I’m not even going to address the accusations that have been made over the last few days. They are truly so outlandish that they don’t dignify a response. What I am going to do, is what I was planning on doing all along; tell exactly what has been going on behind the scenes for the last week in the Haleigh Cummings’ investigation. However, we all know now that the plan got foiled by a little road rage incident, that has damaged this investigation irreparably.

Back on Sept 20th, Tim Miller asked me to come to Orlando to film Misty Cummings’ hypnosis and voice analysis that SHE had requested to have done. Although I was not paid, I was permitted to report (as I did on this blog) my observations of the tapings. Tim also flew in TJ Ward, the voice analysis expert, and he needed someone to pick TJ up at the airport. Because Texas EquuSearch (TES) operates with a very small budget, they rely on volunteers. Tim called his TES member closest to the airport, and asked her to pick up TJ; that member was Donna Brock. Donna and TJ arrived in Satsuma at Ronald’s aunt’s house (where the hypnosis and voice analysis was being conducted). This is the first time I had ever met Donna. She was asked to wait with TJ until he was done with his test and to return him to the Orlando Airport (he’s from Georgia). It was a long day for all involved, and there was a lot of waiting around. Misty took a liking to Donna; they chatted causally as we got set up for the interviews. The two even slipped out to pick up food for everyone (Ronald, Teresa, Ronald’s aunt, Jr. and a few other family members were all there).

The week before this, Tim Miller had an intimate conversation with Ronald Cummings in the bedroom he shared with Misty in his grandmother’s trailer just down the road. They talked in detail about their thoughts of Misty’s involvement in the case. Tim asked Ronald why he married Misty. Ronald responded, “I have to keep her close til I find out what happened to Haleigh.” It’s what happened next that frightened Miller. Ronald pulled a gun out of the closet — an assault rifle with 2 clips — each clip holding 32 bullets. Ronald looked at Miller and said, “When I find out where Haleigh’s at, I will blow the teeth out of the back of her head, and then I’ll do this…” He then got on his knees, put the butt of the rifle on the floor, leaned over and put the barrel in his mouth. There was no “IF” she had anything to do with it, Miller knew that Ronald was serious — that he would kill Misty, and then take his own life. It was at that point he knew they had to get Misty out of there, or she would end up dead.

After LE received copies of the polygraph, the voice analysis and hypnosis, I wrote about it on my blog. The media then picked up the story and it blew up. (I cleared with Miller and LE that it was ok to release the tapes to the media.) When the story blew up, so did tempers in Satsuma, and Miller knew he had to get Misty out of there immediately. Donna seemed liked the logical choice. Misty trusted her — she is a mother and a grandmother, and most importantly, she lived close enough and was willing to take Misty in. “We may have to save Misty’s life,” Miller told Donna. And in an instant, Donna was off to get Misty and bring her to safety in Orlando.

Miller knew in the back of his mind, Donna now had an opportunity to get close to Misty and get more information that could lead to Haleigh. So did LE. Miller also knew she wasn’t an expert, just one of his volunteers going above and beyond her call of duty, and he worried about that. LE was well aware of exactly where Misty was and what was going on at all times. This is what they wanted — Misty away from Satsuma, the trailer park, her family, Ronald’s family, and most importantly — away from Ronald.

In Mark Fuhrman’s new book, “The Murder Business,” he writes in detail about the Melinda Duckett case, the young Florida mother of Trenton Duckett, who went missing in 2006. After appearing on Nancy Grace’s show, Melinda committed suicide.

“With Melinda Duckett’s suicide, investigators lost their best chance of finding Trenton,” says Fuhrman. “We have to avoid that same situation at any cost,” says Tim Miller. “If anything tragic happens to Misty now, any knowledge of what happened to Haleigh dies too.” “You can’t put a price tag on finding a child.”

Over the next month, Misty and Donna grew close. Miller wired money into Donna’s account on several occasions to cover Misty’s living expenses, right up until 4 days ago, when he wired her $300.00 dollars, all for the purpose of keeping her safe, keeping her away from Satsuma and keeping her talking.

“Donna made incredible sacrifices. She put her life on hold, stopped spending time with her own family, including her daughter and newborn grandbaby,” said Miller. “This has been very stressful for her.” Miller and Donna both made periodic reports to LE on Misty’s whereabouts and activities.

As any good journalist should, I reached out to Donna to try and get comments and information on Misty. Donna and Misty were tight-lipped at first, but they read my blog nightly, and as they watched the media bashing Misty on TV every night, they grew to trust me. When the divorce news broke, Misty wanted to respond to what was being said. So she granted me an interview on the phone and I posted it on the blog.

That night, someone from CBS’ “The Early Show” read my blog and emailed me immediately to see if I could get them an interview with Misty. I freelance for CBS, so when they called, I wanted to help them out. I knew I didn’t have the resources to fly to Orlando and conduct the interview myself, just to post it on my blog. I told Misty of CBS’ interview request and she agreed to it. CBS arranged to fly her up, not first class as rumored last night on Nancy Grace, but in coach. It is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the media to fly a guest in and put them in a hotel to tape an interview. Donna came along because Misty is a minor, and she needed to be accompanied by an adult. I notified LE that she was coming to NY to appear on “The Early Show,” and I gave them her outgoing and return flight and hotel information so they knew where she was. LE requested that we not change her return ticket to any state other than Florida.

Then the road rage incident happened. Donna and Misty called me right after it happened because we had been in constant contact. A woman cut them off on the road and they (both) gave her the finger. A stupid decision on both their parts, bad judgment whatever you want to call it, in that second everything changed. Up until that point Donna and Misty had remained quiet, flying under the radar so to speak, and Misty trusted Donna. Apparently, the woman who cut them off recognized Misty and called police claiming they pointed a gun. Next thing you know, Donna and Misty are pulled over and find themselves face down on the ground with guns in their backs. The situation quickly diffused when the police realized the report was false. The media went nuts, Donna’s cover was blown, and the woman turned up on Nancy Grace. What an opportunist, she should be ashamed of herself for lying to police. Donna and Misty realized they were wrong and it was foolish. Then the armchair investigators tried to connect dots that weren’t connectable. And none of this has anything to do with finding Haleigh. Why would Nancy Grace waste an hour on this? I decided not to even right a post about it. It was irrelevant. But now Misty learned that Donna was not her friend.

The CBS interview was important because the more people talk, the more they reveal. Every time Misty tells the same story, police can look for inconsistencies, something different, perhaps a clue. That’s why it was so important to get Misty to tell “her side of the story.” And perhaps, from what I hear, it may her last interview (Part 2 will air on CBS’ “Early Show” on Monday). After the interview aired, Misty’s attorney dropped her as a client.

Tonight as I write this, Donna has dropped Misty off in Satsuma. Donna will meet again with LE to tell her the last of what she has learned. Donna has been very tight-lipped about her conversations with Misty, at least with me. At least for now. The next few days should be interesting, now that Misty is back in the lions’ den. I will write more about my observations and conversations I had with Misty while in NY with her.

I asked Tim Miller if his organization will continue to look for Haleigh. “I’m not done with this case; I’m done with these people. But any resources I have will be available to help find Haleigh. I will continue any efforts I can to end the search for Haleigh Cummings.”

I hope this begins to clear up a few things and connect the dots for everyone that has been following this case. There is a lot more coming. Please stay tuned.



  1. This is EXACTLY what I thought went down. God bless Tim for everything he has done to bring this baby home, and thank God he has stepped up the investigation to a new level that we would have probably never got to considering the stalemate before he arrived.

  2. Thank you Steph for writing this and Im glad Tim was trying to do something…I hated it when the news hit that Donna was helping out Tim because I knew in that instint that Donna’s cover had been blown and the good deed that Tim was trying to do was out and there was no telling what was gonna happen after that..I hope that LE can find a way to arrest Misty soon and maybe at the very least that will keep her safe….at least until little HaLeigh can be found….I hope something good did come from Donna’s talks with Misty and just maybe a clue will be in there somewhere…I knew the lady that yelled RoadRage was claiming more then she needed to and I also had the feeling she knew excactly who Misty was….shame on her….all she cared about was her 15 minutes of fame and in doing that put all this hard work right out the window….God Bless HaLeigh!!!!!

  3. Haleigh deserves better than this keystone cops carp. Leave the investigating to LE….this is riciculous. When did Tim Miller become a wannabe Cobra/Padilla? Carrying on about 3somes on the radio?…how was that supposed to help Haleigh? Tim Miller is embarassing himself and disrespecting Haleigh by publicly insulting her loved ones. Jeez.

  4. Me, I could not disagree more. No way! At least Tim Miller is doing something about this, which is much more than I can say for Ron and Misty!
    Please don’t ever compare someone like Tim Miller to Cobra. Tim Miller gives selflessly to these cases for nothing but the CHILDREN. We all know what direction Cobra has taken. He went straight into the Cobra direction because that’s all he cares about.

    Great job, Tim! Thanks for finally telling the truth about this DISGRACE of a family.

    One question, if Misty is in danger of being killed by Ron, why did she go back to live with him? I just knew this BS divorce was a farce.

  5. Confused Says:

    October 10, 2009 at 7:53 pm | Reply
    Me, I could not disagree more. No way! At least Tim Miller is doing something about this, which is much more than I can say for Ron and Misty!
    Please don’t ever compare someone like Tim Miller to Cobra. Tim Miller gives selflessly to these cases for nothing but the CHILDREN. We all know what direction Cobra has taken. He went straight into the Cobra direction because that’s all he cares about.

