Its seems that the focus of the Haleigh Cummings’ investigation has switched from actually finding the little girl to the daily circus side show featuring the dysfunctional family dynamic of the Croslin/Cummings’ clan, playing out nightly on shows like Nancy Grace. Lets remember this is NOT a reality show; this is not the “Kardashians” or “Kate Plus 8” as it’s now called. This is an actual ongoing investigation of a missing child. And, unless something actually happens that’s worthy of reporting, it’s not actually news.

As we investigate from our armchairs (or our anchor chair) we all want to know what happened to little Haleigh. We suck up every last juicy bit of gossip, true or not. Who cares, it’s great TV!!!! Cue the Haleigh montage, cue the sad looming music, and cue the Misty tears. We react to the spin and the lies and the misleads posted on the blogs like mine (see the responses to the last post; note the posting from “Teresa” near the bottom…hmmmmm. that’s helping).

The 24 hour news beast needs to be fed, they have to put something on the air, night after night after night. They have an hour to fill, and they’ll fill it with garbage if we continue to watch, which we do. But how is this helping?? It seems to be a match made in heaven, but it isn’t. Reporting on the soap opera goings on of Misty and Ronald Cummings is hardly even entertaining anymore, and that’s as far as it goes. This is not a joke, or entertainment or an opportunity for the family to cash in. None of this is actually helping, remember this is an ongoing investigation; police are actively working this case. It’s difficult enough for the cops because of the already contentious relationship with the family. The family makes the investigation almost impossible. They should be ashamed of themselves. Do you know how many other families of missing people wish they had the compassion/commitment of their local police dept like the Cummings do with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office??

But as much as people are enjoying watching, the Croslin/Cummings clan is enjoying playing the media. Allegedly even last night as Ronald’s mom Teresa did her nightly stint on Nancy Grace to report nothing, as the limo waited for her downstairs, she was trying to explain away where Misty was. Well Misty was allegedly 50 feet away in the next room according to my sources or perhaps this is another lie. What’s up with this?? Why the distraction tactic?? And honestly who cares anymore. Do we care that Misty hasn’t talked to Ron since Sunday or seem him in 10 days. NO. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. You are your own worst enemy.

I hope the people involved in this case understand the concept of obstruction of justice. For those of you involved in the case, who are reading my blog, and I know you are; here’s a clear definition:

Obstruction of justice is an attempt to interfere with the administration of the courts, the judicial system or law enforcement officers. It may include tampering with or intimidating, hiding evidence or interfering with an arrest. It is something a person does to impede the administration of a court process or proper discharge of a legal duty. Interference may be with the work of police, investigators, regulatory agencies, prosecutors, or other (usually government) officials. Often, no actual investigation or substantiated suspicion of a specific incident need exist to support a charge of obstruction of justice. Such activity is a crime.

The way things are going we may never know what happened to little Haleigh, no thanks to the Cummings’ Clan. Perhaps that is exactly what the person/people responsible for her disappearance want. One question before I sign off, why is that they don’t really seemed all that interested in finding Haleigh anymore? Maybe they are hiding something. The distraction tactic; look over here!!!! Their plan is working flawlessly. Maybe they aren’t as stupid as we all think they are. Today is day 222. Haleigh is still missing and we are no closer to finding her. Poor thing, she never stood a chance. Cue circus music.



  1. Good article! I am sick of the circus that is the Cummings clan. BTW FYI today is day number 233, since Haleigh was reported missing.

  2. Cue the circus music you say? I think you joined the circus yourself this past few days. Misty had a big fight with Ronald. NOT TRUE Misty was not talking to Ronald and Ronald was not taking her calls NOT TRUE

    1. Thank you Dixie for telling the truth, this is about to get way out of hands with the media now reporting false inaccuracies.

    2. somebody is offended? who are you? Misty? no you couldn’t be misty she can’t spell worth shit. well in that case you couldn’t be a part of any of the cummings clan since they are all uneducated to the tee

  3. You are part of the circus yourself with your false information reporting,blaming your sources and slanted,one sided finger pointing. Shame on all of you.

    You said it won be long? Well how do you know that? Why would you say that if it was not a fact? The priest was that really true? Could you clear that up too?

    The Jail house letters and the big tip letter delivered in such a mysterious way did 2 things in this case. 1. Caused a shift in the direction of the case and side tracked what PCSO was doing to breaking this case.. 2. It caused a mother days and days of crying and despair.

