I’ve received a lot of emails asking if I know where Misty Croslin is. The answer is yes. She is staying with a “friend” near Tampa, and she is currently in Coco Beach. She is not in contact with Ronald or anyone else in her family. The police know exactly where she is at all times. I am getting updates on her whereabouts, but have to be careful about what I post as I would never want to interfere with an ongoing investigation. I will report what I can as it comes in. Remember she 17, she has no job and no money. She is away from her support system. It’s getting close.


33 thoughts on “WHERE IS MISTY CROSLIN??

  1. Could she possibly be trying to make contact with who she was with that horrible night & trying to get Haliegh back? I find it hard to believe that someone like Misty would have a “friend” in cocoa beach

  2. This has so many similarites to the Natalee Holloway case. All these different players, the arrests, the police doing everything but solving the case….makes me wonder if the PCSO aren’t corrupt and covering up for some strange reason.

  3. Why don’t the police arrest her for obstrution of justice or lying to the police what are they waiting for? I am doubtful the police are able to solve this case. It has been reported that “maybe the police know this or that but they are not telling us. Wrong!!! They don’t know that is the sad part. Why don’t they bring in the FBI. Or bring some Law Inforcement in to the case that at least know how to make the arrest that should have been done a long time ago!!!!!! Misty!!!!!

  4. Maybe the “friend” is a lady police officer. Misty said LE was placing her in protective custody, and although they denied that, it sure appears like that is where she is. My complaint? If you are inconsistent, and fail numerous polys, why do you get to go to Coco Beach?

    1. Beatnik Says:
      “Maybe the “friend” is a lady police officer. Misty said LE was placing her in protective custody, and although they denied that, it sure appears like that is where she is. My complaint? If you are inconsistent, and fail numerous polys, why do you get to go to Coco Beach?”


  5. Beatnick,

    Have a link to Misty saying LE was placing her in protective custody? I’d love to see that. 😉

    If Misty is in protective custody, why is Ron with her, per Annette Sykes on Action News.

    1. My apologies. She is reported as saying they “urged” her to go into protective custody. Her lawyer confirms she said this. Then “poof” she was gone on vacation.

      “One source close to Misty tells me she’s telling friends police wanted to discuss phone records related to her conflicting timeline, and urged her to go into protective custody for her own safety. Her attorney, Robert Fields, confirms that’s what Misty told him, and scoffed at the purported offer as a police ploy.

      Just where is Misty?”


  6. It makes sense that she would be in protective custody. With the revelation of the two letters and both her Mother and Brother being arrested. Doesn’t make sense that she would just go on ‘vacation’.

  7. art harris said lastnight on gerhaldo that an arrest could be coming within a week or two,could the police finally nail misty for haleighs disapperence and do an ala casey anthony,indict her na dhold her for answears then charge murder 1 with no body?
    Shame on her for being on any kind of vacation as the police are looking for haleigh,it’s her own darn fault to begin with and then run from it,admission of guilt.
    I feel sorry for ron, i hope he divorces her sorry self and can move on for jr.he is so hurting,wheather the drug part rumor or somethinge lse is true misty was responsible for the two kids she did something to haleigh,i read soemwhere she was jealouse of ron an dhaleighs closeness and so forth,what do you bet she did this after seeing casey anthony and figured she could get away with it.

  8. Myrtle Beach, S.C.,how dare she,i am assumming shes leaving ron, good rittens misty enjoy jail soon.Makes me so mad,here this baby goses missing,i don’t buy her story and 7 months the little angel whos sick with turners disease,can’t be found an dthe only one with imformation that may crack the case is off in SC,Thats just sick.

    Heres my thought on what she did how far am I off,after misty and ron had that fight and ron left for work mistys brother hank admitted her was there earlier smoking dope and left{nice to do around kids},i believe misty did go out with the kids if all accounts are true and she took the kids with her,she placed jr in the back seat to sleep and took haliegh in where ever she went,haliegh died at thehands of misty and who ever else,now she goes back before ron gets home and props that door open with the cinder block to make it look like someone broke in,ahhh act 1,then she kept lying to ron,his family, tv, failed four tests not to mention hypnosis she faked that one and so on,act 2,now she goes running off to soemwhere in fl ro sc and why,Guilt,Guilt,Guilt, nobody will hire for any job why,because her face is plastered everywhere, why won’t police just arrest her already,step can you explain?

  9. Ok now i am really confused, steph help.i reread imfo,did misty have an affair with rons uncle,also white boy,she was doing the deed with him on the three day binge before haleigh went missing,could it be possible shes fooled ron into believing she actually love dhim for a place to stay and in return ron fell for her cause she took care of his kids but misty didn’t wnat to be tied down so she did something to haliegh that night,the dumped her in the dumpster but removed her and put her in the pond{s},theres alot along that route as i live din fl,palm coast has a water way leading to st. augustine, cna it be very possible they dumped her down that way?
    it’s sickening to think of,i wish miss misty would slip up soon.

    1. Ive not heard about the affair with Ron’s uncle but the ‘whitboy” story is accurate. Remember one thing about Misty, she doesnt drive and doesnt have acces to a vehicle so if haleigh was removed from the home that night, or dispossed of and Misty was involved, she had help.

