Earlier this week I posted a conversation between Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch and Ronald Cummings. Miller recounted a conversation they had in the bedroom of the trailer home he shares with his grandmother, and at the time, with Misty Cummings. Here is the original posting:

“… Ronald pulled a gun out of the closet — an assault rifle with 2 clips — each clip holding 32 bullets. Ronald looked at Miller and said, “When I find out where Haleigh’s at, I will blow the teeth out of the back of her head, and then I’ll do this…” He then got on his knees, put the butt of the rifle on the floor, leaned over and put the barrel in his mouth. There was no “IF” she had anything to do with it, Miller knew that Ronald was serious — that he would kill Misty, and then take his own life. It was at that point he knew they had to get Misty out of there, or she would end up dead…”

What I left out of the original post was that 5 year old Ronald, Jr. was in the room while this happened. I have just learned that the Florida Dept. of Children Services (FDCS) is now very concerned about the safety of Ronald, Jr. So much so that, after being alerted about my blog, they contacted Tim Miller and requested a sworn affidavit to the above statement. I understand that they will be paying a visit to the Cummings and possibly removing Ronald, Jr. from the home. I have been informed I will also be contacted as well by the FDCS to relay my observations and conversations with Ronald Cummings.

All this happened when I was in Satsuma filming Misty Cummings’ hypnosis and voice analysis. Prior to the filming, I had several conversations with Ronald outside his grandmother’s trailer. During one of those conversations, he threatens to kill anyone and everyone who had anything to do with the disappearance of his daughter, and “would kill anyone in shooting range.” (That included me.) “I’ll take everyone out, I’m so pissed.” Although the threat seemed idle at the time, I was unaware that 50 feet away was an assault rifle.

While I was in NY with Misty, she was very aware about the gun, and said that Ronald got it from a “military friend.” I don’t think Ronald is a bad father, but having an open assault rifle in a closet with a child in the house is a very poor choice for a parent. I have a feeling this poor choice may lead to Ronald, Jr. being removed from the house.

Also, on another note, below is a statement from Tim Miller in response to the outlandish remarks made by Mark Klass (and others) on Nancy Graces’ show the other night. Mark Klass said “If I were the Putnam County Sheriff, I would consider arresting Tim Miller for interferring in an investigation. I’m absolutely outraged by the things that I have heard tonight.” Arrest Tim Miller?? The key to Mark’s statement above is “what I’ve heard tonight.” He has no knowledge as to what is actually going on. What Mark Klass doesn’t know is that Tim Miller was working WITH law enforcement.

Now, as preposterous as Mark Klass’ statements were about Tim Miller, I do agree with him on his following statement:

“Now before anybody gets too far off on Misty here, and I quite frankly don’t totally believe her story either, but let’s remember, my daughter Polly was kidnapped in her bedroom while her mother slept soundly only 10 feet away. Exactly the same thing happened to Elizabeth Smart and to Danielle Van Dam. Entire families slept through these kidnappings. So as preposterous as her story may be, it`s not utterly impossible. We must all keep an open mind.”

We must all keep an open mind and not play judge a jury. Trying cases in the media during an ongoing investigation is a very dangerous game. I’m not 100% convinced by Misty Cummings’ story, but I will not be a member of the nightly cable news witch-hunt.


I would like to address some of the comments made by “so-called” experts about Texas EquuSearch in recent weeks. First of all, we have the most valuable members/volunteers of any organization in existence. Occasionally, we have had to do things which are not the “normal” for a search organization. Case in point, Misty Cummings – I made the decision to help Misty get away from a very volatile situation. She was in danger for her life, and I felt that if something happened to Misty, we would lose any chance of finding Haleigh. That is ALL this was about. So, I enlisted the help of one of our volunteers who had befriended Misty during our time in Satsuma, Donna Brock. Donna did a wonderful job in keeping Misty safe and, until the “road rage” incident, was doing so under the radar. This was not about media attention. Again, as I have said many times, I will use whatever resources that are at my disposal to find Haleigh.

At the time of this posting, I am on my way to another search. Before I go, I am on my way to deposit a small check I received from a construction job I did, into the Texas EquuSearch account so that we can help another family.

We were able to help bring closure to another family yesterday with the help of some hard working Texas EquuSearch members, along with the help of the local community who so willingly helped us because of the work we have done and continue to do.