    Great job, Tim! Thanks for finally telling the truth about this DISGRACE of a family.

    One question, if Misty is in danger of being killed by Ron, why did she go back to live with him? I just knew this BS divorce was a farce.


    Thanks, that is exactly how I feel. He went out on a limb to find this baby, Cobra and LP are publicity whores, how dare anyone compare TM to those scumbags.

    ron and misty are a total disgrace as is TN for her side in this farce…….shame on them!

  6. Confused…you’re right, I shouldn’t compare TM to Cobra…not fair to Cobra who at the very least, I believe was sober throughout his Satsuma searching.

    So, we’ve got a drunk, sitting in a bar, says a junkie tells him a story about an occasion when she tried to score drugs…and we’re supposed to believe that? Sorry, but stories from drunks in bars are already hard enough to believe, throw in a junkie I’m supposed to also believe, and you’ve truly lost me.

    Tim does not just give selflessly….he pays himself a salary of over $60k a year from donations. Plus, he regularly pockets appearance money from NG.

    I agree with Mark Klaas. Tim ought to stick to searching and leave the police to do the police work.

  7. Confused, you are confused. The divorce was not a farce. I don’t doubt the Cummings will give Misty a place to stay until/if they find out what happened to Haleigh. She has no one else to turn to.

    Steph, are you sure you have the right story on the gun? Are you SURE it was at the Sykes’ home?

    I know you wrote this article late at night Steph, but you have quite a few errors in it. I edited documents for many years and if you need a proof reader, I’d be glad to help – free of charge.

  8. ME~Since when is 60,000 a huge salary??????? I Being a single mother with two kids even i couldn’t live on that. Also, that amount is a mere pittance for the he77 he endures, and the greif he sees every day havig to break the bad news to a family who is hoping against all odds that their child is alive. I think he deserves alot more respect than you are capable of seeing, so I’ll personally contibute to TES as I do over and over, because if my child were missing, after 911, he’s be my second call.

  9. Oh goody! Another farce from the fumbling fame seekers. I can only imagine why Tim Miller had to out himself before Misty could chop her next oxy. Presumed preemptive strikes can’t save a lush from choking on his own bile.

    Tim espouses how searches s/b left to professionals. In interviews, he reminds others of the inherent dangers of well-meaning, untrained amatuer searchers effing any potential crime scene. I guess he doesn’t give a sh!t if he effs up HaLeigh’s investigation playing nosy nellie as images of James Bond flash thru his mind.

    Tim Miller has disgraced himself and his organization. If his “loved ones” really cared, they would give him the sober reality of his actions. Everyone expects TJx2, you (Steph) and Art to stoop so low. But to take TM down with you, is unbelievable.

    Most of all Steph, you really should get your professional details down pat. You loook like a liar when you can’t keep the deets of your experience, skills and education consistent. You are exactly what is wrong with tabloid news programming. You have no morals, no backbone and certainly no ability to cover any story in an objective and comprehensive manner. No wonder Nancy’s “breaking news” is always tired and dated. How the L can anyone possibly read your blog “nightly” when you don’t even update it that often, you tool?

    Don’t worry that you won’t post this. It will be posted elsewhere. Tool.

      1. Yeah and you are as educated as Crystal. What are you a Griffis or a Sheffield? Did you all replace those crack pipes LE took from the search of your property?

      2. Sorry Karen and Becuz, but your intellegence is showing and it doesn’t look good for you. If you are going to comment back at least say something that pertains to the subject and make an honest attempt to make sense. Crawl back into your stye.

      3. LOL, crawl back into your STYE, obviously you have no idea what that even is, you are pathetic. But you did make me laugh, stye, LOL.

      4. lol, little piggies live in a STY, a STYE is an inflammation of your eyelid. Like I said ignorant sewer rat. Make that rats for Ridenour too. the dictionary, it is your friend.

  10. Me you are sooo wrong. I was going to post how wrong you are about Tim Miller but I think confused did a good job. One thing I will add is that Tim didn’t ask for this to become public. That stupid girl with the false road rage report is the one who blew it. Tim was working behind the scenes where as Cobra is all about himself and his face time. Have you seen him commenting on that other blog site. Cobra posts in all caps and his name is Case Closed. GMAB… he and Leonard Padilla are side show acts adding to the circus- that is all.
    I have to laugh at your statement about him publicly disrespecting Haleigh’s loved ones. Tim is not the one who got married on national t.v., cut off a rat’s head and put it in a mailbox and all the other things Haleigh’s family has done to take the focus off of finding her. Now that is disrespectful and insulting!

  11. Teri,

    I don’t believe the gun story for a minute. Tim Miller’s whole rant was disgusting. Carrying on about 3somes and Teresa’s knowledge of it was about as low class as one can behave publicly towards a missing child’s family. He came across as nasty, vindictive, self serving, unhelpful, and just plain silly and unprofessional.

    Since when did Tim Miller become qualified to offer personal security services….and as if an obviously anger management challenged woman, who put the motorists on the freeway in danger and threatened to kill a woman, was an appropriate person to fill that position. Where I come from you require a license to perform personal security.

    Also, I’m very disappointed to hear Steph profitted from (trip to NYC) tricking a 17 year old into taking part in an interview against the advice of her lawyer. And he seems to say he did so at the bequest of CBS, which I find even more disturbing. The adult that accompanied her as chaperone, was deceiving her and trying to take advantage of her. This is all soooo wrong and I’m shocked some people don’t see that.

    1. Like so many “armchair investigators”, Tim Miller has taken an interest in this story because of Haleigh. We have all come to love Haleigh and are not buying the bs the players are dishing out. RC talks out one side of his mouth about Misty when in private but publically, he stands behind her 100%. I think RC knows the public won’t buy it. RC is a drama wannabe thug. If it comes down to believing TM or RC, I will believe TM, hands down. It would also be easier to cover his arse with Misty, the less ppl that heard that side of the story.

      He plays the part of the vigilante in one instance then turns around on NG show and says he will let the investigators do their job. Who does he think he is fooling?

      Misty, you need to open your eyes and listen to LE and an attorney. You are in serious trouble and it isn’t going to get any better until you start cooperating and telling what you know.

    2. ARE YOU CRAZY? HALEIGH IS THE ONE WHO DESERVES RESPECT AND LOYALTY. Not the Cummings “loving family members” you speak of. These people are responsible for her demise! These family members, Ronald, Misty, and Teresa are saying they love HaLeigh and I’m sure they do, in a strang and twisted way but I don’t care how much they love her, they are responsible for her disappearance and have done NOTHING to help locate her. You need to wake up to the facts in this case. HALEIGH IS THE VICTIM, not the “loving Cummings family members”.

    3. STOP THE BULL CRAP TIM, FIND HALEIGH THATS WHAT THE DONATIONS RARE FOR….So is everyone going to believe that the victim didn’t no Donna…. What about the face book connection..
      Misty is a child, a minor so she needed a adult with her to be responsible for her, the adult pretended to be her friend, the adult manipulated her, is this child abuse. This is just pure sneaky, and wrong. Misty is not convicted. Donna and Tim and who ever is involved in this should get charged with child abuse, since they manipulated a child for their best interest. Who did CBS pay…. I am starting to smell skunk all the way around. I don’t believe the bs story about Ron wanting to blow her head off and then his and leave his little boy.. Oh Please. I lost respect for Tim when he tricked those people into thinking he was their friend, mean while he was stabbing them in the back. Dishonest is dishonest no matter who is wearing it, Donna Tim and Step and who ever else is manipulating a minor and purposely giving her bad advise should all be charged with Child abuse.. I am just plan sick of seeing every grown up in this child’s life has been neglectful to Misty. I want the person who really took Haleigh to be charged with this. Does it take all these Liars, the FBI CSI LE and all these people to trick this child along with TES and now a searcher and 8 months later, still looking at Misty, MY gosh this girl has to be amazingly smart to outsmart all these people… You guys are framing her. What is wrong with this picture.

  12. Me,
    So what do you think should happen? Should Misty and Ronald be left alone to live their lives peacefully?
    Have you forgotten that an precious little girl named HaLeigh has vanished? Who do you think is responsible for that?
    So what if Misty was deceived, or taken advantate of, so what if Ronalds threats are made public. HaLeigh is gone, possibly dead, and I think LE and anyone else who chooses to help should do what ever it takes to bring those responsible to justice and get HaLeigh found.
    Misty isn’t going to talk unless FORCED to and I for one say GO AHEAD-FORCE HER TO TALK. HaLeigh deserves the respect and dignity not Misty and Ronald. I think your loyalty is misplaced. Misty is responsible for HaLeigh’s demise for not caring for her properly and Ronald is responsible for Misty being her caretaker and probably covering up what happened to her.
    You need to rethink your loyalty to these idiots and put your efforts into the innocent little HaLeigh. I don’t even care who profits from this as long as it ends with HaLeigh being found.
    As for the gun story – sure I believe Ronald is capable of murder. It’s possible he may have already committed it. HaLeigh is gone, lets do what ever it takes to find her!

  13. Me, I totally agree with everything you said. I also can not understand how people can think anything TM does is A-OK. It is no wonder TES donations are down and I believe they will decrease even more after all the rants he has been making about this family.