    Why the circus? Why do the Cummings, Mr and Mrs, work so hard not to help PCSO ? Why did they need a vacation (which it was) ? Why doesn’t the father of this missing little girl go to the PCSO everyday and beg for them to find his daughter?

    Please God help us find Haleigh Cummings. She is the one suffering not the Cummings.

    I have read your blog for some time now.

    I hope you found your way to the good side of the problem.

  5. First I would like to say WAY TO GO, STEPH! Unlike all the other so-called journalists and bloggers on this case, YOU took responsibility for a mix up.
    Thanks for finally telling it like it REALLY is. I’m glad someone has the nerve to finally speak the truth about the Cummings family!


    JustpassinThru…Why don’t you take your insults somewhere else and stop being a TROLL? (I know, you’re just one of the handful of ronettes making your daily rounds, but move on, please.)

  6. Steph, you just redeemed yourself in my eyes! Thank you for some responsible journalism and calling it as it is.

    I almost do not ever watch Nancy Grace anymore because she has staunchly planted herself on the Cummings side. She is simply not objective anymore. She does not focus on Haleigh. She lets Teresa Neves come on her show and actually laugh, chuckle, or whatever you want to call it and tell Nancy that she had not asked where Misty was and she could have told her. This is NOT the behavior of a grieving grandmother at all. She will protect her lying son and his lying child bride at all costs.

    I just want to shout at the whole Cummings family that Haleigh is missing – help find her rather than cause a circus. I have had enough of them. It is time for a good journalist to really investigate Haleigh’s disappearance and report whatever you find rather than cater to the very people who had physical custody of Haleigh and lost her.

    Please report what you see, Steph, and not be blinded by the word exclusive.

  7. Thank you Steph,

    I have to agree. I am starting to think this a going to be a cold case that’ll never be solved. I will thank Ron, Misty, Teresa, and GGS. Such a terrible shame that this little girl probably isn’t going to get the Justice that is way overdue. Please continue with any updates.

  8. BINGO Steph……thats what is really going on. A real smoke-n-mirrors effort to conceil the truth.

    Have faith in God, let him give you strength to see this thru. It will conclude and the right people will pay for this.

    Even Mark Klass is seeing the light now.

    I hear Teresa is keeping a shorter leash on Misty now. Now that her little plan with Tim backfired on her. The days of milking this is coming to a close for Ronald. People are now starting to look at this thing differently.

    One more thing- I had a suspician that Tim Miller was called back as a plan of theirs,,,,well too late in July for a reason. And my theory is, if Tim started searching again, if they found anything, the forensic edvidence would be so deteriorated that no one would know , “how” “where” “why” & “who”. just a thought about how cunning this all seems. I know it sounds far-fetched, but think about it. Why did they waite several months to bring TES back into it? Very cunning.

  9. I just want to say that I salute Crystal and Marie for not becoming part of this disgusting circus. You have so much more class than the Croslin/Cummings Clan! Please continue to take the high road.

    Prayers for you both and most of all, for Haleigh.

  10. Excellent, I give you an A plus for spelling. You did your best today. Great article.

    There are three things you need to know. In the state of Florida.

    1. It is not a crime to lie to the police. The Florida Legislature has never seen fit to make that a crime.

    2. There is no crime in Florida of not reporting a crime or not giving information to the police.

    3. It is not a crime to aid and abet a family member escaping from a crime. The aider and abetter statute in Florida specifically allows relatives to assist one another in avoiding or escaping detection from
    having committed a crime.
    See Fla. Stat. 777.03(1).

    I hold no hope of this case ever being solved and I say that with a long history of observing Florida Law Enforcement fail and a very heavy heart.

    1. Beth, take a little heart, because section (1)(b) of that statute establishes that if the victim is under 18, it is a crime to aid and abet regardless of relationship.

  11. “(see the responses to the last post; note the posting from “Teresa” near the bottom…hmmmmm. that’s helping)”

    Are you trying to insinuate that the “Tersea” that posted is Ms. Neves? I think she would know how to spell Teresa. You trash the “Cummings clan”, hmmmmmmm, where have I heard that phrase before, while you have a complete self serving headline like Misty Croslin, Guilty as Charged. You are as sensationalist as every other “journalist”, blogger, leech, that has attached themselves to this case.

  12. Trolls, I am not a Ronnette and was just giving my opinion. I have that right just as you do and who the hell are you to tell anyone to move on from this site? is it your site?

