It’s been confirmed to me that the body of a small child has been found in a landfill in Folkston, Georgia, and it is believed to be Somer Thompson. The trash from Somer’s neighborhood is taken there. It is unclear if police operated off of a tip, but it would be Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for them to search this area. Stay tuned.



  1. My prayers for the family, may God assist in the hunt for the pervert who took Somer from us…….give him to us when you find him

  2. People need to stop praying and start killing. When the bastard who killed this little girl is found, they should not let some sleazy shyster lawyer strike a deal to spare his life. They should just take him into an alligator infested swamp and “disappear” him.

  3. God bless the little nagel,she is in heaven with caylee now,my god how can some sicko just snatch a child and dump them like trash,my heart breaks ove rthis and i feel for her family,her father as well,he is so hurting and her mother is blamming herself,i cried,i am wondering fi haleigh is still in a trash dump?May god find haleigh soon and bless caylee and somer,fly little angel.

  4. This is so tragic! Now they have found little 9 year old Elizabeth Oltens body. It appears a juvenile just a little older than Elizabeth murdered her! My heart is broken! My prayers for these families! May GOD PUNISH these perps to the fullest extent of the law even if one is a juvenile. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!

  5. Larry posts: “People need to stop praying and start killing.”

    Thank you, Larry! People have been praying for decades. As Dr. Phil says “How’s it workin’ for ya??” Putting something on God that is human responsibility obviously doesn’t work. Whoever the higher being is, s/he gave us the power to rectify the situation. It isn’t right to kill, but the perps give us no viable alternative to put a stop to these heinous attacks on children.

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