      1. steph,
        thats right but someone said she used a van that belonged to her an dher family,misty can’t walk with a child, so ehr friends nay nay kristina i believe and white boy graig and chad and possiblie amber could of all hide what they did and hoping cops nor ron would find out.Can you imagine what this man is going through?Never mind his past,
        he seems clean now however,this man is hurting.I believe misty blocked out everything she did to haleigh or was done and is keeping to the lame story “she was alseep,she woke up an dfound haleigh gone”i don’t buy it.
        What i don’t understand is why, why won’t police arrest her and hold her like casey anthony?there was no body when they did it.Oh alligators don’t eat people folks,we taste bad to them,they normal don’t eat humans,this i found out from someone.
        I want to know steph,dose misty have a gps on ehr phone,if that
        why police know where she is every min of teh day?
        Also is ron considering divorcing her sorry self?He’d be better off for his sanity and jr’s safety.
        I believe haleigh is burried in the deep woods behind the house and misty got the idea about the bag from watching casey because she dosen’t seem
        that smart,it’s been said she didn’t go to school much nor had a good homelife.
        also another jail house letter from nay nay on art harris site.

      2. Steph ~
        Misty may not have had a license at the time of the disapearance of Haleigh but she did drive. She would pick up Haleigh at the bus stop in her family’s blue van. This was noted by several witnesses at the bus stop.

        Lindsy and Tommy’s van got damaged somehow that night. Misty is the one that noticed it had been moved and was damaged. The headlight was busted and there were scratches down the driver’s side.

        LE took the van and processed it for a few days. IIRC, there was not any evidence concerning Haleigh’s disappearance.

  10. The police botched this one up. They new Misty was lying from the beginning and she was the last one to see the little girl. This is September 28 guys!!!!! I have seen people put in jail just for finding a body. I have seen people put in prison on circumstantial evidence. Of course the little girl is dead.
    The police have been know to interview and release serial killres. Just because they interview someone that does not mean they are innocent.
    The police determined that all Misty’s friends where not suspects. Now here we are her friends coming clean about what really happened the night the little girl went missing. Misty is a child. Ronald should be ashamed of himself. Then when the little girls goes missing Ronald and Misty get married. Who in gods name could get married when you child missing?????? I DONT KNOW WHY THEY DID NOT ARREST HER. I REALLY DONT. HOW MANY TIMES DOES SHE HAVE TO CHANGE HER STORY. MISTY AND HER FRIENDS PROBABLY MADE A PACK NOT TO
    I do believe it was an accident and I do believe she would not have intentionally have done anything to her. After all this she will probably wont even get charged with a serious murder charge. And she is only a child herself. How old is Ronald?? He must feel like an ass marrying her when his child went missing. I guess he wanted to make an honest woman out of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. nancy grace will be doing a special oct 1st on misty,shes po’d as well,she is thinking like me,what is she doing plating tourist in universal and epcot when she should be looking for haleigh or give the truth,ron won’t speak to her, his family is trying to get him to talk to her so she would come back however art harris said their not talking and his lawyer says they are and he is confused on why shes gone to orlando and why she hasn’t come back after a week.
    I have this weird feel, st. john river in st. augustine steph or is she was smart and wnated salt water, go ove rthe bridge of the lions to anywhere on that side by an dpast marinland, what do you think?if misty and company dumped haleigh it wasn’t in a close pond and if she burried her in dirt,not right behind the trailer it be way back in them woods.

  12. Tampa is on Florida’s West Coast & Cocoa (Not Coco) Beach is on the East Coast of Florida, almost exactly due East from Tampa. It’s a 3 1/2 Drive from 1 city to the other. I know, because I’ve made that drive from to Cocoa Beach from Tampa and back. Why would she be staying with a “friend” (I assume you mean a guy by putting that word in quotations) in Tampa but visiting Cocoa Beach, 3 1/2 Hours away on the other side of the state with no car. AND PLEASE DON’T TELL ME HER ‘FRIEND’ IS RUNNING HER BACK & FORTH FROM TAMPA TO COCOA BEACH, JUST B/C HE’S A GREAT GUY!! This just doesn’t make sense unless there’s a more sinister (Sorry, but it can’t be logical when we’re talking about Misty Croslin-Cummings) reason for all this West Coast of FL to East Coast of FL driving back & forth driving. If the PCSO has ANY sense whatsoever, they’re tracking her every move b/c of where she might go to i.e. move the body, talk to the person holding Haleigh, etc. I hope it doesn’t get to the point like with the Melinda Duckett case where Misty commits suicide & then Haleigh is never found, dead or alive. I pray for Haleigh’s safe return.

  13. I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  14. I think I may have spotted her this morning in kenneth city, Fl. Looked just like her w/ same mannerisms, talking on her cell phone like she was trying to talk her way out of something. She was driving a blue car, and smoking a cigarette. I stared at her for some reason, probably because she looked familiar. She saw me staring, I hope she finally comes clean about what she knows, but I doubt it since she seems like a pathological liar. I am still hopeful that they will put all of the pieces together and discover the truth. Ron and his family are in my prayers.

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