    1. Here we go again, another idiots opinion with total disreguard to HaLeigh. The Cummings actions are not the actions of LOVING parents. Ron is a danger to everyone including Butterbean. Misty and Teresa have lied and are hiding the truth. How can it be that you don’t see that unless, well, are you a family member?

  14. If Ron did take out a gun and make both suicidal and homicidal gestures he needs to be baker acted for his sake and the sake of those surrounding him. Junior needs to be with some other relative, his mother, whomever. This is clearly not a healthy environment.

    1. And if Ron did do that I would imagine he would of arrested….
      And if this was true, why didnt the police go over there. Why didnt the news crew report Rons statement.
      What next ,, who is going to plant evidence so Misty gets arrested.
      Tim did say he will do what ever it takes, or something to that effect, lets see what he meant by that. Lets watch Donna and Tims next manipulating move..

  15. I agree completely me. I have really lost all respect for Tim Miller after this. If he wants to be a detective then he should attend a police academy and do it ethically. I have had no love for Misty in the past but I am starting to feel badly for her. She is a 17 yr. old child, she has no one to turn to and Tim Miller, Donna Brock and Steph Watts set her up. Wow, y’all tricked a 17 yr. old, you must feel so proud.

    I also do not believe the gun story about Ron, I think that is a convenient excuse for inserting themselves into this case. How sad, poor, sweet Haleigh deserves ALOT more than this common shit!

    1. If you feel sorry for Misty then you don’t give a damn about HaLeigh. It is Misty’s fault that Haleigh is missing and YOU feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for you…you have no brain.

      1. Let me tell you something, you ignorant sewer rat, you have NO IDEA what I give a damn about. I may have no brain but YOU have no class and obviously no parental raising to speak to someone you don’t know in that manner. It’s YOUR kind that do the MOST diservice to Haleigh!

      2. KAREN Says:
        October 11, 2009 at 6:32 am

        Let me tell you something, you ignorant sewer rat, you have NO IDEA what I give a damn about. I may have no brain but YOU have no class and obviously no parental raising to speak to someone you don’t know in that manner. It’s YOUR kind that do the MOST diservice to Haleigh!

        KAREN COULDN”T OF SAID IT BETTER!!! thank you Karen for speaking the truth about Brat


      4. You say it’s Misty’s fault….lol….and how do you know that? Are you a psychic? No one has even been charged, let alone convicted, but you seem to have all the answers….LMAO.

        That’s what a witch hunt is all about. Are you Tim by chance?

      5. Why is it Mistys fault because she went to sleep…
        Instead of sending Misty to fairy land the money donated to search for Haleigh SOULD BE USED TO SEARCH FOR THAT POOR LITTLE GIRL.. not spent on Donna and Misty going out on the town…
        Tim should do what he is being paid for, organize search teams… not inserting himself into another high profile case in such a way he gets to go on talk shows and gets all that fame…. shameful….
        TIM SEARCH FOR HALEIGH.. WHAT U DO BEHIND CLOSED DOORS CAN SET EVEN CASEY FREE, OH THAT CREW OF CASEYS R LOVING THIS NEWS, (in my opinion)..Please find Haleigh, stop messing up evidence… stop trying to trick people into getting themselfs arrested.. Stop trying to get fame..


  16. In the very beginning I knew that there was a threat of violence towards anyone and all close to this man Cummings. I just had a feeling….my gut told me, that there is a fear, that if Cummings knew he was about to go down…he would take any and all down with him….which is why this is so sensitive. 32×2= 64 that’s a whole lot of violence…crazy! Narcisistic and Psychopathic….this whole investigation is screwed as I said, thwarted by the roadrage, no , thwarted because of Ronald Cummings threats of violence towards others & himself. He didnt come right out and say*what I think or have thought all this months*, he doesnt have to. He played this game with guns to Crystal & Amber, and surely he has with Misty….the psychological warfare! It’s been him M.O. all his life and you’ve confirmed for many that this is whats behind Mistys fears. And perhaps even the entire families. This man should not even be having an asault weapon such as this in his person.

    Something, happened to Haleigh, that he is directly responsible for, no one will tell because of the fear of what he will do before he is to be taken down. And if any of this is true DCF really screwed up!!! And so did the courts early on in Haleigh & juniors life.

    God be with the families now.

    1. And if any of this is true DCF really screwed up!!!

      Good thing it’s NOT true. There is no assault rifle. Steph has been punked and his reputation will pay for it.

      1. How do you know it isnt true? I give Tim Miller 100% credibility over the likes of Ron Cummings any day.

        Ron told Cobra the same damn thing, early on! Yet, Hmmm Misty still lives in that house! This is twice he’s threatened violence toward Misty, yet…she still trots around Florida like the CATS MEOW! GMAB!

      2. I would imagine before all this stuff happened.. Tim new people would think this way,,,
        Wickers Says:

        October 11, 2009 at 12:12 pm
        How do you know it isnt true? I give Tim Miller 100% credibility over the likes of Ron Cummings any day.

  17. Me, you are all over the place spewing your BS. Go back to Simons blog with idiots. T.J. Hart feeds Simon his stories. T.J. Hart has a big message to him in the back room of WS, Stop using their information without giving credit. T.J. Hart was a good journalist. He lost all credibility associating with Simon and all his BS. That show is all about sideshows and no substance.
    Tim Miller and Steph, Thank You!!!!! Do not listen or give any mind to the negative information. The negative information is coming from one source and one source only(Simon Barnett/T.J. Hart).
    Steph and Tim, ROCK ON!!!

  18. You all have the nerve to put TM down. He has bent over backwards to help in this case. If it wasn’t for him Le would have nothing. To listen to you bashing him makes me sick. I don’t see any of you in the paper helping and spending a lot of time to find Haleigh. He was in a bar…so what! His name and Cobra’s should not be in the same sentence. TM, if you are reading this I want to tell you thank-you for all that you do. People that put you down are bitter and must have a bad life. Thank-you Steph for the excellent reporting.

  19. Happy Sunny Sunday all. At this point, I say do what has to be done to find Haylee. Misty was playing with fire when she took over the Cummings children for Ron. She grew up fast and furious. Tim is a good man IMO. If they have to “use” Misty so be it. Find the child and put the scum in jail….

  20. Thank you Steph! Things make more sense now, and it kind of explains some things you reported last week that didn’t add up.
    I had been wondering why Donna would jeopardize this set up with the road rage incident. Thanks for setting it straight! It was the supposed victim who turned this into such a mess. That idiot may have derailed any chance of finding out what happened to Haleigh.
    Great job! You and Tim!

  21. Wicker, I agree with everything you have posted. Misty carried herself with confidence and more maturity in the airport interview.

  22. Thanks for this informative posting. It makes sense. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to find Haleigh. However, it has been hard to stomach the name calling and idiotic posturing for the real scoop. Who cares? I don’t. I just want Haliegh found and to gain some understanding of why this has happened.

    I hope that Misty stays safe. As time goes on and the more I read, she is a victim. She is a child too. She has been used, abused and neglected her entire short life. She probably does have some involvement in this entire mess. I am afraid the memory is clouded by drug use. I hope that people stop attacking her appearance and speech – she looks like any other 17 year old to me. And she has absolutely no control of her grammar use- if you never learned it, you can’t possibly know it.

    I feel bad she is back in Satsuma. She probably has no idea who to trust. How lonely must that be?

    Based on what I have read, I will get blasted for this post. I’ll post my reply now – I know Haleigh is the victim and regardless of the many negative things you will say about Misty, Misty is still a child too.

      1. I Agree with u Jill.. said so well.. Misty is still a child…If she ends up killing herself what would the headlines read… She killed herself out of guilt or Donna and crew push along with the people like NG, have pushed MIsty to her limit with their mental child abuse….. She took her own life…

      1. Karen, “succintly”? what the hell is that? Didn’t go to school much did you? By the way, WHERE IS HALEIGH, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? TURN YOURSELF IN TO LE AND TELL THE TRUTH.

      2. Karen, “succintly”? what the hell is that? Didn’t go to school much did you? By the way, WHERE IS HALEIGH, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? TURN YOURSELF IN TO LE AND TELL THE TRUTH.

      3. suc·cinct (sk-sngkt)
        adj. suc·cinct·er, suc·cinct·est
        1. Characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse: a succinct reply; a succinct style.

        See I TOLD you the dictionary was your friend. Poor little drug addict. Tsk, tsk.

        Why are you repeating yourself under 2 different IDs? Out yourself much?

      4. You are really a piece of crap! live with it. Turn yourself in and tell the truth, where is HaLeigh. You know! You will end up behind bars soon. Your bs doesn’t fly here! Some of us care about Haleigh, you obviously don’t. Poor pathetic person you are. I feel sorry for you. Your ignorant!

      5. Awwww, I’m sorry Sybil, oops, I mean brat, is that mean ol’ dictionary giving you a problem. BTW it’s YOU’RE you know the contaction of you are. That pesky crack pipe is giving you a fit isn’t it.

      6. Turn yourself in to PCSO. What did you do to HaLeigh. You belong in prison. Give yourself up and tell the truth.

      7. um, yeah, ok, I’ll get right on that. Check the booking logs in about 14 hrs……………… idiot.

