Haleigh Cummings Mystery Feeds Online Obsession

This is an article posted in Todays Florida Times Union. Please post your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Haleigh Cummings Mystery Feeds Online Obsession

  1. Some may call it an obsession. I believe it is because we care too much! It is always heart breaking when a child or anyone for that matter has been abducted or murdered. When the abduction has been classified not a stranger abduction and you have people continuing to lie about what happened especially to a small defenseless child, I believe we become more out- raged and drawn in. It is one thing for a stranger that is mentally immoral, but when it is someone that the child trusts and loves it is harder to fathom. We all come together although we may disagree from time to time ,but all want the same out come. Who knows maybe someones thought or theory could alert LE to something they may have not thought of yet. Praying for Haleigh to be found and her little brothers well- being.

  2. At first I believed Misty C., but as time went on it was plain to see she did something with or to that little girl. Even below avg. people can lie like hell, if they think they will be going to jail for life. Where in the world did she hide that baby? That is the question we all need to know! This child is more than likely dead. Either from being killed or getting sick and not getting the right care.

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