1. Sounds like more grasping at straws. Casey had so many 1-nighters I don’t think even she knew who the father was. JMO.

  2. Agree with “Carol in VA”.

    More grasping at straws and doubt if Casey knows who the father was. If Caylee’s father wanted to murder anyone it probably would have been Casey, not Caylee.

  3. The father isn’t Casey’s brother, for crying out loud. She was named by Cindy most likely, family control freak. She was named for Casey and Lee, because Cindy’s children are named Casey and Lee. Nothing more sinister than that.

    Casey seemed so in denial or disinterest in her pregnancy that she probably never gave much thought to naming her own child. Add to the fact that Caylee in it’s variant forms of spelling was a very popular name and still is.

    Casey doesn’t know who the father is, or she’d have spilled in order to get child support. She slept around with so many guys that she probably didn’t know where to start with identifying the dad by the time she realized she was pregnant.

    It would look worse for her to have to keep accusing different guys who could then prove her wrong and make her look like the slut of the year, than to finger a former classmate who’d been killed shortly after Caylee was conceived, who couldn’t deny the charge of fatherhood.

    Trust me, if Casey knew who the father was, she’d have taken him for everything he had.

  4. Sophie I have to respectfully disagree. I think that Cindy bullied Casey into not namng a father because if she did they would have to share “their little girl” with another set of grandparents and Cindy could not bear the thought that someone else would have access to Caylee and Caylee might love them more. Cindy is so self centered and greedy that she wanted Caylee all to herself. I suspect that when Casey was confirmed pregnant, Cindy said she would help with all the finances so there was no need for child support, hence no need to name a father.

  5. In my Opinion Caylee’s name doesn’t give a Clue whatsoever. To think it does, is pure Speculation.
    It has been proven through DNA Lee is not the Father of Caylee.
    LE has put this Rumor to Rest a long time ago.
    It is common Knowledge the Defense is trying to do everything they can to establish reasonable Doubt by trying to blame anyone they can for the Murder of Caylee Marie.
    As the known Evidence so far shows the right Person is behind Bars awaiting Trial for the Murder of her own Daughter.
    When the Trial finally will start I am confident the Prosecution will have
    enough concrete Evidence to show to the Jurors to get a fair and just Verdict for the Defendant and most of all Justice for the Victim Caylee Marie. JMO

  6. It might be helpful to post the time zone when giving information about when your broadcasts air. I’d like to listen to the discussion which you indicate can be heard at 8:00 PM, but there’s nothing to indicate where the broadcast originates. I’m on the pacific coast, a difference of 3 hours from eastern time. Please advise.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA!! Another innocent person to pay for Casey’s crime. Can’t you get it? Apparently not. Listen up, it’s really simple. There is only one person who could have murdered Caylee. It wasn’t Jesse, or Zanny, or the Easter Bunny, or Kronk etc. etc. It was Caylee’s own mother, Casey, who murdered her. We already know that, okay? The cat’s out of the bag.

    The only thing you are managing to accomplish with the SODDI theory is to continue to piss us off. We don’t have the stomach for any more innocent people being blamed for Caylee’s murder. Can’t you see that? What is wrong with you? You have nothing to gain. The only thing that will happen is we will dig our heels in even harder while the whole “blame-the-innocent” approach is blowing up in your face. So, just stop. You aren’t fooling anyone and you are only making it even worse for Casey. If you stop now she MAY get LWOP. If you don’t stop now we’ll see it through to the end and she will die by lethal injection.

  8. For EDRN: Don’t forget that George and Cindy were MORE than happy to share Caylee with the Grunds…in fact, the Grunds were the primary caregivers of infant Caylee while Casey was ‘at work’. Jesse’s parents encouraged Jesse to take a paternity test, so obviously Jesse was under the impression that he COULD have been Caylee’s father, and his parents the grandparents.

    I don’t doubt that Casey let her parents believe the same thing as long as she let Jesse believe it. She’s lied to everyone involved.

    While I do believe that Cindy is controlling, I don’t believe that she’d try to keep Caylee to herself as far as grandparenting is concerned.

    She was more than happy to share Caylee with the Grunds, so I don’t believe not wanting to ‘share’ Caylee was the reason she named her so.

