I debated for about half a minute about writing this, so close to Thanksgiving and all, and so much to be thankful for right now — but this is just one issue I can’t remain silent on.

So American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert appeared on the American Music Awards the other night — during which he kissed a male keyboard player, grabbed a female dancer’s crotch, dragged another around by her ankles and mimed getting oral sex from a male dancer. Big deal right?? It’s ART people, for God’s sake — and don’t even tell me no one was aware it was coming down the pipe. They do have dress rehearsals for these things. Anyway, it’s not his performance that bothered me (although I wasn’t a fan of the song), it’s what ABC’s “Good Morning America” did that I have a huge problem with.

After allegedly receiving 1,500 viewer complaints about what is being referred to as a “sexually charged” performance by Lambert on the ABC broadcast, (“sexually charged” is a network execs way of saying “holy crap, I’m turned on, and I don’t know why, so we probably shouldn’t air this). GMA caved to the pressure of 1,500 irate AMA viewers, and pulled the plug on the appearance. “Given his controversial live performance on the American Music Awards, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning,” reads a statement from the network. Oh please, don’t these people produce the Bachelor?? Oh sorry, that’s multi-hetero kissing — apparently that’s ok.

What ABC did next, has made things even worse. GMA is taking another hit from feminists and gay activists as it’s learned they will air an interview and performance by convicted felon Chris Brown next week. Brown was sentenced in August to 6 months labor and 5 years probation for beating girlfriend/singer Rihanna. Watts up with this GMA?? It seems as GMA plans for the depature of Diane Sawyer, they are attempting to up the presence of Robin Roberts, but in the process seem to be doing more damage than good. Roberts will be conducting the interview with Brown. My guess is they will go ahead with the interview, but not allow him to perform. Anything for ratings, except air a gay man, because HE might do something crazy on live TV. Aren’t they worried Chris Brown might pop Robin Roberts in the face if he doesn’t like the questions?? I’m just saying.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) issued this statement late Tuesday about the decision by ABC’s “Good Morning America” to cancel Lambert’s scheduled performance. GLAAD’s statement reads: “Some music performances, regardless of the sexual orientation of the performer, are tailored for a primetime audience but not for a morning show audience,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios continues; “It is disappointing that ‘Good Morning America’ did not give Adam Lambert the opportunity to tailor his performance to their audience, as he did on their show in August 2009,” when he performed the Muse cover “Starlight.”

This is not the first time GLAAD has had an issue with ABC. When ABC attempted to jump start Elizabeth Vargas’ debut as a news reader on 20/20 in November 2004, with a story about how the murder of Mathew Shepard was not a hate crime — GLAAD had a field day with ABC. I actually produced an hour long piece for PBS showing all the inaccuracies in the 20/20 piece, to the point the story was laughable, except to the family of Mathew Shepard. At that time GLAAD (which also appeared in my piece, as did a response from ABC) released this Statement: “ABC’S Hindsight on Matthew Shepard’s Murder Far Less Than ’20/20′,” Executive Director Joan M. Garry: “This Simply is Not a Credible Piece of Journalism.”

Anyways, for a Network that boasts two openly gay anchors, I find this latest censorship surprising, and sad. ABC claims its not about his sexual identity. It never is until its expressed and people get uncomfortable. But we can watch morning TV and see a woman with her faced ripped off by a monkey, child killers, pedophiles and murderers (and apparantly women beaters) they fly to NY for a weekend getaway to tell their story, but now they get morals and draw the line at this??

After ABC cancelled Lambert, CBS seized the opportunity and booked Lambert. I do applaud CBS, not just for the marketing sensibility of it, but for giving Adam Lambert the opportunity to perform on their morning show and tell his story. But, I have to admit I was a little disappointed by Lambert’s passive stance against ABC — “I respect their decision,” states Lambert. Oh, come on man, grow some balls!!! Anyways, not since nipple-gate have we seen such a “scandal.” Come on people, really, the biggest mistake for ABC was cancelling Lambert, exposing their deep rooted inner fear of people that are different, and how what they really fear, is how will it affect the bottom dollar. Adam Lambert said it best (and sang it best) in his rendition of “Mad World” – “And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad…” Have a Good Holiday, and be kind to those who are different.
Peace, Steph


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  1. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…

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