Last night Linda Kenney Baden, one of Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys, joined me as a guest on my radio show. Also joining me was her husband — renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. Near the end of the show, I asked Linda a question that had been on my mind for a while about the Casey Anthony case. I wanted to know her thoughts on whether the defense team or prosecutors had an interest in who the father of little Caylee Anthony is? And, if so, would this person testify at trial? She paused and said, “That’s a question to ask the prosecutors.” Then Dr. Baden jumped in saying he could answer the question because he’s not involved in the case. He said they ABSOLUTLEY know who the father is, through forensics, and that we will more than likely hear from this person at trial (IF he is alive and able to testify).

To date, no one in the public knows who the father is. The Anthonys have rightfully skirted the question — it’s actually none of our business — which has only fueled speculation. It is, however, of interest to investigators — and only DNA will tell the truth as to the identity of Caylee Anthony’s father. In my mind, here’s how this person could change the case, at least create reasonable doubt for jurors. We know Casey Anthony had no money; she was so desperate she allegedly was stealing from her mother and her friend Amy Huizenga. (She is charged with check fraud for using Amy’s checks.) So it makes sense that she would contact the father of Caylee for child support. Seems like a no-brainer for any unemployed mother of a young child. This opens up an opportunity for the defense to present the father as having a motive to get rid of little Caylee. No one in the public knows his identity. Perhaps he was being asked to pay support for a child who’s life, as a far as we know to date, he had no part in. It’s not far fetched. I have a call into prosecutors to get a response to this, and I will update when (if) they respond. I think this is interesting. STAY TUNED AND please weigh in. You can listen to the Linda Kenney Baden, in it’s entirety at



  1. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of Linda Kenny Badens big mouth. She has lied numerous times already and the case hasn’t even made it to trial yet.

  2. What a crock.
    I doubt that little ho has a clue who the daddy is.
    But if he really is found I hope he sues Cindy for keeping him out of the child’s life.

  3. How do forensics ID the father? Unless the father has something on record to line up with DNA, how can they ID him? Would they have to swab every man Casey has labeled to be the father so far?

    Casey has been through a lot of money, but it’s all accounted for…from credit card receipts, mom and pop’s empty pocketbooks, friends’ sleepwalking habits, grandma’s forged checks, etc.

  4. Good luck with getting a response from the prosecution. They haven’t said mum to the press about anything on this case since the start.
    Your theory is a pretty good one concerning tossing Caylee’s unknown father under the bus. (Mark Hawkins?)

  5. Fat chance that they know who the father is. We all know if Casey knew who it was she would have been using him in some way financially long before this. I don’t believe a word out of LKB’s big mouth.

  6. Casey doesn’t know who the father is. She was sleeping around having one night stands. Having to admit she was pregnant was bad enough for Casey, who probably had her parents believing she was a virgin all that time. But having to admit she had no idea who the father was is even worse. Of course her parents would be wanting to get the father for support. If Casey can’t finger the father, then the next best thing is to finger a guy who had conveniently recently passed away.

    Unless the father recognized the timeline that he’d slept with Casey as being approximately 9 months prior to Caylee’s well publicized birthdate and went to authorities, nobody knows who he is. And chances are, all the guys she slept with during the time Caylee was conceived are keeping their mouths shut.

  7. I’ve always wondered if Caylee was the daughter of incest. Many times Casey would say things like, “she’s the best of all of us.” The family obviously has real issues. I don’t have anything other than the gut feeling. But I don’t have any evidence it isn’t true either.

    Tell me I’m not the only person who has wondered this?

    1. I agree Cherry, very dysfuntional family so VERY possible. Hope I’m wrong on this one too! The mother should be put away for life! It’s so sad to see so many innocent children with such crazy, unloving parents when there’s so many couples in loving homes would love to have a child but can’t….what a world we live in 😦

  8. I don’t believe a word these defense lawyers say. They ABSOLUTELY know who the father is?? One big fat lie. Don’t you believe it. Maybe the identity of the father will be revealed along with all the other evidence the defense has been promising “It will all come out at the trial and then we will understand”. Yea right Bozo, might as well try to tell me the earth is flat. The defense doesn’t know because skanky Casey doesn’t know herself. Don’t you think she would of gone after him for child support? It’s hard to have to steal your way through life right Casey?

