End Of Day.

After a 6 hour water search, I have a new found respect for the work that search and rescue agencies like Texas EquuSearch do. It’s tedious and exhausting, full of emotional ups and downs. But when you look in the eyes of a family member, like Toni’s mother Donna, who stopped by today, you realize it has to be done.

Now I’ve taken some flack for reporting that 2, possibly more, cars were located today. When I started this blog and decided to travel to cases across the country and report from inside the investigation. I am commited to doing this through my eyes, as it happens. At the moment I wrote my short update about cars being located, that is what I was witnessing as it was happening. And at this point, I stand behind my reporting. Tommorow, the police are diving at 7:00 a.m. in response to the findings that Texas EquuSearch handed over to investigators. So I’ll be back out there at with them and will bring you updates. If they find Toni’s car tommorow, then this will bring closure to a family desperate for answers, if not, and I am proven to have been wrong, then this is a good thing, because it gives this family a glimer of hope that Toni Sharpless may still be alive somewhere.
Steph Watts



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