mistyPlease be patient. There is a lot of misinformation being reported about this case. We rely on sources in this business to get the story out there. Sometimes, for whatever unknown reason, sources mislead. There is some information I published last night that I was told was 100% accurate. Now this morning, I was informed I may have been mislead. So until I can figure out the truth, and print only the facts, I retracted what was written. I said from the beginning, I would never do anything to interfere with an ongoing investigation, and I remain true to that. Also, Misty Cummings deserves to have her side of the story told as well. People are innocent until proven guilty. I am attempting to talk to her, because remember, she is not a suspect, not charged with a crime and she is only 17, and, she is alone. We cannot turn this into a witch hunt; that includes me… guilty as charged. Stay tuned for accurate updates.



  1. so right,the myspace is most likely heres as i ran the url,if shes scared steph i cna understand,if she made a mistake ok,an accident ok,but you na di know if ron has contact with her and she tells the truth he will go nuts,next point,ron is no innoucent guy either how much ya wanna make a bet he already knows is playing the poor guy whos missing child is gone, how much ya wanna bet he already knows where haleigh is or whta happened?
    I still wonder what the fight was all about before she left?

  2. Steph–thanks for being honest. Apparently many are trying to mislead about Misty’s whereabouts. Annette Sykes was just quoted a couple of days ago saying that Ron and Misty are together.

    Makes one’s head spin.

  3. jo, who are you trying to fake out with your post that no one can barely understand?I do not believe anyone that can run a URL can not spell simple words. Your most likely the one to have made the fake my space on Haleigh. Hobbit has a bad habit of having several personalities.
    Steph thank you for your honesty. Someone wanting to get trash started, I ask WHY??

  4. Why would you post should a massively mis-leading headline??

    You talk about all the wrong info and rumors flying – yet you continue to feed the flames by using very misleading headlines!

    Anything to pull the readers in…right?

    Shame on you!

  5. Annette Sykes says Misty & Ron together, Ron’s lawyer Shoemaker says they’re not. This family constantly lies. If you’re getting info from family, chances are they’re playing you, just like they are with NGrace. It’s all a big PR campain now, to make golden boy come out smelling like a rose. So, rumors of Misty being back in town now. Can you tell us where she’s staying?

  6. Steph, I certainly understand. Teresa Neves says one thing, Grandma Sykes says another, Ronald says one thing, and we all know that all Misty does is lie.

    Quick tip: When you hear anything from a source, just flip a coin. Heads you run with it, and tails you don’t.

  7. Greetings friends and fans,

    It has really been crazy last night and today because of that Steph Watts’s story. I have been with Misty the last couple of days, so I thought that I would clear things up for my RadioNewz fans.

    I hunted down Misty in Orlando outside of a large cathedral. She was smoking out front by the fountain and was flicking her cigarette butts at pigeons. She didn’t notice me approaching from the west because I was disguised as a nun. She stood up and started walking inside the church and I nonchalantly followed her in.

    She extinguished her last cigarette in the holy water by the front door as she walked past. I was right behind her, only pausing to genuflect as I made the sign of the cross. Misty seemed to know right where she was headed – the confessional.

    Misty entered the confessional and I began to hear loud noises and bumping. From time to time, I heard what sounded like moans or groans and I feared that she was having a difficult time clearing her conscience. After about an hour, Misty emerged with a flushed face and her shirt on inside out. Father John emerged with his robes accidentally tucked into his underwear.

    What happened in that confessional? Did Misty confess? Will Father John talk?

    Only time will tell……..


    Gunny the Sleuthing Dog


  8. Steph, you are still misleading. “Misty Cummings – Guilty as Charged” Misty hasn’t been charged with anything, and is innocent until proven guilty. I’m not a Misty fan, and feel she is guilty, but your headline is misleading. After all, you are the one who made the mistake. So it should read Steph Watts – Guilty as Charged. Which is too bad, cause I like your blog and up to date news very much. Keep up the good work, but own up when you make a mistake.


  9. misty got home last night,look on ng also nooooo the myspace isn’t mine thank you i have better things to do however yes you can run a url search ,google duhhhh,it’ll bring up the site,i never said it was offically misty’s what i said is it could be her’s or a fake,i don’t know how to do that fancy work they do anyways.
    Let me just say thing wheather misty and ron are together or not,misty knows something,she needs to tell the truth,ron ‘s lawyer said they didn’t meet in orlando nor was jr with her, one site said they did,art harris says they didn’t,who cares at this point,watch ng tonight.

  10. OK Steph..why not give us the 100% truth that you know? Why make us wait? Just more of you getting everyone to hang on and keep checking back. Right?

    You said Misty is 17, and, she is alone. HALEIGH CUMMINGS IS ONLY 6 YEARS TOLD AND IS VERY ALONE. I am not concerned for Misty she has lived more years than HaLeigh and does nothing to clear up the night Haleigh went missing.

    PCSO has stated that everything Misty has told them is a farce. She has failed several polygraphs and other tests. She knows what happened to HaLeigh.

