The last article written about the disappearance of Toni Sharpless was dated Sept 18th. It read that Toni’s car was not found in the river. Really? Well how can the police say that without actually having removed the cars from the river?

Toni Sharpless disappeared August 23rd after leaving a party at the home of Philly 76ers Willie Greene in the posh Philadelphia suburb of Gladwyne. Some called it a party; it was more of an intimate gathering of six people which wrapped up at 5:00 a.m. according to Crystal Johns, one of the last persons believed to see Toni alive.

I’m not going to mix words, this case is a disgrace. Police should be ashamed of themselves for the way they haven’t handled this. It seems when Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch arrived into town to assist the family, he caught everyone asleep at the wheel. He arrived at the airport and, in the middle of the night, went directly to the place where Toni was last seen. The wealthy Philly suburb known as Gladwyne, just outside Willie Greene’s house in an area where neighbors constantly reminded me “we don’t have crime here.” Really? So explain what all the cars are doing dumped in the Schuylkill River in your backyard??

Retracing the events of that evening, Miller quickly pinpointed an area that he believed Toni may have gone into the river. The next day, with his own sonar equipment and a borrowed boat, he located more than 5 cars in the Schuylkill River in a matter of minutes, as 7 police officors looked on in amazement from the banks of the river. Miller only pulled out of the search because police promised they would dive that following Thursday to identify the reaming vehicles and remove all the cars. Apparently, that never happened. Once Miller left, and the media pulled out, it was business as usual for the Lower Marion Police Dept.

Police are quick to note that Toni had struggled with drugs in the past, and was allegedly drunk the night she disappeared. I don’t condone anyone drinking and driving, but that doesn’t diminish the value of her life. She was trying to get her life together, she had the support of her family, she is a mother of a 12 year old child and she is a nurse. We all have a past. If those 5 people at the party cared at all, they would never have let her drive.

So where is she? I’m not a big believer in alien abductions. People just don’t disappear. There are only so many ways she could have gone home. Maybe they should reclassify this as a homicide and perhaps start asking more questions of the 5 people who were at Willie Green’s that night. That might refresh some memories or perhaps get people talking. But I wouldn’t want to interfere with Green’s lackluster basketball career. Anything but that. I don’t know how someone can go missing, last seen at your house and you say nothing publically, nothing to her family. That is a shame. That is a disgrace. Another poor example of bad behavior by a professional athlete. How about a call to Toni’s Mom, Donna?? Nothing. Even the media has moved on. Obsessed with the missing Harvard grad student who was about to be married. So pretty — so perfect — so tragic. We here every detail of how she was stuffed into a wall, bones broken, detail after detail night after night, Larry King, Nancy Grace, The morning show wars battle over booking for the already discovered, while Toni and thousands of other people remain missing.

I’m sorry to Toni’s friends and family that I couldn’t do more. Perhaps Mr. Miller will come back into town and stir things up again.



  1. Prayers for Tori, her child and family. I hope TES will be able to search again. There needs to be some type of funding for organizations such as TES, they give their time and heart into each and every search.

  2. I agree. There has been nothing in our local news for weeks. The police need to get off their asses and start questioning the people at the “party” that evening. Prayers for the Toni and the family.

  3. I sure hope I never have one of my kids go missing in PA. This is bullsh**t. I will contact Mr. Miller if I ever need help. God forbid. I did make a donation to Texas Equusearch for the good job that they have done. I hope Mr. Miller will come back and help again. No one in PA is doing anything. We can all donate here…



    I could not agree with you more. I feel the same way and this really makes me mad. I live in PA and have 5 kids. If one of them went missing and the police treated me this way, I would go nuts on them. And like you said, where is the media on this story? Where is Mr. Willie Greene and all his money? Why did they let her drive away in that shape? Where are the search teams?

    Can you contact your friend Nancy Grace for us on this case? I will send her an e-mail to but I think she would look at your e-mails before mine. Thanks for all your good work here to. Keep us posted!

  4. Steph, The family maybe could get an attorney/media relations person pro bono to light a fire under the investigators and get this case in the media. This case needs media coverage to put the presser on the investigators. For example: Women and childrens advocate such as Wendy Murphy. That women goes for the throat and does not let go, she is wonderful. Anybody to get some exposure!!

  5. Why did the LE say they couldn’t go back and get those other cars out of the water ?

    Could they atleast send a dive team to check the make and model and possibly the plates geeeez this is so sad .

  6. Last thig the police told Toni’s parents was this: “We can only wait for the leaves to fall and then we have helicopters standing by to do an arial search. In the mean time…body decays, animals do thier thing with the body, the leaves cover body and car, this is crap! Go back to the beginning – Crystal, Willie Green and friends.

  7. They actually searched the waters on Wednesday last week and were able to pull 1 car from the water. They also said that the cars in the water “are not connected” to Toni’s disappearance and they will be back to lift the other cars at a future date.

    While I thank them for the update and effort I also remain skeptical. How can they say for sure the cars are not connected?

