On my radio show on Sunday night, my guest, former Muslim terrorist Walid Shoebat, made some shocking statements sparking controversy and opening up a conversation not often had in the media. He feels the world should profile Muslim men with Muslim names.

Shoebat, he adds “I want to be profiled, I have a Muslim name, it would be reassuring to me know Muslims were being profiled and it was safe for me to fly, I have nothing to hide.”

Joining Shoebat, who is a “reformed Muslim, now living in the U.S., and is the author of several best selling books, including “Why I Left Jihad,” “Why We Want to Kill You” and “God’s War on Terror.” is Keith Davies. Davies is the Director of the Forum for Middle Eastern Understanding (FFMU). Keith is a public speaker on the topic of terrorism, its roots and how to stop it. During his lectures he uncovers much of the sectarian teaching used to recruit an ongoing stream of terrorists. “Muslim’s, more specifically, Islamic radicals, have infiltrated every agency of our government.” Most disturbing, our intelligence agencies — The CIA, the FBI, the Army (as we recently saw in Fort Hood ), and even the Dept. of Homeland Security, according to Shoebat. and he feels the media won’t even engage in a conversation about this issue for whatever reason. Because it’s not PC perhaps.

Davies believes this country is not having the honest conversation about terrorism, and says the media is “soft on the issue of terrorism.” “Even FOX News is soft on terror.” “They only call when the bomb goes off, so to speak.” “It’s not a War on Terror.” “That’s a term the media made up.” “We don’t have wars on wars — we’re at war with Islam.” “We just need to admit it and call it what it is.”
“Islam wants to take over the world,” Davies says. “The issue is the theology of Islam, which if followed based on the standard interpretation of Sunni, Shia and Sufi. Islam wishes for world domination by any and all means possible. The only peaceful Muslims are those that have no interest in the faith, but born of Muslim parents. Alternatively, Muslims who are outside the mainstream who may have a different interpretation, but would represent 1% or less of Muslims, and have no power or influence on the Islamic clerical establishment. This is the reality which no one will report on the main stream media. Once the media will report en masse, the problem will be solved. Until then, many will die because we will not face the reality.

Walid actually explains how we can easily identify Muslim men, even if they no longer appear to be what we, as Westerners expect Muslim men to look like. As in the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the young Alqaua recruit who attempted to bomb the Detroit bound flight on Christmas day. Not looking unlike any other young African American man homeward bound for the Holidays, no one would suspect him of being a terrorist based on looks. But if you look close at Abdulmutallab, you can see the distinguishing marks Shoebat is referring to.
”Muslim men have a beard and a mark on their forehead from pressing into the ground while praying. Muslims prey up to 5 times a day — if you see a Muslim man with the mark on his forehead and no beard, he’s trying to blend in and probably up to no good.” As shocking as Shoebat’s statement may seem, consider this; If they had profiled Abdulmutallab, based on his name alone, perhaps he may have turned out differently.

Omar Ashmawy, is a Muslim American who has testified before the Senate during hearings related to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. He has also served as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force for eight years and has worked as a prosecutor and defense counsel representing both the United States government and active duty military members in a wide range of criminal cases. Or, I guess, as Davies would say he’s “one of those Muslims that has “infiltrated our military.” Ashmawy weighs in; “saying we should profile Muslims is like saying we’re going to profile white people.” “It’s absurd”. “Profiling Muslims is like profiling caucasians because of the actions of the KKK.” “Sufi Muslims are to Islam like hippies are to Western culture.” “Sufi’s focus on spirituality and peace — to suggest a Sufi Muslim would support terrorism is laughable.” “The percentage of extremist Muslims is very very small.”
However small the percent, as Ashmawy suggests, terrorism is a major threat to this Country. According to Davies, “They will not stop until they achieve their ultimate goal — world domination.”
Should we profile Muslims?? Is there a better solution?? Will the problem get worse??? Shoebat indicated on the show on Sunday, “The terrorists are watching our every move.”

And the Country’s knee-jerk reaction to terrorism? No shoes after the shoe bomber, no liquids and gels, now after the Christmas Day attack, we can’t get up out of our seat and go to the bathroom an hour before the flight lands because that’s what Abdulmuttalad did. “They are laughing at us” says Shoebat. Does this recent lapse in security and thwarted terrorist attack on our country only exemplify that we have no real plan in place to defend ourselves? Please weigh in.
Please join us this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. as the conversation continues. My guests will be Keith Davis and Omar Ashmawy.

Below is the radio show link. Please join us live and weigh in.

Omar Ashmawy’s website is

Walid Shoeback’s webiste is



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  2. Of course we should. It is long overdue. Every terrorist being a muslim, we are suicidally stupid if we do NOT profile them. Political correctness is wasted on barbarism.

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