I would invite any person who sits, wearing a suit on television, to come and put your jeans and boots on and join us on a real search. I wonder who our “so-called experts” are.

I would like to quote Abraham Lincoln:

If I tried to read, much less answer all the criticisms made of me, and all the attacks leveled against me, this office would have to be closed for all other business. I do the very best I know how, the very best I know how, the very best I can, I mean to keep on doing this down to the very end.

A. Lincoln



  1. I hope that anyone that was present and saw this display from RC has already informed DCF. It is one thing to talk about it and another to step up to the plate to those that can do something about it.

    It doesn’t matter if the guns are locked up because Ronald, jr. is not the one everyone should be worried about.

    I hope this is one time RC’s denial will not count. Please, if you have not contacted DCF, do so…It could safe a life.

  2. You left out that Tim Miller said FU to Mark Klass and that Klass just makes a living off his daughters name. Tim Miller shows no class.

  3. When a person under stress threatens suicide and says he’s going to take other lives along with his own, believe him.

    I don’t care what Ron is going through and what the provocations are leading up to his words. I don’t care what kind of father Ron was before Haleigh’s disappearance.

    Sticking a gun in your mouth and making the kind of threats Ron made is irrational and disturbed.Ron Jr. should not be under the same roof with Ron and a gun. Period.

  4. If any of this is true and Tim Miller didn’t report it immediately to DCF & LE he should be ashamed of himself. By him coming out now and saying it is because his undercover plan was busted when super mama started flipping the finger to other motorist and got caught. Tim should have been concerned about Jr.

    I agree with Marc Klaas. Tim Miller should be arrested. He had no business inserting himself into this case. However, he turns right around and says oh I spent $10k. SEND DONATIONS FOLKS- yeah right, not going to happen! TES will go down.

    Ronald Cummings should have been taken in for his own protection from himself.

  5. Klaas had no business talking about Tim Miller like he did on Nancy Grace, There is more ways then one to find a missing child and just because Tim chose this way doesnt mean its wrong, if Donna had found out what happened to HaLeigh everybody would have been on the Tim Miller for president wagon, come on, he was just trying to help, and we still dont know if something good will come out of all this, and I agree that DCF should find out more about what kind of life JR is having to live with Ronald and his family, and Ill tell you right now that the reason Ronald divorced Misty is because he knows she is going down soon and then Jr would have been taken away from him for placing another child in danger and so thats the only reason he divorced her..He will still stand behind her, he just did what he did to help his own imagine….

  6. TM reported it to LE when all of the audios were given to them as well. If an investigation was initiated by LE concerning the threats, DCF would have been notified by LE. LE was aware of what Tim Miller was doing. The road rage ended the undercover, not LE.

    I pray that no one ever has to go through losing a child. I would do anything within my power to find my child. If it included someone stepping up to the plate and going undercover, by all means. I sure wouldn’t text the person that holds the key to my child’s whereabouts and tell them about the undercover person. Geez!

    Ronald Cummings taken in for his OWN protection? He has threatened to take others out before himself. He does not have that right. Displaying this in front of a child is very irresponsible.

  7. Steph;

    Well, Ronald does have an ex-military friend and he is an avid gun collector.

    This man lived right next door to Ronald until he moved to the trailer on Green Lane. This man has gone on forums to describe his collection and has stated on a forum that he is going to procure this weapon from Ronald.

    Check into this guy. I do not think he is all he claims to be and is indeed bad news.


  8. I am glad the circus is over so LE can focus on finding Haleigh again. It’s terribly sad when you have TES playing Colombo. $10K was allegedly spent , why not add that to the reward to help bring Haleigh home instead of playing cops?

  9. The friend said he had not seen the gun yet,it was new and he was bringing it to him.If Misty said he got another gun from a military friend,is this another gun?

  10. People need to stop saying clips,a clip is a strip that holds a series of bullets you load into a magazine.Clips used to be used for older rifles,now it’s magazines.It was probably a 32 round magazine.So,what Misty,Tim and you are saying is he had a 32 round assault rifle from a military friend and his neighbor friend is saying he has 10 round new gun,which possibly is a handgun.

