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  1. I’m the Private Detective just hired by Toni Lee Sharpless’ family. I have specialized in finding Kidnapped Children & Missing Persons for 25 years with a 98% success rate. There is a LOT of misinformation being released, which is not only inaccurate, but not helping the police, the family, or any of us who are searching for her. While I’m not at liberty to say much, I can tell you that I believe she is alive, not in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania anymore, and there are people with her who don’t realize (or knowingly acknowledge) who she is. Please get her picture and information out there. Any questions can be directed to me at (610) 388-1776

  2. Hi
    Sorry I missed the radio show I worked with Toni on night shift and we miss her very much. Wondering if you have any new info or if you have talked to Donna recently.

  3. Im glad to see that the family has someone to work on this case. Sounds like Eileen has already found out some things that the rest of us did not know. I always said there was a lot more to this story then we were hearing. The media is no help at all and I still say Crystal knows more then she is saying. I have seen her story change more than once in the news and post.

    It sure would be nice if you can keep us posted on this as much as you can. There is alot of people out there looking around everyday as they drive for any signs of Toni or her car. I sure hope your right on what you posted.


    You posted on September 15….

    “Toni’s mom talked to a psychic and was told the Toni is ALIVE and in RISING SUN, MD along a road some where.”

    Maybe that was true. Who knows? But anyway I sure hope that they do find her alive. It would sure be nice to see a happy ending to this story. I have all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

    P.S. I missed the -Vinnie Politan’s morning show. Any new info?

    1. Hi, Rick, Gigi and all others concerned: Thanks for the outpouring of support and prayers in the search to bring Toni Lee Sharpless home. Fox News 29 asked me to come on to talk with them tomorrow morning at 7:15.

      I met John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted) at a Detective’s conference in Las Vegas a few years ago. I have contacted him (didn’t get him live) and sent Toni’s information to him, numerous organizations as well as the people who display the TV ads at gas pumps. I’m flooding the area, but I need help.

      While I’m not at liberty to disclose all I’ve learned so far, I CAN tell you I spoke with Crystal for hours, she allowed me to tape her, and I believe what she says 100%. In the end, I think you may believe her to. A lot of people are posting with inaccurate information and pointing fingers. Instead, let’s pull together as a community to bring a little 12 year old girl’s Mother home.

      I’ve received some leads that may be helpful, but won’t mention them until I’ve confirmed them personally. Keep your eyes out for the 2002 black Pontiac Grand Prix which may have been abandoned. Don’t look for the tag number necessarily (DND7772) but look for the car that has black limo tint on the rear windows. I don’t think that tag is on her vehicle anymore. If we keep disseminating her information, someone is BOUND to have seen her. Thanks all of you and let’s bring her home!!!

      Eileen Law, CIA, Inc. ~
      (610) 388~1776

  4. Hello Eileen,

    Thank you for the fast reply. It sure would be nice to see some updates on the news about this case. There has been no news at all on this and I was thinking this is going to become one of those cold cases soon. Our local news has had nothing. I did send CNN’s Nancy Grace an e-mail because she did cover this story once and a lot of people saw it there. Not sure if my e-mail ever got read but I thought I would try.

    I will be sure to watch Fox News 29 tomorrow morning. Let us know if we can e-mail anyone. Maybe if we all send e-mails to some of the news media asking for help, they will wake up. John Walsh would be great!

    Thanks Again!

  5. I am so pleased to see something happening with this case.
    There are very few news reports about this…and I dont understand why?
    Toni deserves just as much coverage as other cases have received and its time to get moving with this!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Toni , her family & friends and especially her daughter.
    God Bless

  6. I am so glad to hear that this case is getting some attention.We do want to bring Toni home to her family and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get this done.

  7. With all due respect I am deeply disturbed by Eileen’s post. The family told me they did not want it to be public knowledge that they hired a PI. Last time I checked, it is not a PI’s job to appear on FOX News and contact John Walsh. The family could do that. This seems self serving. And to tell the family you believe she is alive based on what a physic said is going out on a limb to say the least. And, if you believe she has crossed state lines into Jersey, then contact the FBI. I’m sure everyone appreciates the efforts of anyone trying to help but to say you believe Crystal 100% (who has obstruction of justice charges pending against her on another case) is simply preposterous. I have spoken to her and do not believe her story. Crystal admits that there was an altercation in the house that night. How far did it go?? Please help Toni’s family but don’t get caught up in the spotlight and give victims families false hope. They have suffered enough.

