This, according to the family of Toni Lee Sharpless.  Frustrarted with the police’s efforts, or lack there of, the family of missing mom Toni Lee Sharpless turns to Texas EquuSearch for answers.

Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch (TES) arrived at the Philadelphia airport last night and worked late into the evening, piecing together what happened to missing young mother Toni Sharpless. And now an area less than a mile from the home of Philadelphia 76er Willie Green is the focus of this morning’s search by Miller of Texas EquuSearch.

I picked Tim Miller up from the airport. I live 90 minutes from where Toni Sharpless was last seen, and being vaguely familiar with the area, I voluntered to accompany Tim Miller. He wanted to go out to where Toni was last seen at night to get a better feel for what happened to her. Remember it’s being reported she left Green’s home at around 5:00 a.m., argued with her friend Crystal, who is dating Green’s brother. According to Crystal, Toni was drunk. Why they ever let her leave Green’s home in this condition is another discussion for another day, but today the focus is on finding Toni. Miller believes its not the only possibility, but after examing the area, he believes she may have driven into the Schuylkill River less than a mile from Green’s home. Miller will be out there with a boat and sonar equipment this morning, independent of law enforcement…stay tuned.



  1. I don’t understand why Lower Merion police didn’t do a water search. I said 10 days ago that she probably went into the river. Anybody who looked at the location of Willie Green’s house on a map should have said “Whoa! That’s a few blocks from the river! What if she went down Hollow Road by mistake and missed the turn!”

    Why did it take a guy from Texas to try the most obvious thing?

  2. I was there today and from what I gathered Lower Merion Police considered that she drove into the river, but there is no evidence to support it. River Road runs parrallel to the Schuylkill, but is actually 30 yards away give or take. If she did drive into the river, she would have had to pull into the parking area near the dock and mistake the entrance to the river as a roadway. That would seem nearly impossible, but with the darkness and fog of the early morning combined with her level of intoxication(she apparently was extremely inebriated), it is possible.

  3. Watching ID’s DISAPPEARED last night, was drawn in by this story.
    It’s been 16 years since our daughter disappeared, and was missing for 3 days before a witness to her murder and the subsequent hiding of her body, after her vehicle was hidden and burned. Meanwhile close to 15 people knew where she was, and what had happened to her. We and especially her two children, ages 4 and 6 at the time, are well aware of how cruel humans can be towards each other. We only thank God and know how lucky we are that we know exactly where she is. We will never understand why. So many stories have touched our hearts, but I seldom look further than the show or article that I’ve run across.
    I was very surprised to see that one site requested a pay-pal donation before an update would be given. Tho the cause is admirable, and I would gladly support the cause, their means to acquire monies, is, to me grotesque.
    I will keep Toni and her family in my prayers.

  4. Everytime bad cops are inolved the victim is said to be mentally ill and drunk. She was probably hurt at the party. This all sounds so contrived. Greens know and cops know but cover this shit all the time. Women go missing and creeps often times in authority cover. A mom in our community went missing after going out. Most locals think cops know who did it. This case has a very foul smell.

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