  9. Frankly, at this point, why is it even important to know who the Father is? Are they going to try and blame him?? If they are, they are truly showing how desperate they are.

  10. No man has stepped forward to even claim Caylee, because who in their right mind would want to get thrust into this mess. I think it’s either a married man, or just a hit and run of the local barfly (Casey), and she has no idea who he is herself. This just shows how selfish Cindy and Casey both are to deny Caylee of a relationship with her father and another family.

  11. I remember Leonard Padilla saying that LE could go back and check her cell phone/regular phone to see who she was seeing around the time Caylee was conceived, but nothing else was ever mentioned as far as I know.

    I still don’t see the importance of knowing who the Father is…why is it important?

  12. Are you kidding, Casey is a ho, she don’t know the baby daddy, she had one night stands with guys whom she didn’t even know their last name, the quickest way to find out is pick up the phone book close your eyes and point, it could be anyone. What a skank.

  13. Who the father is could be IMPT.

    If DNA shows she is a child of incest it could provide motive.

    In any case it may help to prove motive if the father was involved in the murder or disposal of the child.

  14. I don’t think Casey knows who the father is. sex to her was just an exercise. she would have gone for support $. Any one of these guys ever involved with her in any way have run for the hills. I don’t blame them either, the spotlight is strong & some of these guys have fingers pointed at them.

  15. Martie…There are many out there that believe the same. I don’t but wouldn’t be surprised with the dysfunction of this family.

    I do tend to believe Casey has a good idea who the daddy is. If you look at her history she keeps in touch with them for a couple weeks…even if she is sleeping with 3 of them at the same time…she is in touch with all of them. But, if you were discovered you were the father through this investigation…would you come forward? I mean the media would be hounding you. Of course you can get them off your back pretty easy as we see most of the people in this case have, except the Anthony’s. But, that is only because they invite and want that attention. Who would want to come out and talk about the pain and loss of the daughter they were never allowed to know?

  16. Hi Hadley…I don’t think it is important, probably has nothing at all to do with the case and we will probably never know who the father is. I think maybe with all the different stories from Casey and the family along with Casey having to tell Mark a big secret…Many of us are just curious.

  17. I don’t believe we will ever know who fathered Caylee because I don’t believe her mother even knows. Casey was always watching the obituaries to find a male schoolmate who had died that she could say was Caylee’s father – since the dead don’t talk. However, in this day and age, the dead still talk via DNA. Is there any one of you who doesn’t believe that Casey was promiscuous and was not in the least concerned about practicing safe sex – (no STDs and no babies).

  18. Naw.

    If there’s a guy out there who suspected he was Caylee’s father, he’d have gotten himself a manager by this point and would be making the talk show rounds and cashing in on interviews. Unless it’s someone with something to hide. And it’d have to be a BIGGIE, because the amount of money to be made off this paternity stories is HUGE.

  19. If he’s smart, he’d wait until after the trial to open his mouth for the gravy train. I realize that Casey kept in constant contact with her nookie rotation, but those are the guys she REMEMBERS from the night before. There’s got to be quite a few she was so drunk she doesn’t remember. And it’s likely that one of THOSE guys is Caylee’s father.

    Since the guy never had anything to do with Caylee, or knew about her, or was approached for child support, then I don’t think a finger could be pointed at him. No motive.

  20. The person who is counting on both hands is out there wondering if things would have been different had they exchanged names. Did he get “hosed” just like Tony Rusciano?

  21. Steph,

    Regarding the comment in the above article
    “He said they ABSOLUTLEY know who the father is, through forensics, and that we will more than likely hear from this person at trial (IF he is alive and able to testify).”

    Ff you re-listen to the tape, you will see that what Dr. Baden actually said is that they definitely know the DNA of the father…NOT THAT THEY KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS.

    Logically, they would have to find the person whose DNA matches what they know to be the DNA of the father before they would know who the father is…and from what I have read knowing the DNA of the father (not who the father is…BUT THE DNA of the father) so far has only ruled out George and Lee and of course Jesse.

    Then Dr. Baden then goes on to say that it seems to him (Dr. Baden) that it should be high on the list of detectives and newspaper reporters because what the father has to say could have some evidentiary value. Then you point out the possibility that the biological father could have motive if she went after him for child support, etc.

    I thought I would point that misquote out since you obviously have so much respect for the Baden’s and I think you might want to correct that misunderstanding.