    This is not a witch hunt. It is a HUNT FOR THE TRUTH!

    I cannot understand why YOU need to talk to Misty? The only people she should talk are the PCSO so HaLeigh can be brought home. No matter what happened.

    1. Well, I’ll go out on a limb here=maybe as he said he doesn’t want to interfere in an investigation? Maybe as many journalists before him have been screwed by sources, he joined their ranks? If he were to speak with Misty I would bet he would share anything pertinent with LE before printing those words and her MIL said a few hours ago she won’t talk to LE.

      You get more with honey, btw. 🙂

  11. oh Gunny! You are such a wonderful dawg!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ah, hmmm where to put my 2 cents here? Oh for the love of Christ, I cant, there are no words. Your title says one thing….the words say another. Witch hunt? No actualy, I think poor Misty has been the scapegoat all along….and truth be told here…I felt like she needs to tell the truth. I never wanted her to pay the ultimate price. We all know who the finger pointer is.

    Ronald needs to buy a bigger bus!

  12. ENUF…I’m.so.sick.of.this..Misinformation.has.run.rampant.fom.the.get


  13. If you have info on the timeline , why can’t you post it?? Who will know if it the truth or not , everyone else posts their thoughts on the case.

  14. We all now know where Misty is…according to TJHart and his Sources (Teresea Neves) Misty was parked her lying rear right next to him in a Jacksonville news Studio,,,,all while TN was doing her sniffling for Nancy Grace…..hehehehe and even Mark Klass had enough sense to say what we’ve been saying all along…….Ronald & his family are “enabling” Misty to withhold information from LE. And thats the fact jack! Misty was in Orlando, Misty is also being watched by LE, but TN is keeping a very close rein on her prize of a DIL Misty…..

    BTW, according to TJ Hart,,,, Misty uttered that she “was at no party that night” Haleigh went missing. We know she wasn’t at a party…NO! She was busy… assisting conceiling WHAT HAPPENED TO HALEIGH CUMMINGS!! DUH!

    TN who are you fooling???

  15. dear lord folks,,
    who cares where misty goes or does.
    HAILEIGH is the only person we should be worried about and trying to find.misty is becoming a white trash celebrity.if law enforcement had anything on misty her pill popping,drug infested rotten ass would be behind bars like casey anthony is.but instead misty is walking around without a care in the world,just watch the video of misty walking and smoking on her cancer stix,BOY..DOESN’T SHE LOOK SO WORRIED AND CONCERNED THAT HAILEIGH IS MISSING..the tears that misty let’s flow is only for herself..it’s called inner GUILT.the same fake tears that casey anthony displays.the law enforcement in that county sux balls.if they really wanted to get the smallest bit of info out of this druggy”’misty”they could arrest her on child neglect,child endangerment,lying to police about washing clothes,when she didn’t,being at home when she wasn’t,all these little lies that misty has told is a crime.those lies has interfered with the investigation of finding haileigh.just as casey anthony did.and casey was arrested on those lies.but hey…misty is still walking free while poor haileigh is out there some where alone.and rather this is true or not..the letters that nay-nay has written,that is enough too get a warrant for misty’s arrest.uumm didn’t orange county do this same thing with casey anthony.without a body or etc.just being a druggy alone and being only 17,to me misty should not be around jr at all.and why hasn’t misty been asked to give a blood test to show what pills and drugs she does do.might i recall in a interview that misty gave she perclaims she will do anything to clear her name.because we all know that if your doing these hard drugs,your not going to stop cold turkey,so a blood test would clearly show whats in her system.and also if what nay-nay and white boy greg has stated would be true or not.i am so pissed that misty has not been arrested yet on child endangerment or for the welfare of a child.what is wrong with this state.how many innocent babies have to be put in arms way before this state stands up and takes blame that fla has allowed our future children be murdered & etc before they change the laws.hands misty is at fault here and until law enforcement gets some real balls alond with the local da,this child will never be found or be at peace.crack the whip and i have said this so many times…if this crime had been in orange county as casey anthonys is this would of been solved within 72 hrs.with the arrest of misty croslin.

  16. Steph you’re doing a great job. I like that you’re truthful and human. Makes you one of us. I hope she does talk to you. Everyone want’s to find this little girl. Good luck and a prayer!

  17. How can Daddy Tim get away with this, and what about Mommy Donna, I feel this is mental abuse. They r not the judge and or jury………While with her pretend new mommy Misty appears to come up with a hicky on her neck, and the night before as I have read Mommy Donnas mood was drunk,,,,,,, Who r they to treat one of our chldren with such mental abuse.(in my opinion). What about dropping Misty, a pretty 17 yr old girl with no place to live at a gas statiot SAT. NIGHT>>>>> dont these people know that Children her age are often abducted raped and murdered and the danger they put her in.. I think in my opinion all this that was done to her was pure child abuse………… If you was not in this set up Steph I thank you and commend you……. I think a investagation into these actions are in order…………

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