It’s bittersweet for the search and rescue organization Texas EquuSearch (TES) tonight, as members recovered a body Friday that has now been identified as Becky Hamilton, a Huffman woman who’s been missing since New Year’s Day, and sister of one of TES’s members.

After a week of tireless searching, Hamilton’s body was located by Tim MIller, TES, founder, inside a foot locker on Highway 59 near Greens Road. Deputies were called out to the scene after EquuSearch members noticed hair and bodily fluids coming from the storage locker, Miller said. The body was transported to the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office for positive identification and cause of death. The body belongs to 52-year-old Becky Hamilton, the missing sister of a long-time volunteer for the Texas-based search group. Hamilton was last seen in Huffman on January 1, 2010. Becky’s brother “Tiny” Joe Kasee has been a volunteer with TES for years, and has helped recover two other bodies. “It was our turn to pay Tiny back — I hope in some small way, this brings him closure” Miller says. Police have a suspect, but they are not saying who it is at this point.


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