couple that with the hostility coming from this person, you must wonder just what are they hiding. Could they in fact be hiding a family of four right now in Canada???????

  37. “a rouse “?

    “Could they in fact be hiding a family of four right now in Canada???????”

    You are a grade A moron if you think that’s true.

    Is that you redcherries?

  38. LOL..I guess I became aroused in finally getting the opportunity to throw my thoughts out about you LoCoDe/FloridaMan/Plasma.

    So where in Canada are you hiding the McStays?? Is Joey and the children unharmed?? Are you having an affair with Summer??

    1. You and the “sleuths” over at IS are the most pathetic bunch of “Detectives” I’ve ever come across.

      First you think I’m Michael, then you think I’m Summer, now you think I’m hiding the family in Canada? FloridaMan? Plasma? Who the heck are you talking about?

      What a truly sad little bunch of people you are.

      Not to mention that your grammar and spelling is about as good as Steph’s. “Is Joey and the children unharmed??”? LOL! The correct grammar would be “Are Joey and the children unharmed??”.

      Did I mention how pathetic your detecting “skills” are again?

      It would be entertaining if it wasn’t such a pathetic waste of time and bandwidth.

  39. Steph- I love your site. Thank you for the work that you do.

    *Not everyone is a good speller and I am shocked at the cruelty doled out to Steph. Do not read his blog if you don’t like it. Go write perfectly on your own blog and see if anybody cares to read it… o wait, you probably don’t have one. You can only troll around on others.

  40. Actually Loco isn’t even in Canada. She’s using a form of “Hide My IP” online. She’ll deny it though, of course.

  41. Locode Says:

    March 8, 2010 at 9:31 am | Reply
    Anyways Steph, now that you’ve got your hits up, go ahead and delete my posts like we discussed when we set this whole thing up.


    Note to the spelling and grammar Police (aka Locode):

    Did you mean to say “Ciao!” ???

  42. Lacode, just what is your problem? Steph is a great REPORTER. Everyone misspells every now and then. That makes us human and you ANAL, MEANSPIRITED, AND HATEFUL!

    Please take a few deep breaths and chill.

    Thanks for your stories, Steph!

  43. Please just stop. Stop and just pray that the McStay’s come home safe. Please don’t post hateful things and meanspirited words. The families read this and they are going through so much already. Please get this story out there, get their faces memorized by everyone that you know….help bring this family home.

    P.S. A lot of what we hear and read is only a part of the truth. Always remember that there are interpretations of the truth being posted and not just the facts. The important thing is to bring this family home safe regardless of what is going on…..good or bad!!

    1. Alaina, I agree with you in prayer. I pray for this family constantly that they will be kept safe from harm but I don’t believe they want to come home. There are no signs of foul play & no ransom demands. No organized searches, no updates since March 2 by the family nor law enforcement. Not 1 shred of evidence that they have been threatened, kidnapped, forced to leave or injured. There are only 2 ways people disappear…by choice or by force. With no indications of the latter, what does that leave you with?

      1. Gladys, I understand that as humans we need proof to allow us to believe or to see things a certain way. This case is baffling. It has the detectives stumped and it has the families at a complete loss for direction. I guess that my point is that we don’t KNOW anything. Because there isn’t any sign of struggle or threats we are left to wonder why?….but there are equally no signs of financial problems or a need to run so the family is left to wonder what could have happened.

        My post was to simply ask everyone to discontinue speculation without any facts. To not speak horribly of the family when they don’t ‘really’ know them. I know it could be fun for some people to speculate and to create stories but it is very hurtful to the family.

        There are a lot of detectives on this case….maybe the reason that there are not any updates is because there is nothing new to report. Sometimes an explanation that simple is what fits rather than assuming that it’s something horrible or misleading.

        I just ask that we have some compassion for the family and friends of the McStay’s. That we all pray for their homecoming or at least….if they indeed don’t want to come home, then maybe some indication to the family that they are okay.

        Gladys, thank you for your prayers!

  44. I do not for one moment believe that the McStay’s were the victims of foul play. I think everything finally caught up with them and they just left.

    I also think that Mike McStay knows all about what happened. Why did he wait so long to report his brothers’ family missing? Was it because he knew they had finally gotten to their destination? It is all going to come out whether Mike wants it to or not.

    The ONE THING that Mike and Joseph did not count on is the customs video. Time for this farce to come to an end.

  45. Nice new face to your blog, Steph.

    I think LoCoDe is your biggest fan. He’s made his own blog in hopes of following in your foot steps.

    Anxiously awaiting the new news on Summer you have.

  46. Please…PLEASE tell us what you know about Summer. Why are you holding it back? Why is everyone including LE not saying a word? What is going on?????

    1. Are you thinking there’s a hidden message in Steph’s message, The Truth Will Set You Free??

      So some horrible truth was found out and the family went on the run….

      You really need to give us more Steph and stop dangling these carrots in front of us…lol

  47. Mike McStay said Tim Miller won’t return his, or his father’s calls. (if it is really him at InSession) I find that interesting.

  48. IMO Micheal set up a fund for the public to hand over money and calling the fund a charity? He took your advice and states he wants to hire a PI.. Sure!!! Maybe Michael needs to get off the internet and start looking. I have a feeling the McStays might soon be referred to as fugitives instead of missing. Close?