  11. What is up with Tim. Does anyone realize Tim had a daughter who at 16 yrs old, her mother dropped her off at a pay phone and was willing to wait for her. The daughter wanted to be on the phone longer and told the mother I will walk home it is only I think half a mile. MOM left the daughter at the little store parking lot. She was never to be seen alive again.. She was 16 and had a short walk to get home. She was murdered.
    How can Tim let Mommy Donna drop off Misty a 17 yr old girl, at a gas station, on a Sat. NIGHT, with no home to walk to.. IT SICKENS ME TO THINK THAT TIM COULD DO THIS. WHO MORE THEN HIM KNOWS THE DANGERS IN THIS..
    Just because Tim don’t like a 17 yr old kid he can put her life in danger, since when is this ok…. The rest of the stuff he did to Misty was pure child abuse in my opinion.. Does he need help. I think the man is losing it. It seems he is a danger to himself, his organization and others, The words pouring from his mouth are disgusting..
    And what about Jr. If it was true what Tim says, Do u think he would of left Jr there all this time and not call DCF, would he be so concerned about Misty YET LEAVE A BABY THERE. That alone shoudl tell u that this story was made up,in my opinion. I don’t believe him. His latest behaviors may not only damage this case but the Casey Anthony case as well by damaging the reputation of TES.. in my opinion..

  12. THINKIN,How do you know that there was noone there to pick her up? I think Misty more than likely requested to be dropped off there. How Are Tim and Donna responsible for anything when they are only fulfilling Mistys request? They are not.
    I believe Tim was more worried about Misty since that is who his initial threat was against. He reported it to LE back before the lie detector test were revealed. Irregardless Jr needs to be removed out of that enviroment and Ron needs extreme therapy!

    I want the right person arrested not just someone END the case.. I hope you all who have her pegged as a Casey can handle your life if she is convicted and then the next child gets taken and it continues.. I know three people who spent 18 yrs in jail for a rape and murder of a 16 yr old girl………… No they didnt do it, but all fingers pointed at them if u listened to what the police pointed to or wanted you to hear. !8 yrs later, they now walk the streets the same streets the real killer who never went to jail got to walk as they was in prison. wHEN FINALLY TESTED Their dna didnt match the seaman or the cells under her nails, You know what ,, sorry we thought it was u, just dont cut it,, That dont give them their life back,, And that poor girl till this day has never received justice. The innocent project got them out… Oh yea they also proved that the hair in the persons van with the death band could not of been there from the rape and murder cause it had way too much death band on it,THE SAME AMOUNT AS THE HAIR FOUND ON HER HEAD, It had to be placed there after the body was found…6 weeks later…

  14. tm set misty up,wheather he was right or wrong,how coem he didn’t have donna befriend casey and get her to open up?Maybe if he had gone into them woods in the beginging caylee would of been found water or no water,so now he sets misty up with donna and it’s come to bite him because he isn’t a cop nor had any right to use misty that way wheather she did or didn’t do something to haleigh then to make comments about ron an dhis gun,didn’t anyone every think he is emtionally distraught nad people say things they don’t really mean,did tm ever think theres a safety on the gun and jr can’t get it an dit is put up but was down that day when ron showed tm?
    Now you{steph and tm} are trying to get jr taken away from ron, the only bright light he has right now, nice people,your all a bunch of hypercricts who lie as well,i have caught a few.shame on you.

  15. Thinkin, I do not think Misty hurt Haleigh. I think she knows what happened and where she may be. I believe she is covering for someone else. I just do not believe that Tim or Donna would put Misty in harms way. I also want the right person/s to be arrested. I for one believe Ron could lose it and carry out his threat. It seems to me he has played it out in his mind. This is pre-meditation. I realize he is under a great deal of stress due to Haleigh missing and the charges against him. He had clammed up for about 4 months and they were not actively searching for Haleigh. Ron was evading speaking to authorities; not just Misty. It was not until Ron got arrested that he decided to come out again and start actively searching for his daughter. I think it is for sympathy that it could help him get off the charges existing. We will have too see. I believe Ron is using Misty. Unfortunately she may do time if she does not come clean with her knowledge. Mistys’ testament is hurting her right now. It does not corroborate with what evidence the police have. Misty needs to worry about herself and let everyone know what happened to Haleigh. I do believe she is very scared and has every right to be.

    I also think Ron is a user and abuser
    Misty is afraid of him ,Crystal is afraid of him.she was only 14 when he got with her.
    And do we really know when Little Haleigh came up missing,
    Why Ron called 23 time didnt do that before,alibi
    Yes Misty knows a lot but is a child herself she afraid to talk.

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