      8. Look into the closet of the people who even here have so sneak and use two names……….. OH my gosh this is too much..
        Haleigh come home…….

  23. A big thank you to Steph for finally clearing some things up. It’s refreshing to read an article on this case that isn’t full of innuendos and biased hints.
    I pray for Jr at this point.
    LE and DCF need to live with that fact-there has to be a way to either remove the firearm (threats of violence or suicide), or to remove Jr from an unsafe situation.
    It may be too late for HaLeigh, it is NOT too late for Jr.
    Please-step up and do what is right for this baby.

    Tim Miller-You are one of our last American heros!! You keep doing what you are driven to do and to hell with all of you who are placing your biased judgements on this man.

  24. Steph, First of all, yes, thank you for telling what really happened. Secondly, Tim Miller and what he was doing was fine and a well organized plan. However, with the web and all the tools available, it was bound to get around. My heart is heavy with this. The one thing I was wrong about was the gal who called 911 about the roadrage…I thought she was imbedded in this somehow and connected to your reporting. But the rest of it, I know I am spot on.

    Where is the FBI in all of this? No wonder Cummings didnt want to live in that trailor after Haleigh turned up missing.

    One question remains in my mind…Did TJ Ward get the 911 tapes from the night Haleigh was reported missing? Did he analyse them? Local LE missed some very important clues in those tapes, in which led their investigation down the wrong path to begin with.

    What this case needs now, is someone who was witness to that nights timeline, to step forward and offered “immunity”….to please tell what they know. Misty was brain washed from the get go. The whole family I’m afraid, knows exactly what happened and/or are afraid of the viloence that will come from Ronald Cummings.

    The only other mistake besided the roadrage report….was the fact that when Donna Brock was embedded with the Cummings clan, she should have removed any trail that led to TES….pictures & myspace should of been removed. But it would of been a good plan. I guess there isnt going to be a divorce after all.

    1. It is mental abuse……… Good people do bad things and this time it appears that Tim and all the adults in Mistys life did bad things..

  25. I’m sorry Steph, this is the biggest bunch of bs I have ever read or seen. I am disappointed and disgusted beyond belief with Tim Miller, Donna Brock, and also you.
    There are many others who are opportunistic on this case, but Tim Miller is one I had absolute faith in, and that is gone. Done.

    None of you have done what needs to be done to find HALEIGH, you have all done things to stoke your own egos, to further your own careers. Oh, yes, I understand why… a person has to live.

    But on the back of a dead little sweet babygirl?

    Screw you all.

  26. Steph, when you say Donna dropped Misty back in Satsuma into the lions den, do you mean back with any of the Cummings? Please be clear about this.

    If LE knows that Ronald has an assault rifle, wth haven’t they done something with him?

    Am I also to take this as Tim Miller thinks Ronald had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance?????? I feel Ronald knows exactly what happened to/with Haleigh. So does Misty, and Teresa Neves and Grandma Sykes now know as well. The two of them Teresa and Granny Sykes) are lying and covering for Ronald and Misty, in my opinion. Misty has something on Ronald. That much is clear.

    Could you please answer these questions???? Thanks.

  27. I further think that Donna Brock should be thrown out of TES. If she is not, then neither I or anyone I know will ever donate another penny to TES.

    I mean that.

  28. Oh… and comparing Tim Miller to Cobra? Donna to Kim?

    No comparison.

    Tim/Donna have done more to screw this up than Cobra/Kim and believe me, I am NO fan of theirs.

    I am ashamed for them. Since when does a SEARCH organization get into the dirty dirty dirty details of the Sex Lies Drugs Filth?

    I was very naive to think there still could be heros.

    What a sad mess has been created.

    This little one is lost and decomposed and all people who are charged with her care are liars and deceivers. INCLUDING all the media whores who feed of her dead little body.

      1. I agree also, OH my gosh…. I cant beleive this, Gosh takes 8 months, all the high up LE and now a decieving search organization to try to set up Misty and still no, none, no evidence at all…..
        And Where is Haleigh. Couldnt of Tim used that money on trying to find Haleigh…… actually searching, isnt that what the donations are for… Again, who did CBS pay for this interview, the so called mommy, or which other adult……. I am fed up,,

  29. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Tim Miller for even associating with the likes of Donna Brock. You can say what you like, but that how I feel.

  30. Steph,

    I’m a little confused. On CBS did misty say that she thought Ron or Crystals family took haleigh? I thought that she was talking about crystal’s family, but there was some blogging out there and even a response from ron’s lawyer that she might have been talking about ron’s side of the family. Which is it? Thanks. And I’d like to say thanks to Tim Miller for all that he’s done. 🙂

  31. Thanks to TM for all he’s done, clueless? He has almost single-handedly destroyed this case.

    He has all but insured they will never find Haleigh.

    Or do some of you think Misty is going to have a reality moment and tell where Haleigh is?


    1. Sorry, but it was Misty, Ronald, Teresa and grandma Sikes that destroyed this case. By lieing and covering for eachother. I believe it is YOU that is “clueless”.

      1. no Brat it was people like you that hindered the case by sending in bogus complaints to dcf and theories to the Le. Get lost you are nothing but a troublemaker

  32. If donations are going to pay for Misty’s hair and nails, I hope TES never gets another donation! I mean that.

    This is one screwed up mess. Tim Miller is good at searching for missing children and adults, but a detective he is not. I have had it with the whole bunch.

    The FBI needs to take over this investigation.

    1. I hope Karma gets all of the people that were the judge and jury before this little girl came home and Found out who really did it!

    1. Here we go. If you aren’t a judge and executioner, you HAVE to be a Cummings. LOL

      I guess it will be their fault when Tim drags TES down with him.

  33. Wickers, you are one know it all, aren’t you? I am so glad you have such a high opinion of yourself. Since you are so smart, why haven’t YOU solved this case???? Where is Haleigh?????

    1. Thank You diana, I’m not involved in the case…or else, if I was, I would have never of went this route with the investigation.
      Never claimed I could solve it Diana, but I will claim not to be a lemming and follow the mass sheep. I stand on truth….what do you stand for? Ron Cummings? And his fake crying? Drugs sex, tatoos? Is that your thing girlfriend?

      Tell me something, make a comment Diana that has some common sense to it, that adds some validity to the case? You got anything? ….

      I can back up what I post!

      Its not about being a know it all, its about saying something that makes sense, not all this misinformed garble that I read on every other forum or blog.

  34. 8 months!!! 8 months and LE still haven’t found Haleigh, LE are still waiting for someone to come forward and reveal where Misty was that night? Perhaps she has been telling the truth!?!?!?

    Sorry to all I may offend here, but I think LE have dropped the ball big time on this case. Reading this article tells me they approved of Tim’s/Donna’s tactics, are LE just sitting back waiting for another tragedy?

    My heart breaks for all family members in this case, the stress and anxiety must be horrendous, I truly hope they all are recieving counselling.

    I can’t see Ronald Cummings taking his own life and leaving Jr., but if he truly did make that statement to TM, then please, Tim Miller, do the right thing and get the man help/counselling.

    Praying LE are actively searching for Haleigh, re-investigating all parties involved, not just Misty, how can a 17 yr old baffle the experts? Unbelievable.

    I am one who believes Haleigh is still alive and is being hidden.

    Praying for the safe return of beautiful Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings. Praying for strength for all family members. Praying for the circus to stop and the truth be told.

  35. Those that say they will never donate to Tim again, well I hope you remember that should someone in your family come up missing and you call him to help…Its O.K. though, I just donated enough to make up for what you arent, are you all blind or just crazy, Tim, was working with LE, didnt you read that part, he said he spoke to them about what was going on daily and how do we know that they didnt stand behind him doing whatever he could to keep Misty away from that home and safe, LE can’t touch her so why not someone that would give them report on her and what she was up too.. I guess you would rather her just up and leave and no one know where she was, or what she was doing or what she was saying……Get a life, you mean to tell me that it worried you that Tim spoke of the three-some, if thats what he heard then what else ws he suppose to say, and it didnt hurt Misty at all, for White Boy Greg told a much worse story of what they did and so what Tim said shouldnt even make you blink,,,besides that Tim said it came from some girl at a bar, he didnt say it for a fact, he said thats what the girl told him……..If this hurts your feeling or burns your little ears then you need to go over a read the funny pages, we are talking about a little missing girl here, things are ugly in that home that she had to live in and so therefore you cant turn a poisen ivy into roses, Tim said what he heard and saw….Get a life……..Tim is doing what he can to find HaLeigh…..if you dont agree with his methods then ….I hate it for you………but if it was my child that was missing ……..I dont care what he had to do to find her……..and in all honesty….neither would you…Go Tim……money is on the way….

    1. You can donate all you want. As they say, “a fool and his money are soon parted”. There are many fine reputable missing children’s organizations out there like the Klaas Kids Foundation where the man running it is kind, caring, intelligent and SOBER.

    2. Tim was not “working with” LE…LMAO. They obviously didn’t even believe the tales he told or they would have done something about it themselves. Until Tim gets back on the wagon, no one is going to take him seriously.

    3. Donate for me too because I will never send a penny… There r other search teams that actually use the money that was donated to search….

    4. What so he can help pin it on someone else, I think the man needs to stick to searching for people.Many years ago Tim started TES with the right heart but in recent years it seems he is very money driven……

  36. AMANDA

    Your posts are spot on. TM’s actions are a travesty of justice for HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings. Its disappointing he sold himself out because of ulterior motives.

