DiversRain is getting worse. Tim Miller and his team are huddled with divers from the Philadelphia Police Department Marine Unit inside the command center. They just arrived and are determined to dive because of 2 objects that are believed to be possible vehicles. The adrenaline is running high. Friends of Tonis are huddled in the rain, which as I write this is letting up. Tim Miller feels we may be closer to having answers to what happened to Toni any time now. Divers are getting suited up and getting ready to enter the water.
As I write this, the rain is letting up.


13 thoughts on “8:21 A.M. DIVERS ARRIVED

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated today. Give Tim and the divers my best wishes for a successful day. Is the area being searched near Hollow Road or is it on the south end of the river near Haverwood? I know both areas were mentioned to be searched by Tim.

    Thanks again!!!

  2. Any chance the vehicles that have been located would be:

    1992 White Ford Expo 2 door
    1972 Mercury Montego
    Mint Green Chevy Impala

    All three are reported with various missing person cases in the Philly area.

  3. Steph,

    My heart goes out to everyone today, especially Tim and the family for what they have endured and now must continue to endure for another week.

    As far as the budget restraints… you’d think Mr. Big Shot Pro Player for the 76ers could throw some of his chump change toward the effort to make things happen a little quicker… or perhaps he doesn’t want her body found… hmmm.

    And to you… thank you for covering this story and all the wonderful updates today. Those of us who are out of state really appreciate your efforts!!!


  4. Thank you for covering this story. I don’t know the family, I’ve just been following the story in the news (well, trying to) since Toni went missing. My heart has gone out to her family, especially her daughter; I think of her every day. There has been so little coverage of the case. I hope you continue covering Toni’s case, as well as other cases like hers.

    I am also so impressed with Tim and Equusearch, I’d heard of them back with the Natalee Holloway case and later with Caylee Anthony. What a fantastic organization, such dedication and compassion.

    Particularly on a day like today, 9/11, I am again reminded that there are exceptional human beings out there, and some faith in humanity is restored.

    I pray for resolution in Toni’s case, hoping for the best; but at the very least, for answers for her family.

  5. Debbie ,
    I was thinking the same thing. If they do not find Toni here , maybe they can bring closure to anothers family.

    Tim you are A Golden Soul .
    And thank you Steph…

    May the Lord be with you All

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