After releasing my update on the Toni Sharpless case on Vinnie Politan’s radio show on Sirius yesterday, Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch called me and said he would be willing to return to search for Toni Sharpless. Toni disappeared Aug 23rd after leaving the party of Philly 76er Willie Green’s house. Green was one of the last 5 people to see her alive. Although he has been questioned by police, he is not considered a suspect at this point, and has not contacted Toni’s family or commented publicly about the case.

Toni apparently left Green’s home around 5:00 a.m. late that night, or early that morning, depending on how you look at it, after a night of partying. This is according to her girlfriend Crystal Jones, who brought Toni to Green’s house with 4 other people, one of them, Green’s brother. Jones alleges that Toni became a nuisance, and even used the “N” word. She was then asked to leave the party. She was allegedly drunk and left in her car at 5:00 a.m. — they let her leave, knowing she had to drive. Now over a month later there is no sign of Toni, her car, and no sign that anyone is doing anything to find her.

She is a mother of a 13 year-old child, she is a nurse. She struggled with drug and alcohol issues in her past, but seemed to be back on track, working fulltime at Lancaster General Hospital and living with her mom and step-dad.

I spoke with Toni’s step-dad, Peter, before my radio show, and, to say the least, he is not happy with the Lower Marion Police Department’s efforts, or lack thereof, to find his daughter. “They won’t even return my calls to tell me they have nothing. Do you know what that does to us?”

Desperate, they have now hired there own Private Investigator in hopes that she can help bring answers to what really happened at Willie Green’s house that night, and what really happened to Toni Sharpless.

Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch jumpstarted this case, by arriving in town on Sept 9th to search for Toni. Miller quickly assessed an area that he believed Toni’s car may have gone into the river and, within hours and much to the dismay of the Lower Marion Police Dept, found several cars in the river. This forced the LMPD to send in divers. They “cleared” the river, meaning they, the LMPD, believe that Toni’s car is not in the Schuylkill River. Miller is skeptical.

Now we have learned that police believe they may have a sighting of Toni’s car in Camden, NJ, about 25 minutes from Willie Green’s house, where Toni was last seen. Her family is skeptical because she has no connections to that area. Unless she/her car were taken there against her will. Crystal confirmed for me Toni had no cash on her and just enough gas to get her home.

Upon learning this news, Miller said he would willingly return to the area with a larger search party, and would organize any volunteers willing to help search the area where police indicated her car was seen, and search any possible routes Toni could have gone home. She didn’t just disappear. Someone knows something. The pressure from the media is crucial in these cases with no answers and few leads. It keeps the police in check and lets anyone know that if you were involved in Toni’s disappearance, we will not stop until she is found; we will not stop until we find out what happened to Toni Sharpless.



  1. I would love to see Tim Miller come back and search again. I hope that I am wrong but, my gut feeling is still telling me that Toni, her car and her phone are in that river. At any rate, I still think that all the cars in there should be pulled out. There is just to many unanswered questions here to just leave those cars in the river. Who knows, they may even find other missing people in those other cars.

    1. i can not believe there has been no more news coverage on this. If she is possibly alive how are they going to find her if they dont put it out there more in the news.

  2. still nothing

    everyone needs to keep on the media.
    email news tips to alll the local stations, just asking to at least run the story and picture again.
    type toni’s name in every news station seach to keep it among the most popular stories.
    here are some of the email addresses we have been contacting, need help to pester them. we even started to email the Camden mayor.

    There are so many other to contact. we have hit papers and news stations from Baltimore to new york
    please pass these on to anyone who can at least type up a quick request for coverage.

  3. I still believe that crystal knows something. Something more then what is being said. I do know this, i have been sitting quietly in the background listening, and watching. the stories that are being said and told keep changing in my opinion. or atleast they are not consistant enough for my investigative mind. You know that old saying, trust your gut instinct, well i said it before, my gut is telling me that there are certain people that need to come out with some information. they know more then what they are leading on. i know that the family wants answers, i know the friends want answers the public wants answers, why is law enforcement not doing more? this young mother, disappeared without a trace… thats not suspicious????? we wont give up… the truth will come out, and people will be PUNISHED!!!!

  4. I went through high school with Toni and think of her soooo often! I even had a dream about her last night that I found her walking down my street crying asking why no one looked for her more thoroughly! My heart aches that Willie Green has the financial stability to help find Toni and he has done nothing but forget about that nights events! Why is no one looking for answers still?

  5. I believe that its a possiblity that Toni was slipped something at that house party and that is the reason for sudden change in behavior.

  6. And if she was slipped something on top of being very intoxicated there is a very good chance that she could have went to the bad part of NJ looking for drugs most addicts have relapses from time to time especially when alcohol is involved. I believe she came into foul-play upon going there.

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