  49. I also finding it interesting that TM doesn’t return Mike McStay phone calls. Maybe this “Mike” is misleading.

  50. I have something to add. Mike McStay is irrate at you. Could you be getting close to the truth? He and the Cummings should be out looking instead of sitting behind computers misleading bloggers. This is all imo

    1. Mike McStay said he figured out Joey’s password and logged on with the intentions of removing the videos for security reasons. He asked detective if he should and he said it didn’t matter. So he did not delete.

    2. I’m sure his brother would find it pretty easy to guess what Joey would use for a password. Hell, I can guess it and I don’t even know the guy.

  51. Mike McStay is dissing you big time, Steph. Why? What was his demeanor while you were with him?

    I watch Mike McStay on video and just cringe. I have a gut feeling that he does know what happened and is misleading the public.

    Watch out, Mike, because if LE thinks you are purposely misleading them, you can and will be found out. I think you are.

      1. It’s so funny how ignorant people just call other people names instead of exchanging thoughts. Steph, trolls are coming out from under the bridge.

  52. I too believe Mike McStay is a complete fraud. Since my last question the McStay Family web site announced that a third party non family member is monitoring contributions. A simple first name of is the only link to this probable ficticious person. The web site did in fact say that donations in part were going to TES. And a friend that knows Mike McStay and his “crew” says they are nothing but cons. I have not seen one poster at the post office, or anywhere else looking for this missing family. I heard Mike McStay has been buying expensive guitars very recently as well. The rest of Mike McStay’s efforts seem to be a mission to discredit Steph rather than finding his family. I think they are all living in a house of cards.

  53. This brother is creepy imo…IMO they staged this for $….pure & simple.


    This is FRAUD imo

    This stinks…..IMO

  54. Well, it is a crime to file a false police report. I think the reason that Mike/Locode has not posted in the last couple of days is that he has been found to be a fraud. Wonder how that 1999 lawsuit turned out? Joseph and Mike were named in it. It was more of stealing someone else’s work, and that work had been copywrited.

    Sure, this guy and family need money because their current scams are not working!!! And yes, the truth will set your free, Mike, but only after either paying a fine or getting probation for the false police report. Why is your face looking like a deer caught in the headlights these days? Are you sceered???

    1. Yes, and did you see that thing he made on you tube about me. Must have taken him hours to produce. That’s time I would have used to look for my missing family.

      1. Are you talking about the video that Sierra1947 created?

        I doubt very much that Sierra1947 is Mike considering that YouTube channel has loads of videos unrelated to the McStay family.

        All you have to do is look at the video and you will see Sierra1947 created the video NOT Mike.

    2. Mike and Locode are not the same person genius.

      The copyright suit was for an instructions sheet.

      Is Mike scared? He’s fucking scared that his family is dead you senseless idiot!

  55. Well we all figured it out. YOU WERE RIGHT! MIKE IS A FRAUD! IT’S OUT NOW! Did Mike really file a law suit against you? Is that why you cannot tell us what else you know? It’s just a matter of time before this whole family is arrested.

  56. Mike was hiding the fact The Mcstays left at 7:47 pm on Feb 4th per a neighbors camera. He got mad and had SAR take up for him kinda like what he did to you. LoCoDe, you’re a CRAZY SICKO with a sailors mouth with no life. You better go check yourself in the mental ward. Your so off, you go and make your own blog to trash people. You need help or try maybe getting a life.

  57. freeking scam artists. I wonder just how much money he has collected through PayPal on the mcstay family site. Doesn’t it seem unusal to ask for donations through such a secure PAY system? I think there is much more fraud going on here than filing false police reports.

  58. Everyone, please just pray that Joseph, Summer and the boys come home safe and soon. All of this other stuff is just nonsense created to entertain yourselves and each other. Please…..Just stop!

  59. Looks like someone’s donations started to “dry up” and someone got a little Pissed Off. Ah, love those bleeding heart scams.
    Mike Dirt My Eye.
    Got it?
    Hang in their Steph, internet stalkers have peas for balls & no grey matter to speak of.
    No worries. We trust what TM saw, and what you saw. And, what we’ve seen with our own eyes on tape.
    Including tape of MM.
    Body Language, oh yea
    It’s a Killer!

  60. Is anyone suprised that the latest news is that police have found evidense on the Joseph McStay family computer where they were searching childrens passport requirements for Mexico as well as travel in Mexico and week before their disappearance? What they should do is investigate Mike McStay’s computer and I am sure they will find much more information to end this story.
    Is it no stranger that Mike McStay claimed they released the family computer to him a few weeks ago as there was no evidense or clues to be found?


  61. Is it not true that one can change the date in the computer….type in whatever they want….then restart the computer and correct the date? If this is possible then it would be easy to make it look like something was looked up on January 28th rather than on February 27th etc. etc.

    Joseph and Summer’s computers were not secure with the authorities and a lot could have happened to mislead this investigation.

    Just my opinion

  62. This may have already been addressed but I just watched ID. It looks to me like the man is carrying a child about 1 1/2 years old. No?

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