    1. I am actually sad beyond words to lose one of my last heros, Tim Miller.

      But it IS an eye-opening experience.

      The media whores will always be there, spinning and twisting has become a business and we sleuthers keep watching, also feeding at the trough.

      Perhaps I have taken this little one too close to heart. Sigh.

      Whatever… the outcome is sadder. Thanks to these blundering wannabes, Misty will NEVER give up the truth now.

    2. Yep. He announces on NG that he’s coming back in 6weeks-2months to search for Haleigh. People donate. I don’t see any searching going on.

      But rather, I see Tim going public with all sorts of stuff that might even be too crazy for NG to run with. It seems to me he was more interested in coming up with some titillating secrets and trying to get himself some NG appearance money for revealing this garbage, than he was in finding Haleigh.

  37. Higherhopes, tell it girl!!! Woo Hoo!! Tim will always be a hero. Tim did what he felt was right at the time and this is good enough for me. At least somebody is doing something. I find it funny everybody that is critizing probably has never donated in the first place. They come over here to cause trouble, tell Tim how to spend his money, tell Steph how to write his articles etc. It is pathetic. Donna if you reading THANK YOU!!! Tim Miller you will never lose support of the people that have pure hearts and are truly praying for the missing. THANK YOU TIM!!!!!

  38. HIGHtoken

    There is absolutely no proof that TM was/is working with LE. In fact, Tim claims he left Satsuma so quickly because LE told him to.

    Misty didn’t corrupt TM or DB. No one can be destructed by another without consent.

    I hope no one I know ever goes missing. But TM would be the last person I call. See I would not know whether to trust him or not. If he goes to church with the family of a missing child just to gain their confidence and try to set them up to nab an alleged “confession,” well he’s no help at all. In fact, he is another burden preying upon anguished souls.

    TE is certainly not the only search + rescue mission. There are other groups that will help without selling their soul and mine to the devil. He can drown himself in drink. But I’d be damned if is taking me and my family down with him. It’s all lights, booze, camera, fake action with him latelt.

    I hope he gets the help he needs and restores his reputation before it is too late. Donna the road rager is hardly a ringing endorsement of his organization’s human resources. More like an embarrassment. So tragic for Tim and HaLeigh.

  39. HH,
    You are another one who always seems to know so much. So much that you tried to “embed” yourself into this case. Hey, what happened to your BFF, Kim? Still talk to her?

    You just can’t stand it, can you? When people look through the filth of this case and find supposedly educated or well-respected people behaving poorly. They call it out. Thank God for them because it keeps my faith in that some people can watch with an open and critical mind without jumping on bandwagons (like you do).

    Misty grew up in a world where she couldn’t even trust the people who brought her here and fueled her with drugs. How is she going to trust some random screwed up TES member in a months time? It was naive, but a nice try.

    I have an issue with TM though… He’s not reliable. He takes what he hears, throws it in a blender and spews it. That does NOT help.
    Be best for him to shut his mouth. Makes me wonder if he has substance abuse issues too.

  40. “Donna has dropped Misty off in Satsuma.”

    Where? On a street corner? Ron lives at his Grandmother’s in Welatka, where Misty also lived until recently. Ron’s mother Teresa does not live in Satsuma. The only one left in Satsuma is brother Tommy, and Misty has a restraining order against him. Do you even know what you are talking about ? If you do not know simple details in the case, why should anyone believe the rest of your story?

  41. Steph. My apologies for having any doubts and much respect for your efforts to get at the truth and support an actual effort to find Haleigh . I just wish someone could prove this woman who reported the road rage KNEW it was Misty when she made that call. Also wish Tim Miller would report the gun incident with Ron to Florida DCF as Junior doesn’t need to be around this dangerous bunch. Please encourage him to do so.

    I have NEVER donated to TES but will be doing so at the end of the month.

  42. morethanhopes…..Yes I do talk to Kp, and????….You wanna say someone tried to embed themselves in a case, well what do you call yourself and everyone that is on these boards doing, I did nothing but go donate some money and buy some HaLeigh t-shirts and bracletts so I could wear them and keep her face up where I live, What did you do….hmmmm…….thats what I thought…..Anyway, I dont care what anyone see’s through, they arent seeing right if they have a problem with Tim….Things that LE have to do in order to solve a case arent always on the up and up….they use other methods all the time…..undercover snitches…..less time served for info…..alll kinds of things and so therefore what Tim did is no different then what has been going on for years, so cut the goody two shoes act and step into the real world……..Im for whatever works……….and yea there is other agencies out there, so f you need to call them…then you do so……Ill call Tim…and I wont care if he goes to church……goes to a bar…….or goes to a graveyard……..as long as he finds my Loved one!!!!!!!!!GO TIM….

    1. You forget to mention you were also pumping anyone and everyone who would abide for (mis)information which you GLADLY posted all over the boards.

      Stay home, HH. Want to help, keep sending those checks and keep out of it.

      THAT is the best way for people like us to help.

    2. It is nice that you still trust TM. Someone needs to.
      The display I have seen played out over the last month or so, I find to be disgusting and ugly.
      Yes, LE plays games all the time to get to the bottom of a case, they don’t have a stellar reputation, not even close.

      But TES/TM? This is a SEARCH org not a PI agency.

      Unless I missed something in ethics class… when does a search org rep spill such complete DIRT, wait, no, FILTH?

      In audio interviews, is that not Tim Millers voice calling these folks hillbillies and telling all about 3somes, drugs, and scamming a 17yr old for the truthto come out?

      And now Steph Watts telling even more dirt? Ronald’s assault weapon, ready to kill Misty and then himself???? Really, Steph????
      Whore much?

      Oh yeah, I am world-wise, don’t get me wrong. I have followed cases for years and years.

      I have never yet seen (until this last month or so) a well-respected search organization leader reveal the results of polygraph, LVA, hypnosis, and now telling the real filth of this family.

      Nope. Never.

      Cobra told some of it. He is a PI. I never respected the dude in the first place.
      But TIM? He was above that, in my eyes. In a way I am glad to have open eyes. In a way, not. Very disappointing.

      Mark Klaas was right. I did not comment on that until now, I ignored it. But he was right.

      1. Nice rant Amanda and I know your disappointment is real. I have read your posts and I know where you stand. You will be considered a Cummings family member now because you dared speak up against St Tim. And I know you are nowhere near a Cummings supporter.

        I too agree with Marc Klaas.

    3. Oh, and the problem with Tim and his antics/comments is that he is destroying the reputation of TES which ultimately will cause a domino effect.

      Less contributions, less “hillbilly” families willing to work with him. Ultimately that will effect his income if that matters at all to him.

      You should care quite a bit about this as his supporter.

  43. It’s the way life goes. Tim’s nefarious, out-of-character behavior is overiding Tim’s good deeds.

    Did he get messed up with them Croslins and start stealing pills and guns and booze too? He ain’t right in the head. Why he got to put out tapes of what he says Misty said Won’t her own voice on Steph’s tapes enough damage? How come TM knows which of Misti’s stories is the truth and which is lies?

    I hope Tommy and Lisa don’t get wind that Tim got $300 cash to send anyone. Or that he make $60k and got a barn with beer. You know how grifters are. TX liable to be the new mondex by next week.

  44. Up until that point Donna and Misty had remained quiet, flying under the radar, so to speak, and Misty trusted Donna.

    What? You were posting all kinds of stuff about them then changing the story and saying oops never mind.

    And who told you that lady reconized Misty?

  45. Wow Ginger. You are so great making your big donation at the end of the month. I hope you send enought cover a six pack at the Kangaroo or a tall boy for the cute young thang informant on probation at the local watering hole. If you include a little extra, Tim can get tips and tip the bartender. Every little dime helps TE keep TM feeling good while he pretends he’s doing good.

    Cobra is a snake and the whole world nos it. TM should pick a personality and stick with it. No one gets a free pass to interfere with the lives of others based on suspicions. When a good person does bad things, they are still bad things. The means doesn’t justify the end and in this case the end is but a pipe dream, no pun intended.

    I am so disappointed and disillusioned with Tim’s conduct.

  46. To the naysayers of Tim Miller…
    I would ask Tim Miller to come and search for my missing child in a heartbeat. He wants answers just like the rest of us do. I hope LE does ask Tim to return to PC and search again because the Cummings sure won’t do it.

    Cummings claim they look for Haleigh everyday. Where? Getting in fights or looking in mailboxes? Oh, how about CT or NYC? Maybe she is in a limo or on the NG show. GMAB!

    1. Maybe she is in Baker county since no one there is searching for her either. It’s my understanding Marie and Crystal “founded” the Haleighbug Center to raise money for searches. I haven’t seen them do a single one. Well, unless you count the fake on where they planted “evidence”.

      Since I am from the south I would guess I would be considered a “hillbilly” by Tim so I wouldn’t bother contacting him if God forbid, my child went missing.

      1. Karen, TM would take a real shine to any hillbilly that has moonshine.

        Does TM consider Cobra an irresponsible hillbilly? Or is it okay for him to squat in Putnam County in his supposedly $100,00 bountyhunting mobile so soon after declaring bankruptcy with at least 5 children of his own to support?

