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Tune in to my radio show Sunday night for a live candid interview with Texas EquuSearch founder, Tim Miller. He will talk candidly about Donna Brock, the woman now charged, along with Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings, in an undecover drug sting. Donna use to work for Miller, and was working as a “double agent,” by befriending Misty Croslin and providing information to the Putnam County Sherriff’s Dept. After a road rage incident, and my reporting of Donna Brock distributing drugs to Misty while on a interview in NY, Miller released brock for TES, and the police no longer required her services. But Brock continued her “friendship” with Misty, spiraling out of control, and ending up jailed in a drug sting operation.

Also, in another exclusive interview, Jacgue Hollander heard all the illegal wire tap tapes Brock made of Misty Croslin. Hollander will relay, in detail what she heard on those tapes and how she belives Brock knows where Haliegh Cummings is. Will Brock sing like a church brid now that the long arm of the law has caught up with her?? You’ll hear this ONLY on “watts-Up-With-This??”!!!!!

Stay Tuned



  1. I just read every article online and watched every video I could find about this case tonight and the last article is the one for the arrest. I am so very amazed at the law enforcement in this case..their patience and determination really has impacted this case.

    I am so on pins and needles about them getting one of them to talk. Believe me if they keep the smokes and the drugs away from them for about 12 hours a nic fit will make anyone talk..But I am sure the police know this all to well.
    Kudos on your reporting and I hope that if I check this notify me via email comment button will work!!!

  2. This is great!! I hope and pray that this will lead to Haleigh or at least what happened to her. Keep up the good work.

  3. Very Interesting… Thanks Steph!

    Have questions…
    Didn’t Miller say in a past recording that Misty was Frightened of Jail?

    Why would anyone want to bail Misty out Now?
    (envisioning another Padilla episode that was unsuccessful)

    Just thinking if Misty were to stay in jail long enough to dry out, she may just get scared enough to talk or atleast more vulnerable… if she is let out, no one, not even LE could get to her, if LE can have a meeting with her in jail even with attorney present would be worth it don’t you think?

    1. Agree Budgirl. Let her sit in there and get a taste of life on the inside and see if she sings. Also if she told that Donna Brock anything significant, maybee she will sing too, but Brock is not credible at this point, so my money’s on Misty…

  4. If Misty were a habitual user of opiates (Vicodin, Oxys, etc) she will go through at minimum a mild (and perhaps an excruciatingly harsh) withdrawal from the opiates. Dope-sick, as it were. It’s a fairly common occurance here in Chicago’s Cook County Jail, and to avoid suffering in a holding cell w/ up to 50 other inmates, no privacy for your diahrrea, vomiting, etc. many inmates threaten suicide to get transferred to the hopsital for observation, or offer to ‘talk’ prior to transferring to the jail from the local PD (bonding out there if feasible). Point being…if ANY of the arrested are addicts to opiates, and are offered ANY relief (IMO) from their sufering, they will offer whatever cards they are holding in a heartbeat. I hope.

  5. i am donna brocks 19 year old son Cody M. K. Press this is funny i just found out my mom Donna S. Brock has been charged with all of this no wonder she hasnt been answering my phone calls yes i am her son one of three boys i’m just shocked

  6. cody, this is your sister please stay off these damn blog sites!! you dont even know mom and havent talked to her in years, seeing her for a few days here and there over a period of years doesnt mean you know what the situation is, and I dont like being lied to, plz dont make moms situation any harder by being dramatic or exaggerating the truth! you don’t speak for her family, and you have no idea what we are doing, by the cody her middle name is michelle and doesnt start with an s.. take care and i pray that you grow up..

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