  13. Well Misty was allegedly 50 feet away in the next room according to my sources or perhaps this is another lie….

    Did you not read TJ’s article last night? He sat next to her for 20 minutes and talked to her and I doubt he would lie about that.

    Did you not watch the video of Mrs. Sykes saying Ron and Jr were with Misty over the weekend?

    You are also part of the circus, Steph.

  14. You hit the nail on the head…
    (BTW, I’ve posted a link to your site from mine.)

    I hope and pray this little girl is safe some place, but I am afraid the odds are against it.

    As far as you and other bloggers such as myself making this more of a circus, I can only speak for myself…I do it to increase awareness of what is happening to children and in the hopes that somehow, someway at least one will be able to come home because of these internet efforts to spread the word. See my blog: http://kidnappedchildren.blogspot.com


  15. Did anyone stop to think who the “protected sources” might be here recently. AH states “someone close to the relationship. Bloggers that keep in touch with the Cummings family also tell what the C’s want told. Remember the back child support? Until the court records proved RC was paid, some kept insisting RC has not received anything. Who would know about the fight between Misty and RC except the Cummings? The video we saw was lovey dovey. I guess they are trying to clean up their image but it is backfiring. TN says on NG, “I knew where Misty was, could have asked me”. What a crock this whole mess is becoming. If the sources are the father’s side of the family, you have no reliable sources.

  16. Arrest all of the players for obstruction of justice and let’s get the show on the road and bring HaLeigh home to put her to rest. Biggest bunch of miscreants on this planet the whole lot of em.

  17. I agree steph,i am sick of the cummings going on ng saying one things an dthen changing it,thank goodness nobody really listens.i think their focus is off haleigh by now ya think they’d be pleading with ever tv station an dnot just ng,i have a feelings in my heart haliegh is gone forever,i am holding onto to hope though.there is so many missing kids that aren’t getting as much airtime as haliegh and caylee{god bless her},there needs to be a show dedicated to all missing kids.

  18. I hate to be the one to say this but I’m really beginning to think this is going to be another Jon Bennett and never solved.

  19. DKG in Dallas, Tell that to FLA. State Attorney Brad King who let John Couey’s sister walk after she bought him a bus ticket after he murdered Jessica Lunsford under Fla. Stat. 777.03(1).. There was a big stink and a Congresswoman and FOX NEWS Bill O’Reilly got involved. Brad King won the argument. No charges for the sister and she was probably there when the child was raped a she shared the trailer with Couey. She and her boyfriend went to a bar and laughed about the crime.

    1. I believe you, Beth. But there is part B that should preven that. Maybe the Couey case is what prompted them to add it.

      (b) Any person, regardless of the relation to the offender, who maintains or assists the principal or accessory before the fact, or gives the offender any other aid, knowing that the offender had committed the offense of child abuse, neglect of a child, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child under 18 years of age, or murder of a child under 18 years of age, or had been accessory thereto before the fact, with the intent that the offender avoids or escapes detection, arrest, trial, or punishment, is an accessory after the fact unless the court finds that the person is a victim of domestic violence.

  20. Steph way to go!! This is what they have been doing since the beginning . The Cummings and Misty know where Haleigh is or what happened to this precious child. They stayed out of the media and did no searching for Haleigh for almost 4 months!! Ronnie boy goes to jail for batterry and burglary. Hank Jr. gets a decapitated rat put in his mail box by Ronald . Misty lies for Ron to give him an alibi. Well that back fired on both of them after Ron told Tim Miller what he had done. Ron had best get punished for all of this!!!!! I think he started trying to gain sympathy for being a grieving father for his missing little girl. He has not been a grieving father.!!!! We all know as long as LE does not have the smoking gun and cannot arrest on their suspicions all they have to do is keep quiet. They are not God abidding people. They are lying,coniving, and manipulating SCUM BAGS!!!! MAY GOD PUNISH THESE POSERS. THEY ARE NOT GRIEVING FOR HALEIGH; THEY ARE JUST PROFITING AND USING HER TO SYPATHIZE WITH THE COURTS TO KEEP RONNIE BOY OUT OF THE CAN!!!! I PRAY IN THE END THIS IS WHERE THEY ALL END UP!!!!

  21. I think a suspect is starting to come into focus. It’s not the parents. The more the media kicks them senseless, the more this suspect becomes exposed. You watch and see.

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