        The cast of cads and unsavory characters posturing in the name HaLeigh is beyond all logic.

      2. I quess they needed the money worse then HaLeigh coming home. They should provide the paperwork showing how much and where the money has gone, since we know that it hasn’t gone toward the baby being found . Poor HaLeigh once again mom spends money on other things , since she didn’t pay her child support what makes us think she would use the money to find the little girl. Sad Le should be investigating this family.

  47. I believe Tim Miller would do whatever it took to try and find a missing child. I don’t recall any stipulations concerning donations be used for only this or that. If it helps bring the missing child home, then so be it.

    What would you do if your child were missing? Think about it. We certainly don’t know what information Donna may have for LE come Monday. Maybe, just maybe, she has one tidbit of information that could blow this case wide open. Would that change any opinions then?

      1. What does his “books” have to do with it. His job is searching for missing ppl. That is what he does for a living. He has lived through every parents’ nightmare. He is a non-profit organization that has been around for years. God forbid if we ever need Tim’s services.

      2. unknown, a charitable organization has to account for all donations. We don’t get that accountability from TES.

  48. Teri, get over yourself. Tim does not have to open his books to you. If you want the information request it from proper channels, in which is the state. Tim did what he did, so deal with it and stop using missing persons forums for your entertainment purposes. My prayers go out to Crystal and Marie. My bet is they want answers by any means possible.

    1. If you want to pray with Crystal and Marie, just go out to the truck near the trailer. You all can worship the crack pipe together.

      1. fame ho:
        You certainly live up to your name. How ignorant and vile a person you are. How can you look in the mirror and live what that disgusting ugliness that is you? I sincerely pity you. You must be a shame and embarrassment to your family and to God.
        You must be really CRAZY.

    2. Actually he does have to open his books. Get over myself? I’ve not spread one rumor anywhere. I’m not entertained at all by the circus surrounding little Haleigh. Instead of praying for Crystal and Marie, why don’t you pray for HALEIGH. She is the one who is missing.

      I pray every day for little Haleigh. Then I pray that her families get answers and closure and not have to live through this hell for the rest of their lives.

  49. Pretty weird that some seem to hold Tim Miller to this god like , can do no wrong status- kinda weird- Is he supposed to be a saint because he lost a child and started a search group? He cant branch out, or he has to suffer the hurt feelings of too absorbed individuals? If Misty would just tell the truth to the LE, how would that have anything to do with Tim Miller, some are making it sound like this case depends on Tim Miller, it doesn’t.

    Sounds like a bunch of drama and misplaced anger-

  50. To Higherhopes,

    You seem confused.

    You say that WBG told a “worse” story than threesomes? During the time WBG spent with Misty, he said he had sex with her ONE time. Relisten to his story.

    People really believe Misty had a threesome? Think logically. She spent three days with WBG and had sex with him one time while on drugs. When she went to the Mexican house w/WBG and NayNay while Lindsay worked, Misty was so nervous, she spent the time clinging to WBG. Misty was the victim of a crime involving sex as a child. I doubt that threesomes are on her to-do list. Think logically instead of rushing to believe anything gushing out of people’s mouth or keyboard.

    Higherhopes you also say that Tim Miller is doing what he can to FIND HALEIGH? I beg to differ. Tim should be taking the money he has COLLECTED TO FIND HALEIGH and get out there with his team to SEARCH FOR HER. Not spend money on playing games with his volunteers to try and conduct investigations. Tim Miller is not LE. Investigations should be run by LE, not by searchers. And to those who believe this was done w/the blessing of LE I have a bridge to sell you. LE also didn’t approve of the releasing of Misty’s test results to the media. Tim Miller is acting on his own and not in any appropriate manner. It is despicable what he has done and said.

    One last thing. Steph makes it sound like Tim Miller and TES will be back to search for Haleigh? Many people have called last week and were told the exact opposite. That TES has no plans to go back to Satsuma to search. Where are all those donations going that were sent in for Haleigh? Were they spent on Donna’s babysitting services?

    Where exactly did Ron allegedly get an assault riffle to keep in HIS closet? I call BS, Steff! Does Donna have an assault riffle at her house?

  51. Tim and Donna are a farce. Tim is not PI or LE. He shouldn’t have inserted himself into this debacle. Why isn’t he out SEARCHING for HaLeigh or other missing loved ones.

    Tim is not allowed to do “whatever he wants” to bring home a missing person. Neither is Cobra, TJH, TJW, Art Harris, KP or any other circus freak in this sad story.

    If TM was doing whatever he had to, he wouldn’t be drinking. He wouldn’t be pretending he has some new career.

    If the FBI, FDLE, PCSO, Cobra, AH and the many media interviews that Misty in, haven’t yet produced a “tidbit” that broke this story wide open, TM and DB sure as hell aren’t going to be able to do it. Not sure if would improve TM’s chances of winnning the reward, but it would help him immensely if he at least sounded sober and got rid of dumbazz Donna.

  52. At what point was Misty’s life no longer in danger? What transpired that made it safe to just drop her off back in Satsuma?

    I have trouble believing the main reason was to protect Misty. The main reason was to see if Donna oould get Misty to loosen up and sing like a canary. She didn’t and so now she’s been dumped back in Satsuma where Ron will do whatever he pleases with her.

    Her life is in danger just as much today as it was when Ron was talking to Tim and showing him the gun.

    1. This obviously had nothing to do with protecting Misty. If anything, they were/are pushing her towards possible suicide. She is 17 and has no one, and these adults are conducting a witch hunt, for profit. I have no doubt Tim and some of the others will try to sell their titillating secrets to Nancy Grace and others.

      ‘Witch-hunt’ has become a generic term, referring to any situation in which a ‘guilty party’ is, essentially, tried and convicted in absentia, without any ‘firm’ evidence—indeed, in a typical witch-hunt, guilt is presumed from the outset, and the focus of the hunt actually becomes getting the accused to admit his guilt. Often, these so-called ‘confessions’ are brought about by way of verbal trickery, or by questioning the loyalty or past conduct of the accused.


    Who would trust Tim Miller to come search for their loved one now after he has showed a complete lack of ethics, morals and respect? Not only for the families of the missing but for the investigation itself?

    If people do some research into other cases, this is not the first time Tim Miller has done things like he has done in Haleigh’s case.

  54. Well, a lot of the crime forum posters have put false information out there about how good and wonderful Ronald, Teresa, and Grandma Sykes are. They have called the ‘players’ in this case and have sided with them. There is a ‘busy’ on one of the forums that has fully inserted herself into this case. There is an ‘SS’ who will literally punch other posters out with words who dare say anything about her dear Ronald. These people keep this case argued and fussed about on a really otherwise very good forum.

    I hope that every single blogger on this case that has inserted themselves into this case gets called on it. And I mean the ones who say they know this or that as a fact when they are many states away and have decided to call be chummy with the Cummings family. These people are being used to get false information out in the public. Hope it so backfires on them.

    We are all sitting here in front of our monitors and can afford to be really brave as no one knows who we are. I am sick of all of it.

    AND YES, I have donated to TES many times, but NEVER again!!!!!

    1. Diana,

      I agree with you that there are many people on the boards who take sides and insert themselves then spew vile things about these families without any facts.

      On the plus side, the attention keeps Haleigh in the news, that is good.

      On the negative. Speculation, rumors, vigilante posters who call and harass any party in this case and do much more than that IMO have hurt this case and these families in so many ways.

      It fans the flames in a case that already might be incendiary.

      I have no problem with anyone being a strong supporter of Ronald and his family if that is all they do, doesn’t seem like he has many.

      The man needs support, regardless of his past. IF he is responsible in any way, the truth will surface. Is it really worth being one of the people who stand there and say “I told you so!”.

      There is still a small child in his care who needs his father AND BIRTH mother. Wish people would allow them to reconcile their differences for Jr.

      People seems to enjoy the division so much. Why?

      1. Crystal and Ron have reconciled their differences if they even had any. Marie has the problem with Ron, not Crystal. Those two talk frequently and Marie would flip out if she knew the truth.

      2. Teri Says:

        October 11, 2009 at 10:30 am
        Crystal and Ron have reconciled their differences if they even had any. Marie has the problem with Ron, not Crystal. Those two talk frequently and Marie would flip out if she knew the truth.

        I am so glad to hear this. They both want what’s best for Haleigh.

      3. Who is Marie, is she the grandma with the drug arrest record. Is she the grandmother who had a drug house.. someone should post the arrest history of Crystals side of the family… It will make the hair stand up on your arms, in my opinion..
        So back to the possiblity that not only did Tim and Donna know each other but the victim of the road rage knows them too.. Did someone mess up and forget to plant the evidence oh Misty…
        What is going on behind closed doors with Tim..

  55. Bottom line is that all the Cummings need to be run in and sit a while in jail for obstruction of an investigation of a crime. Don’t tell me that won’t stick cause I know damn well it would.

    LE needs to get off their asses and do something with this crew of idiots, morons, wanna be thugs, and LIARS.

    I swear none of them could tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

    Sad thing is


  56. fame ho:
    You certainly live up to your name. How ignorant and vile a person you are. How can you look in the mirror and live what that disgusting ugliness that is you? I sincerely pity you. You must be a shame and embarrassment to your family and to God.
    You must be really CRAZY. That or purely evil. Take your pick.