  9. Sophie, do you believe that she was okay with sharing Caylee with the Grunds, or do you think she “shared” because it was convienent to have the Grunds babysitting? You may be totally right, I am just throwing out ideas.

  10. hello,
    maybe kronk needs to be given a paternity test!!! lol…
    but, seriously, the poor father of caylee never knew he was a father, so, I am sorry, there couldnt be a motive there…
    the 31 days tells on casey like nothing else, unless you want to include the dozens of lies to police… she DID NOT want this baby found….If your child goes MISSING even for a minute, your whole life stops…. every mother has this same knowledge in her heart, and usually in her experience raising her children.

  11. On or about August 13, 2008 Mr and Mrs anthony went to the Orlando County Jail and had a conversation with Casey. If one looks at that video they might come away with the idea that both Mr and Mrs Anthony knew with a fair degree of certainty, that Casey killed Caylee. I know it was the linchpin for me.

    There is no scientific/forensic evidence published that shows male DNA was at the movable crime scene (from the home to the car to the final resting place).

    Casey Anthony had the intent to decieve investigators (OCSD, FDLE, FBI, and her own lawyers) but not the opportunity to implicate anyone else she actually knew in the abduction/kidnapping of her daughter Caylee. She abandoned the car and to the best of my recollection no scientific or forensic evidence was collected to indicate that anyone other than Casey Anthony drove the vehicle.

    How could Mr Krunk be responsible for abducting/kidnapping and eventually murdering Caylee M Anthony if he had no access to her automobile? If Casey’s father murdered Caylee why did Casey implicate ZFG?

  12. Cindy and George both write to her in jail. She won’t write either parent back. I think she resents what they did to her. First by George and then by Cindy.

  13. George Anthony is not Caylee Anthony’s father.

    Mr and Mrs Anthony did nothing but support Casey. They gave her shelter, food and clothing and provided her with a car to go to her nonexistent job. When she delivered her darling child they continued to do the same for their granddaughter Caylee. They provided a home, clothes, food, and paid her medical expenses and at the end of the day they were the only ones who loved her. The car as we all know became her coffin.

    I think it would be spiritually and intellectually healthy for everyone to accept the fact that Mr and Mrs Anthony did not participate before, during or after in the commission of this crime. There is only one person who is charged with Felony Murder in the First Degree and that is Casey Anthony. Mr and Mrs Anthony know what she did and when she did it.

    Casey walked around with a whip and demanded obedience from everyone who walked in her path and more than likely abused Caylee throughout her short life. Give these broken and damaged parents some consideration and understanding. From all accounts they were the very best grandparents. They love Casey unconditionally and will until the day she dies. How would anyone of us act had we been tormented by this rotten stinking, twisted psychopath year in and year out? Who among us can say that we are paragons of purity and virtue 24/7?

    It is morally reprehensible to call George Anthony a sexual deviant.

  14. As per Caylee’s Father:

    Jesus Ortiz

    Orlando, FL
    #6 May 9, 2007
    One of my children went to school with Jesus. He was in our home many

    times during those years. Jesus was a bright young man who did very well academically in his advanced and gifted classes at Colonial High School.
    What a terrible tragedy to lose another life as a result of somebody
    [whoever it was] being careless and inattentive in their vehicle.

    Comment by ♥♥ STELLA ♥♥
    August 5th, 2008 at 4:10 am

    Colonial High School Class of 2004 Alumni, Orlando FL
    Anthony, Casey – Ortiz Jesus were in the same class
    Casey was a hoochie – a sexually promiscuous young woman.

    Orlando Sentinel
    May 9, 2007- 2-car crash near UCF fatal for 1 driver- A man was killed
    Tuesday night during a two-car crash in east Orange County near the
    University of Central Florida. Jesus Ortiz was killed in that wreck. The
    accident occurred May 7, 2007. Female passenger was injured.
    Jesus Ortiz ,possibly father of Caylee, (21) died from injuries sustained
    in an automobile accident

    Jesus Ortiz (21)
    Date: May 08, 2007
    Cause of Death: Automobile Accident
    Location: Orlando, FL

    Even the Ortiz family thought it could be possible

    The attorney representing Ortiz’s parents said the family is close-knit and they claim they’ve never heard of or met Casey Anthony.
    But they’re not completely dismissing the possibility that Ortiz could be
    the father.