  8. I have interviewed many people in this case, and still have a way to go. Yes, I keep in constant contact with Toni’s Mother, Donna.

    I have also spent several hours with the psychic who provided information to Toni’s Mother. I’ve contacted so many groups and agencies, and everyone is helpful. I am a member of many detective and intelligence organizations who have offered to help. This evening I was in contact with a Detective from the Camden Police Department. The leads coming in have been helpful. I’m hoping that people who have seen some things will contact me know I am not a cop and there would be no fear of repercussion if, for instance, someone knows something but is reluctant to call the police because they may be in arrears with child support, or there is a traffic warrant out for them.

    I’m hoping someone who may have been delivering newspapers or travelling from a job on that Sunday morning AFTER 5 am saw something “odd” but at the time, didn’t think much of it. Flood the press, your friends, organizations and get her information out there–please! I’m supposed to be on at 7:15 a.m. on Fox 29 News in Philly.

  9. To Steph: Respectfully — you don’t know what you’re talking about. Fox News contacted ME! For the record, this is pro bono — I’m not getting (nor want) a PENNY!!! I have virtually not slept since last Friday and cancelled all of the plans I had all weekend just to get things moving. For the record, I was the one who asked Toni’s family INITIALLY to give me 3 days leeway before they let it out that there was a Private Detective on the case, and then I would saturate the area. What I needed to do, I did. I had their permission and blessing! What you “think” people said, (and some intentionally weren’t forthcoming and there is a REASON for that) is not helping this case! It’s people like you who go throwing around comments like making allegations about being “self serving” that inflame and distort, and make people like me who made a career out of finding Kidnapped Children and Missing Persons want to throw up their hands and walk away!!!! I don’t need “press” thank you–I’ve done just fine on my own for 25+ years!The fact that I interviewed a psychic doesn’t mean that I am going on what she said or giving Toni’s family false hope!!!! Tell you what, “Steph”, why not just leave the police “handle” this like they’ve been doing! See what answers will be forthcoming. As a result of your totally false accusations, I’ve decided to not even bother giving people updates! P.S. — don’t give up your day job!

  10. Steph,

    What the hell are you doing? If you took the time to look at Eileen’s website you can surely see that she is not doing this for herself. She does not need that. Why are you being so hard on someone who is actually doing something for this family? I think you are wrong on this one. I do not care who appears on FOX News and contacts John Walsh as long as it gets done. Maybe the family did not want to do that or didn’t know how. Eileen looks like the right person to get the job done to me.


    Please do not think that we all feel the same way Steph does. A lot of us have been following this from day one. We all want answers and no one is giveing any. Toni needs to be found dead or alive and I think the family knows the longer this goes on the less chance of her being found alive. This has already been going on to long with no answers. Please keep up the good work and let us know if we can do anything to help. I sure hope that you will still keep us updated. Thank You! Rick

  11. Eileen,

    I saw you on 29 news today. Good job getting this back on the news. There sure is a lot of unanswered questions yet. Please keep us updated. Thanks!

  12. Eileen,

    Thank you so much, you are banging! Crystal is my daughter and has been through h*** and back! You are so right in saying that everyone likes to point the finger but they were not there and do not know what happened that night! Thank you for believing in her!
    Unfortunately some people have a chronic illness that they that either have to overcome or learn to live with. Many of us are very fortunate to not have these illnesses.

  13. LJ,

    The only reason people are pointing the finger at Crystal is because she was the last one to see Toni. Crystal and the others that where at that house are the only people who know what happened in that house that night. This may have sent Crystal to hell and back but, just think about how Toni’s family feels. They are still in hell and are screaming for help.

    Please keep talking to your daughter about Toni. Maybe she will remember something from that night that she forgot about. It may be a small detail that helps find Toni.

  14. Hello LJ,

    I feel sorry for both you and your daughter. I know this has not been easy for anyone. I would not want to be in Crystal’s shoes right now. This will all come to an end sometime and I hope it comes out good for everyone.

    Hopefully Eileen is correct on this and Toni is still alive. God, I hope that is the case for this family and yours. I must say though from what Crystal has said about Toni being to drunk to drive, gives me the gut feeling that Toni, her phone and her car are in that river. I hope my gut is wrong. Please let us know if you find out anything new. Thanks and I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. She’s dead, she’s alive, she’s dead, she’s alive! Know body knows what happened to Toni…except CRYSTAL! OH and let’s not for get WILLIE GREEN!

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