I will be blogging from the boat searching for missing nurse and mother Toni Sharpless, last seen leaving the home of Philly 76er Willie Green around 5:00 a.m. on 8/23/09. The river being searched is only minutes from Green’s home. Police are here as well now. They have a sudden interest in this case ever since EquuSearch pinpointed a possible location where Toni’s car may have entered the river. We are awaiting Dennis Watters, a sonar expert out of the Chicago area. Toni’s mother (bless her heart) Donna Knebel is on her way as well. Its never good for family to be involved in the actual search, but because this operation is so grassroots and outside of law enforement, Donna offored to pick Dennis up at the airport, and Tim accepted. They are pulling in now. Stand by. I will also post photos



  1. Why didn’t the family contact Pennsylvania’s very capable search & rescue teams? Was there a reason they didn’t bother contacting the Pennsylvania Search & Rescue Council to get advice from the local search teams? You would think local search teams would have intimate knowledge of the area and river and have local resources to do what Texas Equsearch is doing.

    I truly hope his efforts pay off and she is found. But if she is to be found, my guess is that our local, professional SAR teams could have done the same job, if not better. But it appears folks think a team from Texas is better. Kind of a slap in the face to not even ask.

  2. My hat’s off to Tim and the crew. Equusearch has become a nationally known and successful SAR team. Tim’s past experiences with his very own daughter’s search has given him a unique passion to find others and help bring closure to grieving families.

    Tim I applaud your efforts not only in this search but all the others you’ve participated in. If I’m ever missing I want YOU to look for me!!!

    God Bless!

  3. Maybe the family would have contacted local SAR teams if they were provided with the necessary info. As a layperson, so to speak, I wouldn’t have known about local SAR teams. I would count on local LAW ENFORCEMENT to provide me or guide me in the right direction as far as asking these type of agencies for assistance. Our local law enforcement obviously didn’t provide Toni’s family with this information or take matters into their own hands to contact local SAR agencies. So, if you’re going to pass comments such as the one above, Mr. Tiller, maybe you should direct your feelings toward law enforcement and not the family currently suffering endlessly or Mr. Miller’s team that is working their asses off in an effort to help Toni, her family, her 12 year old daughter and her friends. How could you even say something like that to the very people that are a Blessing from God. Shame on you.

  4. Darlene:

    LE can call SAR anytime they want. Many in PA aren’t aware of SAR in PA. There are just sooooo many local PD’s and many are not educated in this. After all, not many search & resuce operations take place in Gladwyne. I have no clue how the family got in contact with Equisearch. But a simple google query on Search and Rescue PA would have provided info on the Pennsylvania teams.

    My guess is that Equisearch got involved after the Nancy Grace coverage and that the family did not reach out first to Equisearch but were contacted by Equisearch.

    Equisearch has been in PA/NJ before and knows that there are local search & rescue teams available that can provide local resources. But Mr. Miller never even bothered to have the common courtesy of letting the PA SAR council know he was coming. They could have assisted him and provided him with boats, sonar, etc.. no need to fly that stuff in or make public pleas for someone to loan a boat. It’s all available locally.

    He’s in the business…he knows what is available here and yet he choose not to talk to anyone involved in SAR here in PA. And if he didn’t know what is available here and didn’t try to find out, then that should tell you something about his skills or his motives.

    If by some weird event someone in Texas wanted a PA team or rep to come down, you can be darn sure we’d do our homework and find out what local SAR resources were available to help us.

    I don’t fault the family for doing everything they can to find their loved one. I would too.

  5. As far as a blessing from God Darlene, you should also consider all the members of the PA SAR teams that spend hundreds of hours a year training their dogs and members just for such events.

    Mr Miller is back in Texas. Your PA SAR teams are still here. If the people in PA supported their local teams as much as they seem to like to support Equi-search and Mr. Miller, there would be no need to have Mr. Miller here in the first place.

    Do you know SAR teams are all volunteer? They get absolutely zero money from the state or any government agencies? They pay everything themselves and raise money via car washes, bake sales and other fundraisers? A SAR teams budget is usually less then 20,000 a year? And they have to raise it all? They have no one to mail to ask for donations like a local fire department. Nor are they eligible for insurance funds like the fire departments get. It’s an uphill battle in PA to keep SAR teams active.

    The members of PA SAR teams do it because they love the tasks. There is no publiciity, no glory, no rewards, no medals and it costs them all money to do it. They respond in any weather on a moments notice for days at a time. They are the most dedicated, unselfish group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. The are the only people that have almost as much drive and desire to find a missing person as the family.

    So yes.. when they are not even contacted by an incoming ‘expert’ who should know about them, it is a slap in the face.

    Count these local volunteers as blessings from God as well.

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