MistyNEWPolice: Misty Croslin robbed, injured during bad drug deal


Recently single Misty Croslin (her seven-month marriage to the missing girl’s father, Ronald Cummings ended Thursday), decided to celebrate her new found independence by getting high as a kite. Now she has been named as one of three young women who tried, and failed, to buy drugs at the Ragsdale Apartment Complex, police reported.

The trouble-attracting teenager, who was the last known person to see HaLeigh Cummings alive, was robbed and injured Monday night during a drug deal gone bad, according to the Palatka Police Department.

Croslin, 17, Brandy Steedley, 18, and Melinda Santmyer, 22, went to the apartments on Moody Road in Palatka around 8:15 p.m. Monday, according to the report.

Allegedly, two or three unidentified black males approached their car and reportedly grabbed Croslin and stole her purse. She managed to get into the car, and Steedley drove away — leaving Santmyer behind to flee on foot, police said. Investigating officers reportedly interviewed Santmyer at an apartment in the complex. She told officers “that they came to the apartment complex attempting to buy drugs,” according to the police department report. She stated that “she got out of the car to look for an unidentified man they gave money to for drugs.” “As she was going back to the vehicle the unidentified suspects came up to them” and stole Croslin’s purse. So much for the party. Let’s be objective all you Misty haters, maybe she wasn’t buying drugs, maybe she was just saying “High”.

Anyone with information about the reported Monday night attack in Palatka is asked to call the police department at (386) 329-0115.



  1. Sounds fishy to me, maybe a set up. I also wanted to know what ever happen to cousin Chad that they said was a sex offender? Did they ever find him?? I would think he would know something.

  2. I don’t understand people who can’t keep the people involved in this case straight. Haley Rose this is aimed directly at you. Joe the cousin is in Tenn and he has been talked to by LE

    Chad the missing SO is NOT RELATED to this case. He disappeared and hasn’t been found as of last time I checked.


    I still want to know why in the hell Misti has not been arrested.

  3. Native, I agree with you. Santmyer and steedley both broke down and told police they were there to buy drugs! Then you have her on the voice analysis stating she feels Haleigh is alive , but sends them to search for a deceased Haleigh marked by a fake red rose. None of this makes sense to me. I do not know if this was a set up or not. I just want them to pin her down and make her tell the truth!!! Haleigh needs to come home no matter if she is alive or deceased! Misty knows and I believe Ron Cummings knows! He may have been at work ,but I believe that phone call just prior to 8:30pm is when something happened to Haleigh and Misty called him to let her know and he told her what to do!! Misty is not alone in this. All in my own opinion.

  4. Not a very objective article there Steph.
    This episode sounds very much like a set up to me as well, Misty duped again. If you listen to the 911 call you can hear Misty has no clue where she is. The girl Brandy first says she doesn’t know then provides the location information it is her voice saying across the street from a church and the Ragsdale Community information. Towards the middle of the 911 call you can hear Misty asking Brandy “Why would you bring me to a this place if someone’s gonna rob me dude”
    I find it highly suspect that Melinda was later found in one of the apartments in the complex. If these young women were robbed and threatened with a gun I would think that anyone of them would not want to stay in the vicinity. This leads me to believe that the “unknown man” whom Melinda gave money to and got out of the car looking for is not unknown to at Melinda at all (possibly Brandy as well). The 2-3 assailants were likely tipped off (by the “Unknown man” or Melinda) to the fact that Misty and Brandy were waiting in the car and the robbery took place. My instinct tells me that this was a set up. Whether this was just a setup for a general robbery/rip off or a calculated attack on Misty Croslin, I am not sure.

  5. 9 months soon,haliegh is still not found, steph have they checked the dump more?i have this funny feeling, remember when the dogs hit on the trash for human remains and they picked up a scent?i believe strongly haleighs in a dump somewhere,where ever they take the trash to and shes burried under mounds of trash just like poor little somer was and my heart still breaks for that baby.I am wondering if the trash there goes to the dump,the same dump up in GA or somewhere else in fl an dthey have’t just let the dogs loose to sniff through,i find it odd misty can’t tell the truth and drugs,hummm no surprise to me,she should be arrested already,buying illeagal drugs is illegal hoever i sniff some set up with the police because dose sound like these guys were tipped off or something.

  6. Thanks for this post. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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