    Dr. Baden only said they know the DNA of the father. He did not say that they know who the father is. That is still the $64,000 question and I agree that it should be high on the list of the detectives and newspaper reporters to find out if they can whose DNA matches the now known DNA of the father.

  22. Cherry – I totally and completely agree with your theory of incest! I have had that gut feeling from the start, then Lee’s bizarre speech at the memorial (CMA, I will never tell), the dysfunction of the entire family, and there was a DNA report at one time that said Caylee’s and Casey’s DNA was so close that it was likely that a family member was the father of Caylee.

    1. I see incest as being the reason Casey controls them all. Her father has a real reputation for a ladies man. It was also rumored she’d had sex with her brother.
      Who gets tan and their hair done through out this whole thing? Every time I see them it’s showtime. Their anger and arrogance. The love/hate relationship. Casey is not telling because it’s what’s keeping the attention focused on her and keeping money in her account.
      If they know who the father is and aren’t saying, there’s a reason.
      My money is on incest.

  23. I always wondered if it was Bozo,,,,,,,,, lol,, imagine,, anything is possible..
    Just the other day at the Kronk Depo,, I believe Kathy asked b who is da daddy….

  24. yeh, I have a feeling she was sleeping with Bozo before he became her “duhfense”, but my money is still on one of the Anthonys, mainly because of the aforementioned DNA test suggesting family member paternity. The way this case is going, I think we are all in for a bumpy ride, with lots of twists and turns before all is said and done!

    A previous poster mentioned that Casey would go after the father of Caylee for support, and I agree she would try to bleed him dry, but, not IF it is a family member.

    Does it bother anyone else that Casey was next to destitute, stealing from friends and family, and as soon as she was locked up she acquired this fantastic team of liars? (I am assuming they have expensive price tags)

    1. Yep, she’s in the drivers seat. She most certainly would have tried to collect from the father. The strange story of the father being dead, why would the family try to put this story out there if they didn’t have something to hide?

      She’s milking this.

  25. So agree. Cindy has gone from “he is dead” to “we don’t know” to “we will never tell”. All evasive tactics. I believe they do know, and they are afraid we will all know before it is over.

  26. If the father is Dead then there would have been Social Security payments for Caylee.

    If the father was a Veteran there would be VA coverage for the child as well as death benefits.

    The Anthony’s are saying it’s no ones business because they are hiding something.

    Who the father is – is most definitely an important clue in this case and maybe even part of the motive for killing Caylee.

    No stone should be unturned in this case.

  27. Remember Casey saying Caylee was the best of all of them. Even her name is a dead give away “Cay + Lee”

    Why is Casey so Pissed off at her mother? Why should she have to take care of Caylee.

    Where the father is in all of this is key. A father is normally responsible for his child, unless you’re the father of Caylee? Why?

    Lee is the father, that gives you motive.

  28. No one knows who the father is unless LE has matching DNA from someone involved with the case. Lee has been ruled out.

    Had the Anthonys known who the father is would anyone doubt for a minute that “Scheming Cindy” would not have made an issue of it from the beginning in order to get some form of child support? They were carrying the financial load for the baby as well as for their “skank” daughter so it would seem fitting that Cindy at least would have made every attempt to seek support even if Casey balked. Cindy is just that vindictive.

    They tried to pin the baby on Jesse and that did not work out. No one knows the true identity because Casey slept around so much it could have been any number of men.

    Now they are looking at making Kronk the killer by raising “reasonable doubt”. Someone show me the connection to him and Phantom Zanny the Nanny who supposedly “abducted” the child on June 16th. Ruining a person’s reputation for the sake of the baby killer is obscene.

    Hopefully they get this much needed trial underway soon before witnesses begin to fall off and the outrage from the public becomes muted. This girl needs to pay for what she had done and her parents need to disappear entirely.

  29. I feel quite differently about the daddy. I think that when it was determined that Casey was pregnant, Cindy bullied her into keeping quiet about who the father was. If they (the Anthony’s) applied for child support, then along with that comes visitation rights. IMO, Cindy did not want to share Caylee with anyone. If she had to share Cayee with another set of grandparents then, oh the horror of it!!, Caylee might have liked them better. Also, if Cindy had an inkling of what a disinterested parent Casey was, a father might sue for custody. So, I think Cindy and Casey kept it quiet. I don’t believe the father is a family member….my money is on Mark Hawkins.

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