    Additionally I read an article that mentioned Toni’s last incoming call was from a friend at 6:44am that went straight to voicemail… now stop me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t they be able to trace cell tower pings at LEAST up until this time and pinpoint her location (roughly) at the time of that call????

    What are they waiting for!?

  8. Any of us who have daughters are very frightened by this case. Why are the police doing nothing? I just don’t get it??? I live in this area, and find this story scary. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I feel for her family. Have they questioned the people at this ‘party’? Have they searched the property? Bizarre.

  9. May I ask, what are the officials doing at this moment to find this young mother of one. Is there any search plans in place. I live close by and would like to volunteer my time to help in this search. On foot or just handing out flyers, what ever needs to be done. The community needs to step up in order to bring closure to this case. Law enforcement will not take a low profile case like this and make it a priority. It really upsets me. I would hope that this case can be bumped up to a more high profile case, since it is still early on, and that any recovery could have some credible evidence to get this case closed. I could not imagine being on the side of her family and friends going through such tragedy,. How does someone just vanish with no signs of her car. If it is in water, where is the coast guard. Where is the search crews. Come on this a life, a mother. What makes this case any different , because people are not finding an interest in this one. Maybe, not so cute, or that attracted, or just because. Come on lets get the work done for her daughter who needs her mother. Lets get the facts and start doing our homework to find this young lady.

  10. Rick: I am working on this case every-single-day (including Sundays–something I virtually never do.) I keep Toni’s Mom informed every day–sometimes 3x a day. I can’t go into some stuff, but suffice it to say that I had to hire an attorney because of a bully with a badge. If you have questions, call me at (800) 796-9042–I will no longer give information on this forum. Life’s too short & I’m too busy trying to find Toni (and working for all of my other clients & running my detective agency) to be disrespected by a man who can’t even get his facts straight. Know that I will NEVER give up looking for Toni & virtually can’t sleep at night as a result of this… I suggested to her Mom that we have a community meeting SOON to disseminate information & get her fliers out there. As a result of negative blogs by people saying she’s no longer with us, MANY convenient stores have taken her picture down. Some of you have no IDEA of the damage you’ve done!!!!

  11. I was certainly shocked to hear of Toni’s disappearance, I live in Hawaii
    and am not in daily contact with my family due to the time difference of six hours. I am Toni’s Aunt. I had already planned a trip to visit Pa.
    when Toni went missing, so I had all of my own theory’s as to what
    could have happened. Donna and I started brain storming. Why not
    check the river? It makes sense, given the area. Did anyone see if
    the gas stations in the area have surveillance cameras? We went on a
    few “chases” to see if we could find any clues, nothing!! WHY????
    Now I am back in Hawaii with no more answers than before. I am still
    praying and keeping a little more in touch with the family.

  12. I agree with going back to the beginning. The police have not done there job. Is there someone on the police force that is a relative or good friend to one or more of the so called friends she was with? The five people she was with were never friends to her. This is so sad. True friends help one another.
    I know that if it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, it is a skunk! Someone definitely stinks! Get the luminel out and check every inch of that party house. Her mother and daughter are owed this respect.

  13. 2 Months now and no answers. Why? What is going on with this? Any reward being offered here? Nothing on the news at all.


    Did you give up on her too? Can you at least fix the grainy picture here?


    Please tell us there is more info coming soon.
    Thank you for your time.

  14. Rick: I continue to work on Toni’s case every single day. We are having a “Community Meeting” on Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at the VFW, 837 Lincoln Ave., West Chester, PA. The public, press, family, friends, and interested persons are invited to attend. I suggested this to Toni’s Mom so that we may dispel many HIGHLY inaccurate rumors, to inform what is fact, fiction, what has been done, what we know, what we DON’T know, and how everyone can help. I am putting together a PowerPoint presentation with many things that may very well surprise people–even people she is supposed to be friends with. There IS a Reward now. I have followed up on every lead. At the meeting, we will have NEW posters with “Reward” on them, my 800 number, and we’re having business cards made with her picture and info I’ve been to Lancaster, Camden, Philly, Gladwyne, Reading and Atlantic City searching for her. I just can’t do it alone anymore. I run EVERYthing by Toni’s Mom first There HAVE been reports in the Lancaster Papers AND WGAL TV just last week. I hope people will come out and be “constructive” with their time and interest, rather than DEstructive!

  15. In 18 days it will be a year since Toni disappeared. I haven’t heard a single thing about this case in months in the press. I haven’t seen a flyer around anywhere except on the back of my car. It seems that the public has just forgotten the fact that there is a little girl at home missing her mother. There is family that cries themselves to sleep because they don’t know what happened. How much longer do we have to wait to see this being made public again? If it was your child, wouldn’t you want to know what happened? Wouldn’t you at least want to put her to rest or bring her home? These are things that keep me awake at night and make me cry. What if this was your daughter, sister, mother or friend? The way things are so easily forgotten in this world is so disappointing. She deserves more attention and action. Lets get something going again. Toni wouldn’t want the world to give up on her because we all know she wouldn’t give up on us.

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