I just got this press release in from Brad Conway.  He represents Cori Rist, one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses. You may recognize his name. He is also the attorney  for George and Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s parents. Brad is a busy guy these days…

Law Office of Bradley A. Conway, P.A.

189 S. Orange Ave.

Suite 1850

Orlando, Florida 32801


“I would not have become romantically involved with Tiger if he told me the truth about his marriage. Although I made a bad decision, it was based on Tigers lies and manipulations. He exposed me to health risks with complete disregard to the potential for permanent consequences.”

“I respect his desire to protect his family. However, I wish he would have considered my son. I have a family too and this has been very hurtful to them. The women Tiger lied to and exposed to risk deserve an apology. Tiger is still in denial about his role in this, he was a romantically persistent man, not the victim of multiple women forcing him into sexual relationships . I believe his statement was made for appearances alone and is consistent with the behavior that created Tigers mess to begin with. I felt it lacked true remorse and appeared to be forced, not genuine.”



  1. Tiger is a well known athlete if he was going through a divorce it would be in the news. These women slept with a married man, have they apologized to his wife or their own family? If they did not want to involve their family then they should not have came forward then and no one would know that he slept with them too. I do not believe he owed them anything. I guess if he said sorry to them it would open him up for a lawsuit because he would have admitted to wrong doing. Which he morally did wrong but he did not break the law. He owes no one a I am sorry except his wife/family and his golf community for causing bad publicity. I think they have all been paid plenty from the tabloids and talk shows. jmo

  2. the way I see it, Tiger Woods Apology was sincere. Yes he used very bad Judgment doing all those things he did but he is doing something about it
    to get his Life back on Track, that is more than some People can say which are doing the same thing, the only difference is a lot o them don’t have the Means and Opportunity like Tiger had.
    As for the Tiger Mistresses I really have no Sympathy for them they knew he was married and had Children! If they bought his Lines that is very naive
    and their Problem. By the Way I don’t think any of those Women were naive. JMO

  3. These women knew what they were getting into,they also knew that he was married. I bet they didn’t mind him spending great amounts of money on them either. One of the women once stated that she met him twice a month…say what? She should have known that he was seeing other women, too.
    They are all pointing the finger, but were willing participants.

  4. Good evening. I agree with all of the above. The women need to get a life. Stop using Tiger for a income. They were opportunists. Get over it and get a real job. Take care of your own children, etc.

  5. Why do we care? He is a golfer for goddness sake….he is no one important, no one who impacts my life (and probably not anyone here). He is like many, many other men and women who have cheated and have been caught. Why is this news? Why did the “world come to a halt” today? As to the women…he was married, they knew, they get what they deserve. The only person I even remotely feel sorry for is his wife and children. My advice to her….dump him and move on. And yes, lets all us move on too.

  6. well, whoppin friggin do!! you lie with dogs you get fleas! i do not sympathize with the women(boo-hoo) and i certainly could give a rat’s****** about narcissistic tony the tiger. his sense of entitlement will slap him in his cheating, lying face one day! just give it time, and he will be at it again, and if his wife wants to reunite with him, so be it. life is about making decisions, and if it’s a bad decision, then you have to pay the consequences, and hopefully, learn from them.

  7. I bet if he was a married garbage man, these woman would not have given him the time of day, let alone sleep with him (at his convenience). They were star struck and stupid, and now they look like idiots.

  8. one more thing I like to mention.
    It is a well known fact once a Cheater most likely always a Cheater.
    What I am saying if Tiger Woods Intentions are to make Amends to everyone he has hurt and he wants to change his Life, I for one wish him Luck and Success. What happens between him and his Wife is really one of our Business.
    Myself I don’t know the Man and I really am getting tired of the extensive News Coverage this Situation is getting. He isn’t the first Man or will be the last Man has committed Adultery. So, he is a Big time Golfer with a lots of Money and People have put him on a pedestal and then every one is disappointed if he didn’t succeed to be the perfect Man. I am sorry but there are a so many more important things to cover in the Media than a cheating Golfer. JMO

    1. Amen to that Hilde. You are so right. We’ve got missing children we need to find and the media is filled with this Tiger Woods travesty. It’s a moral problem. Let them deal with it on their own time. I have no desire to know about his affairs, marital or otherwise. Thanks for putting it into perspective.

  9. Unless you were living on Mars, everyone KNEW Tiger was married. Quit with the boo-hooing trying to pick up a little cash along the way. Get on with your life cause there will be tougher times ahead. So buck up and quit reminding your son of how your decision to get involved was a stupid mistake.

  10. Tiger’s sorry he got caught. He’s sorry this has messed up his repuation. He’s sorry that he’s lost huge contracts and great financial loss, no matter how wealthy he is. He’s sorry that from now on, he’ll forever be under the cheater microscope. He’s sorry that he’ll always be suspected of cheating, no matter who he’s with or what he says or does.

    These gals are trash, each and every one of them. They are sorry they couldn’t get him to leave his wife for them, like each one thought he would.

    Each one got involved for the money and for future investment, i.e. to be the next Mrs. Woods, living in a big house, driving fancy cars etc.

    It didn’t happen and now we all know what kind of women they are. They put themselves at risk for std’s and heartache, and that’s they’re problem.

    Nobody forced them to try to break up a marriage. They stepped into this mess freely and for profit. You reap what you sow.

  11. In my opinion Tiger only owes an apology to his wife Elin and his family. These Bimbos got what they asked for, nothing more, nothing less. They were Tiger’s play toys and they were all loving it, until the crap hit the fan with Elin finding out and messing up their little sleezy play pen.

  12. That Cori Rist is a real hoot. Was she considering her Son when she was screwing around with a married man, and especially one that is in the News all the time. Her son will now grow up and find out his Mom was screwing around with a married man. Way to go Rist.

  13. Hi *Knight owl 🙂

    Wouldn’t you think you would be so ashamed, having slept with a married man, that you would not want ANYONE to find out?
    This woman is taking this to a whole new level by putting herself out there as a victim. And……I have always liked Gloria Alright (sp) until this latest bimbo and her appeared before the cameras whining about being cheated on by a married man.!! What a farce.

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