  57. Ron’s theatrics convince me more and more that he may actually have something to do with Haleigh’s dissappearance. If his daugher is missing and he’s going to get the gun out and threaten someone with it, and then destroy himself….why would he not hold Misty at gunpoint and tell her to talk NOW or else? It sounds like Ron for some reason already knows that Haleigh is dead? How would he know that unless he had some involvement?

    Seems like a bunch of goold ole boys are going back to satsuma talking to another good ole boy and believing anything Ron says cuz he’s a good ole boy too. Air tight alibi or no air tight alibi, Rons behavior should arouse as much suspicion as Misty’s especially with ratgate.

  58. I see there are several personalities on here battling for control. It’s like a Sybil-fest. Poor little Haleigh, her case has really brought out the drug addled psychos. Yes, I am speaking of you brat.

  59. Steph,
    Please, please, PLEASE: at least read through what you’ve written before you post it! With all of the grammatical, spelling, and minor fact errors peppering your writing, it is difficult to trust that you’re getting the “big picture” right as well. Sure, we all make mistakes. I’m probably going to make some in this post. But…..BUT, I am not claiming to be a journalist or aspiring to be a reliable source of information on this case or the others you cover.

    So, It was September 20 that YOU taped Misty’s LVA, hypnosis, and LDT? After you did that, did you enter a galactic worm hole or time warp in order to project it back in time to where we all saw the video and read the transcripts in August? Seriously, if you were there and so involved, one would hope that you’d at least get the MONTH right!

    Tim Miller………..I am sure the man has done some outstanding work in the field of search/recovery of missing children and his organization has been widely respected. Mr. Miller’s actions in this case suggest that he’s either been the victim of some really horrible advice or that his frustration with the players/situation has caused some sort of cognitive disconnect. Rule #1 when trying to “set up” someone to gain information they are not wanting to share: Don’t go around running your mouth about how you’ve set them up and allow it to be broadcast across media and the internet! It is also troubling that Mr. Miller– knowing the absolute heartache that the parent of a missing child goes through–would not immediately call in support such as a psychiatric professional to attend to Ronald. Helping those who are making statements that are threatening to self and others is what the Baker Act is there for.

    It is unbelievable to me that LE cannot move forward in this case because a poorly educated and ill-raised 17 year old child is unable to provide a consistent alibi. It would seem that LE need only watch Ms. Cummings for a day or two before finding just cause to arrest her for some sort of infraction. It seems nearly all those close to Haleigh have had their hands in illegal activies of one sort or another. The apparent lack of interest in the “other side” (Sheffield/Griffis) of the family by LE doesn’t speak well to the thoroughness of the investigation. ALL should be looked at–closely and continually–until Haleigh is brought home!

    1. In all reality who really gives a rat’s tail about grammatical, spelling, errors. Are you not capable of fallacies?! Sheesh, it must be nice to be perfect.

      1. fal⋅la⋅cy
          /ˈfæləsi/ [fal-uh-see]
        –noun, plural -cies.
        1. a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc.: That the world is flat was at one time a popular fallacy.
        2. a misleading or unsound argument.
        3. deceptive, misleading, or false nature; erroneousness.
        4. Logic. any of various types of erroneous reasoning that render arguments logically unsound.
        5. Obsolete. deception
        “Capable of fallacies”? Yep–I think everyone is capable of fallacies. It would appear that reading comprehension and vocabulary is not necessarily everyone’s strong suit. No one claimed to be perfect. Quite the contrary: I offered in the very first paragraph that my post would likely include errors. The “rat’s tail”, in this case, would be that it is neither my vocation nor aspiration to “report” on this case and present myself as a “journalist”. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a journalist to proofread or to verify facts before presenting an article to the public. One loses a bit of integrity when one repeatedly presents incorrect and erroneous information as “facts”.

        Carry on…

    2. An EXCELLENT post….thank you.

      Please bring the FBI in, they’re waiting for an invite.

      LDT’s should be given to Ron, Crystal, Misty, Chad G. all grandparents, all siblings (Tommy, Timmy, Sarah, Marcus) the whole lot of them. Re-interview them ALL.

  60. Ha! Ronald got a new suit – still did not help his sick image. TN either got a face full of Botox, or a facelift – take your pick – didn’t work for her. Grandma Sykes got to go to Vegas, Baby! Oh, man!

    TN gets to go on national TV and make an azz out of herself. Ronald gets to go on Maury Povitch and cry fake tears while loving every minute of it. I do not buy that Misty is back in Satsuma at all. I think she, TN, and Ronald are having a big old time in New York this weekend. ALTOGETHER.

    Meanwhile, it is US who are being played by a bunch of hillbilly losers. What a shame!

  61. That gun was not at the Sykes house it was at Donna Brocks house where Tim and Ronald and Misty stayed the weekend the tests were done in Orlando.

  62. Mrs Sykes was visiting a friend in Vegas, so what.

    Ronald was home after the taping of the show, as was Teresa since she was in the same studio she is always in when doing NG’s show. So Ronald was coming home as Misty was going to NYC.

  63. Why isn’t Misty in protective custody?This Donna and Tim Miller can be witnesses that she is in danger.If Ronald’s little boy is there when Ronald finds out if Misty knows anything or had something to do with it,he could be in danger or see Misty killed and Ronald kill himself.Where is DCF?Why wasn’t DCF made aware of the conversation of Ronald and Tim Miller?

  64. You are a loon and wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in your pansy face.

    No wonder no network will hire you.

    I hope you are arrested along with TM and Brock for interfering with an investigation.

  65. Diana, you need to take a pill, you’ll be banned from the private boards for attacking me and others. YOU better choose a side and stick to it and not attack posters whom use different name! WORD!

    I thought we were on the same side.

  66. Wickers, we are not on a private board, are we? I do not have to choose anything at all, do I?

    While I think Ronald and Misty are both to blame for Haleighs disappearance, I also think that TN and Grandma Sykes know everything and are covering for Ronald. They are covering for Misty also because she knows Ronald’s involvement.

    We are actually on the same side, but I take exception to just how some people go overboard on their posts. Maybe I do too, but it is at least my opinion and I do not come across as being such an authority.

    Go give someone else your advice – I don’t need it or want it. I am so glad I am from the north and not down in Florida with these hillbillies and their strange way of talking.

  67. My very first instinct was that Crystal and Co had something to do with HaLeigh’s disappearance. She had a court hearing where jail was a very real possibility for her failure to pay child support. Her comment on her myspace about her baby Chloe, Her baby Chad… and the other brats made my stomach turn. The complete about face from being supportive of Ron to the wild, unsubstantiated accusations of abuse (physical and substance) when Kim P and Whorealdo came to town only deepened my initial gut feelings. I have yet to see any documented proof that Misty or Ronald were involved, just the opposite- I have seen photographs and video which show a darling little girl who was loved and doted upon. Neither have I seen any proof that Crystal and Co were involved, yet I see much more motive from that direction.
    The sideshow circus atmosphere makes my heart ache for a little girl who has been gone from home for 8 long months. I am the first to say that no one, not Ron, Misty, Crystal, or Chad deserve Parent of the Year nominations, yet I have seen no proof of the allegations that have been flying. I have seen that Chad did have an injunction against him for violence with minor children in residence and that Crystal has a history of filing a false police report. I have seen that Ronald has several arrests, without conviction, for drug and paraphernalia possession dating from before his daughter was even born. I have seen that Crystal’s sister acted violently towards Amber Brooks, and that Amber’s mother was violent towards Misty. I have heard from LE that Misty did indeed go on a party weekend days before HaLeigh disappeared. I know that both Amber and Nay Nay have recent run ins with LE for drug charges. These are the only documented facts out there as far as court and public records are concerned. Every other bit of rumor and innuendo floating around are just that – Rumor and innuendo.
    The fact that Tim Miller, a man I have long respected, would choose to disseminate more rumors and innuendo, further breaks my heart. He, like many others reporting on this case, has cited shady unreliable sources and presented the information as fact. He failed to act as a civically responsible individual if the “assault riffle story” is indeed true. The authorities should have been called so a warrant could be served to confiscate any firearms, and Ronald should have been 5150 ‘d.
    This is all of course my own opinion, with the exception of that which I stated as facts. Everyone with a motive and means to have been involved in HaLeigh’s disappearance needs to be further questioned. This would include Crystal and Co, the Crosslins, the Cummings, and the Brooks… Motive can be vengeance, jealousy, money… the means are available to all parties. HaLeigh was familiar with whom ever took her and due to the incomplete timeline of that night there was more than enough time for any of these persons to go to Green lane and take the child.

  68. Yes, we all know how well adjusted all northerners that come to Florida are. Matter of fact, I hardly meet Florida natives anymore. That’s besides the point, anyways.

    BTW.. If I remember correctly, the Croslins are from up north too.

    Diana, I was not trying to pick a fight with you, girl. Most of my post up there was agreeing with you, minus the Ron bashing.

    I’m not familiar with you, but seems you like many others hold a chip on your shoulder..

    Take a deep breath, step back.. If you want to REALLY help a child, stay out of this and volunteer for a children’s home or community center, become a Gaurdian Ad Litem.. Heck, foster an abused child..

    Haleigh is not the only child who has/is suffering. Fighting with people in chat rooms will not help ANY of them, I assure you and probably brings bad karma.

