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While at FOX News, (THE best job ever!!), I had the pleasure of working closely with Mark Fuhrman. Mark is a FOX News Contributor and I often called him for guidance on the crime stories I was covering for Greta’s show. Mark gave me direction on cases that lead to insight that no other journalist had, and I credit him for much of my success in digging up information.

FOX partnered Fuhrman and I in the field for Greta’s Show, and we spent months together in Bolingbrook, IL (freezing) investigating the Drew Peterson case. It was our work uncovering the documents in the Kathleen Savio case (Kathleen was Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife) that lead to the reclassification of her death from an accident to a homicide. Mark talks about this and other cases we worked on together in detail in his book.

Mark sent me an advanced copy of his new book “The Murder Business” about to hit the stands. On the heels of the article I wrote for yesterday’s blog, the timing of this book is impeccable. When Mark and I worked together, we would whenever we could wrap up or weeks with what we called ‘F*@# em Up Fridays. It was the day we would usually confront people, let the police in on something they didn’t know, or just out and out cause some kind of trouble at the end of the week. So, in Honor of F*@# em up Fridays; here’s an excerpt from “The Murder Business.”

“The unfortunate truth is that today, each murder has many victims, and high-profile murders can hurt innocent people who get burned by the spotlight, whether or not they sought it out themselves. I learned that firsthand as a police witness in the O.J. Simpson trial, a wrenching experience that showed how the criminal justice system can be manipulated by money, power, politics and fame. In twenty years of police work, I thought that the guilt or innocence of the suspect was all-important. Then I started covering high-profile murder cases, where ratings and profits often far outweigh the importance of facts.”

Mark’s book provides explosive insight into cases like Casey Anthony (which Mark and I worked on together), Scott Peterson, Trenton Duckett, Haleigh Cummings and Jon Bonnet Ramsey. The book is an honest look at what is happening in our culture as we try to feed the 24-hour news cycle with our appetite for crime. And now, for the first time ever, Fuhrman recounts in detail, what really happened behind the scenes of the OJ trial.

“In preparation for my court appearance, my lawyer, Darryl Mounger said I’m not advising you to take the fifth.” “If the prosecution would ask me a question where I could clarify my testimony I won’t take the fifth.” I said. But no one in the DA’s office would talk to me. I was completely on my own and left with no choice but to take the Fifth Amendment. I wish they had given me a chance to explain why I had denied using a racial slur. The question F. Lee Bailey had originally asked me was compound and unclear. I took it to mean whether or not I had called anybody the “N” word to their face, where my using it the writing of a fictional screenplay clearly didn’t apply. It was so irrelevant, it didn’t even cross my mind when I was testifying. I had completely forgotten it. But O.J. Simpson’s criminal trial was no place for me to make these arguments. Certainly not with anyone in my corner.The defense lawyer knew that once I had taken the Fifth on one question, I would have to respond similarly to any further questions, or waive my privilege against self–incrimination. So after I pled the Fifth defense attorney Gerald Uelman asked “Detective Fuhrman, did you plant or manufacture any evidence in this case?” And I had to take the Fifth on that question too, even though I had not planted or manufactured any evidence. When the question was asked, Marsha didn’t object to it. I had put most of my adult like into being a cop; now in an instant, I saw it all destroyed, perhaps because she was still hoping she could win her big case. But the jury came back with the verdict of “not guilty” and Simpson got away with murder. After the verdict I was famously blamed for Simpson’s acquittal. I can understand why people thought it was my fault, if all they knew about the case was what they saw on television and read in the newspapers.

I have to thank Mark for the kind words about me and my work as a journalist in this book. Mark and I remain friends. I still call him for guidance on every case I’m working on, and I look forward to the day when we can work together again. Mark’s book tour begins Oct 12th. It should be interesting to see what shows he appears on.

While working on the Ceasar Lorean case, (the marine who murdered and burned his pregnant girlfriend then fled to Mexico), we travelled deep into the heart of Mexico. Within days we had located Lorean, and when we took our finding to the local authorities and the American Consulate, they looked at us like we were crazy. It seems the proper paperwork had never been filed and the Mexican police couldn’t make an arrest because he wasn’t actually “wanted” in Mexico. This is just an example of some of the crazy things we went through together. So we celebrated anyways with a couple of margaritas.

Steph and Mark



  1. Hello Steph,

    Well a fine kettle of fish this case is. I have never seen a case that might actually benefit so much from Mark Fuhrman’s involvement as the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

    I would ask that you please contact Mr. Fuhrman and ask that he get involved. It is becoming very obvious that LE in Florida is not capable of solving this case and bringing one beautiful little girl home.

    Makes me wonder how much help LE had in the Anthony case honestly.

  2. Steph,

    I echo your comments about Mark Fuhrman and his contributions to the Stacey Peterson case. Don’t sell yourself short either my friend. Your work in tandem with Mark’s (Greta too!) was well received and appreciated by the citizenry as well as myself as the former police chief. Hope all is well..