    “Miss Anthony never told the family Jesus was the father or that he might be the father. In fact, the family has never met her and does not know her,” attorney Bryan Crews said. “If the child is indeed their grandchild and alive, that is all they have left of their son, Jesus Ortiz. They would like to get to know the child if she is indeed still alive.”


    Then you have the fact that there WAS a Samantha Gonzales, who lived

    within Casey’s zip code that married a Mr Ortiz. Jesus’ brother? Cousin?

    Add to that the fact that a Jennifer Rosa lived less than 1 mile from the

    new Mrs Ortiz (married May 2009)


    Jesus E. Marquez Ortiz – [died: 5/8/2007 in a car crash] Born to Jesus A. Ortiz and Olga I. Marquez in Humacao, Puerto Rico on September 8, 1986. He is survived by his parents and sister Olga M. Ortiz. The Ortiz family had a connection to a ZFG. Jesus was one of Stephanie Kostakis’ closest friends and classmate. After graduating from Colonial High, Jesus majored in Business at UCF. Rumors that he was Caylee’s father are unfounded

    Stephanie is also on Casey’s visitor list. She has not visit as of yet.

    All coincidence?

  15. Jesus Ortiz was found at fault for the accident that took his life. Mr Ortiz’s DNA is available (blood-alcohol tested) and to the best of my recollection no one has ruled Mr Ortiz in or out relative to paternity of Caylee Anthony.

  16. That’s my point…we don’t know if he was or was not. I can imagine he might not have even KNOWN himself if Casey had gotten pg by him. Most times these days it could be anybody’s guess. With an young person, not just Casey. Just because she didn’t come rushing up to show him or his family the baby doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been his child. I’ve always thought it extremely odd that this lead was never really looked into. You’d think LE would WANT to know.

    Does anyone else think it’s ODD that a newly Mrs Ortiz who used to be Samantha Gonzales, one of the “named & missing people” AND a Jennifer Rosa BOTH lived within a few miles of Casey and Caylee AND lived off of a hwy named Sawgrass PLantation immediately South of the Airport. Just across the Hwy from where on of the big searches took place? Could it be that the Ortiz family had cozied up to Casey to get visitation with her against C &G’s authority & will? Could an accident or murder have happened while in their care and a plan to frame Casey was born?

    Me personally, I find it just too easy that Caylee was found where she was found. If Casey really killed her own daughter…..there is NO WAY she would have left her so close to home. Casey would have no way of knowing a tropical storm would keep searchers out for months. I think she would have found somewhere much further away. The only other option is that Casey is responsible and someone moved Caylee after Casey was arrested.

    Roy Kronk…..he’s been on my radar ever since I heard about just how persistent he was. Are you telling me that he found a BABY’S SKULL…it came rolling out of a black bag at his feet (now known to have been a lie) and he’s gonna get distracted by a freakin snake?!? He didn’t tell his co-workers “Hey, I think I just saw a baby’s skull roll out of black bag…let’s call the police” Why not? I think he’s getting what’s comming to him. He wanted that reward money sooo badly. He got it and guess what….he’ll pay for it now too, if only in circumspection.

  17. Early on in the investigation Casey Anthony admitted that the father was a one night stand from Georgia. (see NG transcrips in July 2008)There is also a picture of someone who is a friend of a friend in the Casey Anthony circle who Caylee resembles. That’s about the significance paternity will ever play relative to this trial. People are curious but it’s not important when we discuss Fl v Anthony.

    LE is not interested in the identity of the father. Ashton/ Baez are certainly not interested in bringing whoever it is in for a deposition/interview. There is no published DNA evidence indicating anyone but Caylee Anthony was at the final resting place.

    Paragraph two holds no interest for me. I try not to cloud my mind with stuff that will never be part of the court record. This is the silly stuff that happens in all high profile cases when it’s a slow news day.

    When you think rationally about the evidence and read it with a seriousness of purpose you will have fewer occasions to say things like, “I find it just too easy that Caylee was found where she was found”.

    Imagine outcomes-try not to mess with the facts. Of course, making up your own set of facts is probably not a good thing.

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