  69. Diana Says:

    October 11, 2009 at 8:30 am | Reply
    Higherhopes…………………..bite it!

    Uhh No Thanks Diana, Ill pass……..

  70. Geez people, are we still in high school or what?

    LOL…..I guess it’s easy to revert when typing anonymously.

    IMO…..I am appalled that TM would go this length in this case. Sending money and a mole to get Mispeak all cuddly and forthcoming? 8 months later? Why didn’t this happen months ago?

    I was under the impression that Equusearch was all about searching for the missing and lending capabilities for water and land search. Isn’t that what the donations are all about? To enhance what local LE is perhaps inhibited with or maybe lacking in these cases because they don’t have the training or the resources to do it?

  71. Go Tim Miller, do whatever you have to to help find HaLeigh, if my child was missing I wouldnt give a rats ass what you did as long as you found her……God Bless You and at least you tried, better then anyone on here can say!!!!!

  72. OhPlease,

    I did listen to the story, and I guess it was ok for Misty to have sex with WBGreg, only “once” on the same day she met him, yep that makes her look better and for her to hang around with him at some Mexican whore house looks even better, and then you wanna say that with her being a victum of rape that she wouldnt be thinking about a 3some, well it didnt stop her from having sex with WBG or Ronald, I mean really, you cant polish up rusty……
    Tim Miller was trying to help Misty as well as get info on HaLeigh, he might have not gone about it in the best way possible in your eyes, but he did what he thought was for the best and was trying to keep her alive as wel as get whatever info he could to help find HaLeigh, and Yes, he was giving the info to LE and whether they agreed with what was going on or not, Im sure they were happy to get the info and know that she was being watched and not out and about doing whatever and maybe even hooking up with some other guy that she could take off with and never be heard from again..
    Also how do we know which money was being used to give to Donna, Tim didnt say he was giving her the money from donations, we dont know what money he was giving her nor do I care, he was just trying to help and if it was my child that was missing and if the only person that had the information of its where-a-bouts was in danger of loosing her life I wouldnt care how she was kept safe until someone could get it out of her…
    Do you really think that Ronald couldnt get his hands on a gun if he wanted to, I mean really , do you think that, because if you do then you are wrong, He lives in the woods and evrybody has a gun and you can buy one on the streets, from a friend ,at a yard sale….anywhere…..so yea…if he wanted to get one he could……

  73. If anyone thinks for one minute that Tim Miller is lying about what Ron said he would do. Think again. Go back to the 911 call. Ron said, ” If I find out who has my daughter before you do, I am going to KILL THEM!!! Ron even stated that if LE had them in the police car he would shoot them through the back window!! I definitely believe Tim Miller. LE will have to do whatever they can to find out what happened to Haleigh. The Cummings contradict themselves constantly! I still believe Ron is involved some how. Whether they have Haleigh hidden out or Haleigh is deceased they all know what happened!!

    1. If someone took my little girl I would do exactly the same thing. There would be no trial, only a funeral. Doesn’t mean I would kill myself, I certainly would not. Those are 2 mutually exclusive concepts.

  74. Bottom line..Misty could NOT have done this on her own. It’s a matter of deduction people ! All it’s going to take is just ONE person….ONE person to tell what they know and this circus will end. RIP Haleigh.

  75. First of all Junior needs to be out of that environment.

    Secondly, I don’t trust anything that Ronald Cummings, Misti Cummings, Teresa Neves or Annette Sykes has to say and I danged sure don’t trust any lawyer that any of the people in this case has hired after this morning either.



    Crystal is not to blame for this and Misti needs to shut her lying mouth on that one.



    1. yes did u see how much mommy dearest cried, dry tears, she has to push them out,, did u see her myspace prior to her new myspace where she refered to Haleigh as a brat, I believe that is what people who copied the page told me,, I will have to go look at it, I recall bongs in the backround,, lol, maybe ill ask them to post it for you, all over the place.
      I also remember hearing how I think it was her mother was arrested for, wait me say if u have that arrest record. please feel free to post that..

  76. Have any of you seen the video on Crystal’s sister’s myspace? It is the sickest, most disturbing thing I have ever seen and I do hope someone makes sure PCSO sees it before she gets out of jail and deletes it.

    The link comes with a warning…the video is incredibly disturbing.

    1. Where was Crystal’s Sister when Haleigh went missing?

      No where near Satsuma I am betting.



      Anything else is just a distraction and doesn’t matter.

      1. Native…if you know so much about her, perhaps you can enlighten us as to why she’s in Jacksonville jail for the 2nd time this year? Are the family trying to raise her bond? I hope they don’t use donations meant to search for Haleigh to pay to get her out.

        Where do you say she was when Haleigh went missing?

    2. Are you kidding?! That’s Slipknot. I’m 39 and I love that band..

      Crazy the way some of you people try to create issues out of thin air.

      Sorry, the heavy metal satanist witch hunt is SO 80’s.

  77. I think after all the opinions are tolled up the one that remains fact is this. Media involvement causes an unprofessional look and causes drama. Mr.Miller’s story is truly growing and why that is I am not sure however it does come across as vindictive and self serving. In the end the one that will speak will be Haleigh whether Mr.Miller you or I like what she says or not. If in the end her voice says “I LOVE MY DAD” That voice will over shadow anything. I am not sure what Mr.Miller’s objective can possibly be at this time. Keep in mind by all accounts Haleigh has been known to be Daddy’s girl with that said when she is found she will eventually on her own & by trusted sources see these very articles and what Mr.Miller has said. Bottom line is she will not want to know him, it is just that simple. If she is kept for any length of time when she gets enough to access the internet and view Mr.Miller and what he has said he will not receive any response in finding her because she would not allow her self to be found by him. Mr.Miller finds abducted children but he does not know first hand what it is to survive it or what transpires during it and I am telling you this girl will not respond to Mr.Miller. Even if the Police find her it does not mean they will automatically find everything out via her because of how they have acted, in the end that very serious and profound impact is caused by all the so called professionals in the case going on in the media and bashing the family. In the end it is Ronald she will reach to and her Grandmothers. Whether any of you like it or not she will end the story.

    1. I hope to see that day hun.

      There has been too many people embellishing the truth, no one can be believed anyone.

      The only one ironically I even want to listen to anymore is Ron, he says little as it is. Much less throwing anyone under the bus.

      Misty, I believe you, girl. You did NOT have anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance but you are not telling the entire truth about that night.

      Please tell the truth. The circus will subside and they will be able to get back to looking outside the box (that you are in).

      This will not end and it will not just go away. There won’t be trips to the mall and Universal or plane rides to NY.. Just you and your regrets..

      Think about it.

  78. My point is that I don’t care where she was when Haleigh went missing as long as she wasn’t in Satsuma.

    My point is that what is posted on her myspace page doesn’t matter as long as she wasn’t in Satsuma when HaLeigh went missing.



    Because that is all that really matters.

    1. Did you follow the Jessica Lunsford case? Her grandmother failed a poly and was the #1 suspect….the police went to the press with her results, just like they’ve done in this case. In the meantime, the paedophile who had her, killed her. The police were fools, LDTs are only slightly more reliable than chance. Good thing Tim Miller wasn’t involved in that case…I can’t imagine what he would have done to that poor lady. Probably same sort of stuff he’s doing to Misty, which is very disgusting and nasty.

      1. Me,
        I was thinking about this today and you are absolutely right.

        If I recall right, LE also convinced ML that his father might be responsible.

        None of this is really new. Contrary to what people believe, stranger abductions are extremely RARE. This is why so much attention is placed on the family and close associates.

        I’m not convinced this is a stranger abduction. Fact is, the home was NOT broken into.

  79. I want proof that Tim Miller said what you wrote. An audio/video will be proof. Thank you

    Ronald pulled a gun out of the closet — an assault rifle with 2 clips — each clip holding 32 bullets. Ronald looked at Miller and said, “When I find out where Haleigh’s at, I will blow the teeth out of the back of her head, and then I’ll do this…” He then got on his knees, put the butt of the rifle on the floor, leaned over and put the barrel in his mouth. There was no “IF” she had anything to do with it, Miller knew that Ronald was serious — that he would kill Misty, and then take his own life. It was at that point he knew they had to get Misty out of there, or she would end up dead.

  80. I don’t understand how “Donna’s cover was blown”??? Did she have wire taps or something? Something is being left out in this story. She went on the trip with her because she had to, then they got pulled over, then the situation was rectified by the police, blah blah… How did Misty come to find out “Donna was not really her friend” – Confused

  81. Tim Miller was trying to STOP a murder. He is for helping Kids. Misty is just a Kid.. What a Life that Poor Teen has had.. Enough already..

    1. Misty is not a kid, she is a young woman who should be held responsible for her actions. She is old enough to know how to tell the truth. Lots of people have had a sad life but it does not allow them to manipulate the truth. Misty is very controlling and knows damn well what she is doing. She is trying to avoid prison.

  82. Do the comments by Tim Miller in your second to the last paragraph about searching for Haleigh still hold true? Just wondering in light of recent comments to WESH2News about ‘if we find Haleigh’s body some day’?


    It’s the phrase ‘some day’ that’s got me asking. Will Tim search for Haleigh or is he done, done, done!! I thought he just met with Crystal and Marie at the concert in Texas and that he’d be coming back around now to search again like he statesd 8 weeks ago. Watts UP??

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