Sadley, the body of 17 year old Chelsea King was found buried in a shallow grave in the park, not far from where her clothing was found a few days earlier. What’s even sadder, is that this is a crime that should never have happened. This monster, John Albert Gardner, should have been behind bars on his previuos attacks on other young women. Great work by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and all the search organizations involved.



  1. I guess we can expect a Chelsea law now. How many more have to die before WE take a stand and say NO MORE. I don’t know what is killing our children faster, war ,drugs or these predators we knowingly let loose.

  2. Is there any way to put public pressure on California government to implement the Jessica’s law (proposition 83 was passed few years back). That would keep the young children a bit more safer by preventing these criminals living next to schools and other places where children frequent, also track them using GPS.

  3. I was deeply saddened when I listened to the news today. My sympathy goes out to the family. This is very disheartening as I have two children of my own, I can not fathom what the family must be going through. Everyone’s hearts and prayers are with you.

  4. Yes, it appears that Gardner is not a likeable person, for many reasons. But, step back a bit from the emotions of this case, and try to see just how much the victim was at fault in her own demise. Running, jogging, alone, did she carry a weapon to defend herself, what type of apparel was she wearing; provocative or non-provocative, was her cell-phone turned on?, what time was she running through this predator-laden neighborhood, how many people did she notify she was going out to do this before she left, what time was her estimated return time, and what was the route she had told people she was planning on taking? Sounds like Chelsea hasn’t learned a thing from all the media-saturation to protect one’s self when engaging in such an activity in such a negative environment. More focus needs to be paid of how negligent Chelsea was, then trying to blame the system for doing exactly what the system was intended to do regarding fulfilling Gardner’s sentence and cutting him free from custody at the soonest available opportunity to save on the expenses of the over-drawn system. Is her case sad? Yes, in my opinion. But, I blame Chelsea more for her failures than I do of what Gardner has already been convicted and served his time for, and is expected to re-offend sometime in the future according to the data. Hard way to learn a lesson Chelsea. Rest in peace.

  5. Has there been any evidence revealed yet that points to Nancy Grace of CNN causing another death in this situation, or is it just pure speculation at this point in time?

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