Late last night the rumors that Haleigh Cummings body had been found in a pond had family members frantic and scrambling. Some more than others. Misty had placed a frantic call to a friend asking “what do I do now?” I’d say “tell the truth.” My phone was ringing off the hook last night with rumors that Haleigh’s body had been found. With a few phone calls to credible sources, I was able to quickly debunk these rumors. This often happens in these cases when there is a sudden burst of police activity.

Here’s what we know as fact. As Tommy Croslin sits behind bars, his wife was brought in for intense questioning yesterday, as well as the young woman who Misty spent 4 days partying with the days before Haleigh went missing, and another yet unidentified person, somehow related to this case. Based on information from one of these witnesses, police are searching an area involving several ponds. These bodies of water are being searched in connection to Haleigh’s disappearance. We probably won’t have answers till Monday, and Texas EquuSearch may return at the request of police because of their ability to search water at no cost to law enforcement.

One thing for sure, you can expect more arrests in this case, as early as Monday, as the search for little Haleigh continues. My hat’s off to law enforcement in this case. After working tirelessly on the Toni Sharpless case out of PA, where frankly, police don’t seem to give a damn. It’s nice to see an agency so devoted to finding little Haleigh. This is not an easy task for them, given the dynamics of the Croslin/Cummings’ clans, who don’t seem to appreciate what the police are doing for them. They should be grateful, unless, of course they are trying to hide something…stay tuned.


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