Police and divers pulled out the 4 cars they located, but they need to be removed with a crane. They cannot do this till next Thursday. It is at that time that they will also bring the divers back to check the other 2 spots they believe may be more cars in the water. It was heart wrenching watching Tim Miller call Toni’s mom Donna on the phone and then break the news to Toni’s sister, Candy face-to-face. She watched the efforts here today in the rain with the rest of the crowd. Here today in the river and the rain, they did not find Toni Sharpless. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to wait a week thinking about the possibility my sister or family member may be submerged in a car in twenty feet of water. Awful. But what’s worse is knowing its budgets and lack of money and funding (and perhaps apathy because of her past) that cut this search for a young nurse and mother short. I’m writing this from my truck on my blackberry as my computer died hours ago. I look out the window and as the rain continues to pour down there stands Tim Miller, soaking wet. He sends his sonar team out one last time to comb the river. “One thing I can’t afford is to make a mistake.” He said earlier. He’s hugging the last of the volunteers. Now everyones gone. Its sad.

Empty parking lot



  1. I understand perhaps a crane couldn’t be obtained until Thursday. However why can the divers not continue looking at the remaining vehicles under water?

  2. Forget the river.Go back to Willie Greens’ house and to friend Crystal,who has changed her story several times.Anyone who watches Nancy Grace,knows that the last people having been with a “victim”,usually knows the truth.
    I believe Crystal knows alot more.She needs to offer to take a lie detector test.Did she not drink at Willies’ and the clubs too? were there not other people at Willies? men,women,booze,drugs,sex…..its all there.
    Toni was a victim of foul play and people are covering up what happened.
    She did not drive into the river….

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