  3. ABSOLUTELY !!! We need Mark’s expertise in both cases, Haleigh and Casey. He may as well plan on staying in Florida for the next year or two until these cases are solved and tried in a court of law. I always knew Mark to be a stand up Detective while in the LAPD so one has to wonder why Marcia Clark sold him down the river. I think she was over compensating, trying all too hard to be politically correct, re “the N word” controversy….which we all knew was just Johnny’s race card bull shit. He knew his audience/jury and he pandered to them. Oh well at least OJ was finally put in the slammer and Cochran got his just desserts too.

  4. Can you name me one, just one murder case that Fuhrman has solved? Moxley was handed to him in a report from Dunn that Rushton Skakel had done and was found in the attic of his old Greenwich home. Dunn didn’t want to write about it and gave it to Fuhrman to write about. He didn’t solve it, it was he and Dunn who brought attention to it. That was good but he never solved it. What murder case has Fuhrman solved as a LAPD Detective? Ask him…

    Fuhrman was in RHD for all of 6 months and 2 months of that was training. He solved robbery cases and he was never “officially” a homicide detective. Ok, he added to Petersen case in looking and finding a phone bill that the grand jury was given too late. Then there was something about a trash or laundry bag tag in the Anthony case.

    I think the reason Fuhrman was the star witness in the Simpson trial was because of his lack of experience as a police homicide detective, which weakened the prosecutions case. It was a set up from the get go and there were two suspects in that case, two knives and two white broncos.

    The picture of him with a drink in his hand, looks like him, as he is known except it was scotch. I don’t believe he is racist, however, he has a masters in lying.

  5. mr.furman..in.1972.my.brother.and.his.friend.were,killed.by.animal.his.nane.was.robert.f.carr.3rd.thnk.god.hes.now.dead.they.were.both.11.yrs.young.they.just.vanished.into.thin.air.until.in.1976.carr.returned.to.so.fla.to.kill.again.and.was.arrested.this.time.he.confessed.to.police.about.murdering.my.brother.and.friend.and.spent.the.rest.of.his.life.in.prison.it.was.hell.everyday.not.sure.if.they.would.ever.be.found.but.he.told.were.he.burried.them.my.entire.family.very.messed.up.tosay.the.least.we.live.n.ga.and.neighbor.is.now.suffering.over.almost.the.same.deal.as.us.his.mom.has.about.lost.it.but.her.great.love.for.son.has.kept.her.to.keep.up.the.battle.to.find.her.sons.body.it.would.great.if.you.could.call.me.7703662072

  6. Furhman is one of the most corrupt cops ever, next to his buddy Steve Thomas from the Ramsey case, who illegally stole and profited from the case file. No one but Faux would ever hire Furhman, and he is not quoted on any other major TV network.

  7. I think Mark Furhman does excellant work, his investigation skills are outstanding. The books he has written……… are well written, no mumbo jumbo and straight to the point and without doubt very very interesting.
    His communication skills and verbal usage the best.

  8. Hi Steph!
    I think you and Mark are great and do outstanding work. I look forward to buying this new book.
    I really need to speak to you and you can speak to Mark about a high profile case that was not prosecuted properly. I have been researching this information for quite some time and now I wanted to hand it over to you and Mark because you can get the remainder of the facts I am lacking. You have my e-mail address….please contact me, this is not a joke. I will try to write an e-mail to Mark too and hope that he sees it.
    Thank you.

  9. I have been trying to contact Mark Fuhrman for six months regarding the death of my younger brother, Allen Fabbi, in Salmon, Id. last year.
    He and his wife were having severe marital problems for two years. She walked by a table and knocked it over. There was a gun in it. Allen became agitated and told her to leave everything alone, he would take care of it.
    She picked up the gun and threw it at him. It went off twice–a rossi–the bullet remained in his skull. It was considered a suicide. The detective took no fingerprints, did not check for residue on hands and in his report did not mention that she threw the gun at him.
    Dead is dead–I just want some answers.
    Thank you;
    Joan Fabbi Keating

  10. Everyone keeps going back to the issue of Mark and the using the N word. What should have followed the issue of the N word is, HOW MANY TIME DID OJ CALL NICHOL A WHITE SLUT BITCH OR OTHER RACE WORDS AS HE BEAT HER IN PAST FAMILY DISPUTES. Detectives who took over the murder case of Brown and Goldman are the screw ups along with the DA’s. Now that OJ is prison for other crimes of violance, LA’s District Attorneys office can be proud of having such fool as Marsha Clark and her side kick Chris on their team.

    I hope you and Mark keep up the great work.

  11. I just spent over an hour detailing the two dreams I had about the murders of Ron and Nicole that evening, and it got wiped out. So, there were 2 grown black men in the front yard standing in front of Ron and Nicole when they were attacked. Ron picked up a long white handle yard tool and swung it over his right shoulder to defend himself, Mark, where is that tool? I do not remmeber it as evidence and strongly believe that it is what cut O.J.’s left hand.

  12. I have been unable to find it but could you give me an address or email where I may write to mr fuhrman I would like to give him my comments on his book please

  13. I enjoyed your article and I think you are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Detective Fuhrman. I look to Det. Fuhrman as not only a role model, but a great American, and I have always felt that way. I would give just about anything to speak with him about several different cases, but the Moxley case in particular. Please thank him for twenty years of public service. It is appreciated.

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