Misty Cummings is on the defense, and now she, along with Ronald and the rest of the families have banded together and come out swinging at Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch. Misty now claims Miller forced her into taking the polygraph, voice analysis and hypnosis, and that he brokered search efforts for Haleigh. Well I was there, and Misty Cummings is a liar.

Although Misty still has a restraining order against Hank Jr. (Tommy), and he has one against her (hey they’re free why not waste the courts time) and everyone else hates everyone else, well none of that matters anymore. Now, the entire family is coming to Misty’s defense. Even granny who said, and I quote “If she doesn’t do it, I’m gonna throw her through the damn window” is now saying Misty felt pressured by Miller to take the tests. Personally, I think Misty felt pressured from being threatened to be “thrown through the damn window” to take take the test.

The day of the interviews family tensions were particularly high. Ronald was ready to kill both Misty and her brother, and anyone else that he thinks may have done something to Haleigh. Hey I don’t blame the guy, but he really is serious and he does have a gun, as does Tommy. It’s a concern to the police as well that Ronald may go on a shooting rampage. Anyways, Misty’s public response to the tapes being released to the media and the families support of her lies is exactly why I was asked to be present and note everything that happened and record the interviews.

Misty said she wanted to be hypnotized, she says it during the voice analysis tape (see previous post for tape) and she even wrote a note saying she was being polygraphed because she wanted to clear her name. (see note below)

Misty Note

The day the voice analysis and hypnosis was to occur (a few days after the polygraph), there was actually a point that Misty did get cold feet. Miller was so frustrated with the whole thing he said to Misty “no problem, you call me when your ready, I’m outa here” Ronald chased him down and convinced him, actually begged Miller to stay for a few more hours while HE talked to Misty. We left and went for lunch and before we were done Ronald had called and said she would do it. And she did, and the entire family huddled around awaiting the results, quietly questioning each other about the possibility that Misty could have done this. We taped the interviews at Ronald’s aunt house, and at one point she broke down in tears at the thought that this 17 year old girl could have done something to Haleigh. Then the interviews aired. Then Misty’s stories changed. Then everyone else’s did.

It was in a phone message from Ronald’s mother (link here) that she begged Miller to come to Florida because “Misty was ready to crack.” She even ends the message to Miller with “I Love You.” They knew why Tim was coming and what he was planning on doing. Make no mistake about it.

Historically, in the cases I’ve covered, when someone lies about one thing, it’s safe to assume it’s probably not the first time they’ve lied, if you get my drift. Misty admits that her childhood was not very good, drug addicted parents, sexual abuse, even homelessness. This is a horrible existence for any child, and unthinkable to most of us. But with that kind of upbringing comes the keenest ability to lie from a young age as a survival mechanism. She’s a liar, I witnessed it first hand.


In the voice analysis interview, Misty points fingers at her brother Tommy, saying he raped her as a child, and could have done something to Haleigh. She then says people claim they saw a red truck near the house that night (we know Tommy was there smoking marijuana earlier that evening). Tommy drove a red truck that he sold after Haleigh disappeared. The day after the interviews, Miller asked Misty if she knew where the truck was. She had mentioned to us she knew who had bought it and Miller wanted to see the location. Ronald and Misty took Miller to the guy’s house who had bought the truck. Although it wasn’t there at the time, Miller returned to the location with me right after and we recorded the address and went to the police with the info. The title was never transferred to the new owner so the truck is still listed in Misty and Tommy’s mother’s name. The police were going to get the truck and process it.  Hopefully it’s not too late.

Tim Miller never gives up. He wanted that truck located and processed and he knew Misty would help him. Why didn’t Misty ever tell police about the truck’s location? Because Misty trusted Tim Miller. Miller’s daughter Laura was murdered in 1984, they never found out who did it, although Tim has a few ideas. Miller refused a 16 Million dollar settlement with the police department that was investigating Laura’s case.  He just wanted what was left of his daughter’s bones so he could bury them. Tim Miller turned down money for the Misty tapes. He just wanted them released to put pressure on Misty and hopefully crack her. How dare Misty Cummings make up such a story about a man who attempts to do so much good for people. Misty Cummings is a liar, I know it, the police know it and she knows it.



  1. Thank You for writing this, I believe Misty is a liar and thats all she knows to do, I wish Granny would throw her out a window, and if Ronald is gonna shoot anyone it should be Misty, she is the one with all the answers…

  2. So confusing…..I read at some places that RC told TM that he believes MC knows more than what she is telling ,and then you read what TN says about RC would not be with MC if he thought she knew something. I wish that family would put a script together so they could all tell the SAME lies.

  3. I just looked up the civil records for Putnam County and Tommy does not have an RO against her. The only thing that comes up under Croslin is Misty’s against her brother. Below is what is under Croslin and that’s it.


  4. They are a very confusing bunch for sure.

    Steph, thank you for writing this, you saw it first hand.
    It is a real shame that dirty lowlifes will get more attention trashing someone like Tim Miller.

    Nice to see Haleigh’s mothers side of the family has praise for him and TES.

  5. Dear Steph,

    As critical as I’ve previously been, I must say this is an excellent article! And very interesting . . . Thank you!


  6. Excellent article. Thank you for shedding more light on Misty, precisely right about her skilled technique where lying is concerned. It has been her way of life from the start. Anyone who believes her age is a reflection of direct innocence is seriously misguided. On the other hand, I don’t believe for a second that Ronald is not involved. He may be throwing Misty to the wolves, but it is my opinion that he was the puppet master from the start as well as Teresa Neves.

    My own opinions.

  7. Thank you!! I do hope that Mr. Miller and Ronald are still working together and are still close. No one knows what LE is telling Ronald to do in regards to Misty. If she runs, it could be his last link to Haleigh. Would YOU sleep with the enemy if they knew something about your daughter? I know I would…MISTY, just tell us what you know so we can get Haleigh back home!!

  8. How sad that Misty’s education is so lacking that she can’t spell “taking” and “anyway”. That note could have been written by a 3rd or 4th grader, not a 17/18 year old. Her (Misty’s) parents should be on trial for child neglect/abuse.

  9. GREAT ARTICLE……..THESE SCUMBAGS SHOULD ALL DIE………… POOR HALEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…

  11. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…

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