On February 09, 2009, Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her trailer home in Satsuma, FL. Now, one year later, investigators are no closer to solving this crime. As almost everyone involved in the case  sits in jail on drug charges, the media waits for the next performance from one of the circus clowns behind bars.

But if investigators and the public fascinated with this case are waiting for one of them to crack, I hope your sitting down, because you’ll be waiting a long, long time. Especially  now, with the release of jailhouse conversations between Misty and her family, plastered all over cable news show like Nancy Grace., she certainly won’t be telling any secrets now. Was this a huge mistake to release these tapes??  I say yes. Any chance of Misty, Ronald, Hank, or even Donna Brock  saying anything to a family member or friend now, died the second those tapes aired. They all know they are being played all over the media for sensation, if they were going to crack, open up or even leave a clue, that hope died when those tapes were released. They have nothing to gain, they’re going to rot in jail on drug anyways, so why confess to a crime? Or even try to help investigators?? Keep the game alive, in their minds. See what else they can gain from this tragedy? Tomorrow night, join the conversation on my radio show Watts-Up-With-This at 8:00pm live. My guests will include Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch and former FBI agent Don Clark. Join the debate.  Just log on and listen “Justice is Just a Click Away”…sometimes.

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  1. Well, this time I’m hoping for that old thing called self-preservation or that me me me thing to kick in. Maybe, they will want to get out and get drugs so bad they’ll sing anyway…

  2. Thank you for the show Steph.

    Re the earlier 911 call…I think the panel misunderstood the person asking about the “first” 911 call….there is a rumor floating around the internet that there was a call made to 911 before the call that Misty made when Ron arrived home, and it’s rumored to have originated from one of the Croslin homes. I have no idea if there is any truth to that rumor or not, but I think that’s what the question was about.

    I think that when LE warned about tunnel vision, what they were doing was saying that they weren’t sure Misty is responsible (and becoming less sure), and that they are looking at other possibilities. I don’t believe that LE and the FBI are so dumb that they could interview an illiterate 17 year old for 30 hours without a lawyer present, and not have a case against her for anything, if she was really the perp. I hope next time the panel can explore some other possibilities, like local SOs, the Sheffield/Griffis etc. Misty’s been beaten like a dead horse for a year now, and it’s gone nowhere. I don’t believe she could outwit LE and the FBI for all that time if she had anything to do with it.

  3. has anyone heard the tape that HLN played this morning? It was Ron talking about He did everything they asked him with Misty, and they were supposed to released him from jail .

  4. Linda and Me, great posts and good observations. I’m with “Me” on their opinions, seems totally un-believable a child could outwit everyone, and I do mean everyone, including the public. Somehow, somewhere someone knows something, and if it pointed to Misty I feel they would have sang by now for that large reward money. I know I would if I had pertinent information regarding a missing child.

  5. One year already. Guess that puts Misty and Ronald off the hook. At least according to the facts of the case. 🙂

  6. BREAKING NEWS in the Misty Croslin case: Nancy Grace of CNN says Misty’s jail commissary bill of over $50.00 is proof she did something to Haleigh. Good for you Nancy, but that is not proof in any courtroom in the United States of America. No wonder Nancy Grace cannot practice Law anymore anywhere with any of the 50 states of the United States. Courts are not run by speculation Nancy, and you should know this because Nancy has lost every case-motion she and CNN have filed in the federal case filed against Nancy by victims she has victimized already. But, to Nancy’s credit, Nancy does promote the alcohol businesses and the drug-making businesses that Nancy consumes herself by her sheer-volume.

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