Ronald Cummings “If I had $35,000, I Would Have Haleigh Back”

On August 28th, Misty Cummings’ father, Hank Croslin Sr., left a voicemail message for Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch claiming Ronald Cummings told him “If I had $35,000, I could have Haleigh back.” So Tim Miller reacted quickly, reaching out to people he knew who would help.  Now another fellow Texan and friend of Millers, Roy Moffitt of Roy Moffitt Customized Fueling Inc., has stepped up to the plate and written a check to Ronald Cummings for $35,000.

So now that Tim Miller, who’s only concern is to find Haleigh Cummings, has got you the money, (below is a copy of the check to prove it), you and Hank Sr. can go get Haleigh, Ronald, and bring her home safely. 

Moffitt check

Also, in another voicemail message, Ronald Cummings’ mother, Teresa Neves, called Miller on August 18th saying Misty was “ready to crack.” In her voicemail, Neves is concerned about Misty’s state of mind, saying she won’t even be in the same room as Ronald and leaves to talk on the phone privately, and is acting “crazy.” Neves urges Miller to come to Florida quickly because Misty “is ready to crack.”

stand by for link to voicemails


15 thoughts on “Ronald Cummings “If I had $35,000, I Would Have Haleigh Back”

  1. We love you Tim Miller. Sorry you’re getting blasted by the Cummings clan but everyone who has a brain knows where Tim’s heart is and that is to find missing children.


  2. Just tuned in to headline news and saw the interview of Tim. Got to hear the the voicemail by Misty’s dad about Ron needing $$ to get Haleigh. Any info about who these 2 witnesses are that Hank is talking about? Any word on Hank having Ron on tape talking about the $$? Has Tim talked to Ron about taking the offer or is Hank’s claim bogus ’cause he’s mad at Tim for showing what a liar his daughter Misty is?

  3. Holy Crap! That Tim is amazing. I wanted to also say….What Tim did, was break this whole deal wide open. I agree with what Tim said to TJ Hart, enough with the drama…why all the drama? If all they needed was an exchange of money? Bravo Tim Miller.

  4. Help me understand the dates here, on Aug 28th, Croslin left a VM, about Ron calling him…..I thought Misty had a PPO against her family about no contact. But Ron can contact anyone he wants? Including the parents of his wife with whom he claims tried to kidnap her? Whoa!

  5. Dude could you make those images a little larger so that those of us with bad eyes can see them?

    Thanks for everything that you have done on this case so far.

    Tim Miller don’t let the crackpots and liars get you down. You just keep on telling the truth and backing it up with their own words.

  6. I am new to this particular blog but I have blogged for 7 months. First off I want to say I pray for Haleighs safe return everyday. I feel like she is still alive. I just do not feel she has met with foul play. I may feel that way because I am so sick of hearing about our children being murdered by the very people that are supposed to protect them. Well here goes my questions.

    #1 Ron said in the beginning on all the News shows etc… That he picked Haleigh up from the bus stop that day however, Parents from Haleigh’s bus stop are saying that Misty picked her up from the Bus Stop that day has this been confirmed or denied?

    #2 Misty said when she realized Haleigh was missing she looked everywhere including under the beds. Well the beds they showed on the news were laying flat on the floor. How can you look under a bed when it is laying flat on the floor?

    #3 When I watched the Voice Analysis Video and the Hypnosis Video Misty took both of these tests the same day I am assuming as she is wearing the same clothes. She said in the Voice Analysis Video that her Brother sold his RED TRUCK shortly after Haleigh came up missing but in the Hypnosis Video taken the same day she said her Brother sold the VAN shortly after Haleigh disappeared. Has that been determined which one was the truth?

    #4 Was Misty ever given a Drug Test to confirm whether or not she had been doing drugs when Haleigh disappeared.

    #5 Can Misty not be arrested for Child Neglect as she was responsible for the care and protection of this Child. Maybe if she spent a few days in Jail she would finally tell the truth.

    #6 Misty has lied so many times. I do remember in the beginning Ron was on TV this was like 5 or 6 days after Haleigh went missing Ron said Please bring Haleigh home now IT IS TIME. I heard those words.

    #7 How did it come about with Misty sending the Police to this Location where there was a fake rose? How would she know there was a rose there?

    #8 If Ron and Misty had an argument on the phone that night while he was at work does LE not think that is important information that neither of them shared in the beginning?

    I understand Ron being scared of going to jail for having Sex with a Minor but am I the only one that thinks it is very Tacky to get married to the young lady that was watching my child when she went missing 1 month after my daughter came up missing and on the day that there was a search party looking for my child? I would not be getting married I would be out in the search party looking for my child. Or at least if I did get married it would not be with cake and a ceremony etc I would just do a quickie at the courthouse. Misty was in a wedding dress Laughing etc when there was an active search at the very moment they got married. Marriage would be the last thing on my mind. I understand keep your Friends Close but your enemies closer. But I would be heading up any and all search parties for my child.
    Lastly on February 9th there was a Contempt of Court order issued on Ron Cummings for Haleigh’s continuous Truancy from School and the last time she was seen was February 9th late night to early hours of February 10th? That seems like a huge coincidence to me.

    Also if Misty was Molested by her Brother and her Cousin I personally would not want either of them near me if they had molested me as a child but definitely would not want them near any children I was responsible for and say that I loved so why would #1 Misty let them near Haleigh and #2 Why would Ron let them near his daughter? I think they should arrest Misty for Child Endangerment or Child Neglect and let her sit in Jail for a bit and she will break I guarantee it. Jail has a way of making people talk. I have only ever been in jail for Driving on a Suspended license but she will break like the Leaves did in New Orleans. They have enough Probable Cause to arrest her on those charges. So what about it? Can they do that?



  8. Since there are so many false rumors, could you please enlarge the images and upload the voicemail messages. In doing so, it will provide law enforcement with enough evidence to pursue obstruction of justice charges in a criminal investigation. Or send along ASAP to appropriate authorities…

  9. Alright…. I am a mom of four and this whole story has me worried about Haleigh and Junior. Poor Haleigh is missing and Junior is being cared for by people who think partying , getting married , fighting with eachother etc etc etc is appropriate behavior. I have watched the video’s, read the articles and I feel like alot of other people do when I say I firmly believe Misty had something to do with it. I also feel like Ron may know more then he is letting on. One thing I do know for sure is there are way too many people involved and they can’t keep quiet forever. I do know also that when I was 18 I was arrested for Domestic Violence and spent about 7 hours in Jail it was the worst experience of my life and I would never want to do it again. There has got to be something to Arrest Misty and possibly even Ron on and I guarentee you one of those two if not someone else in their family is gonna sing like a bird. What about this black man in black or this man in black that Junior said he saw leaving the house? Misty says she was sleeping in bed with Junior why was the bed looking like it hadn’t gbeen slept in at all?? Her first story was they were all in the same bed then that changed?? If she was frantically screaming looking for Haleigh why can’t you hear Junior crying on the call to 911? Having for kids myself if I was screaming and then my husband was screaming my children would have woke up and been crying because they were interrupted from their night’s sleep? All this raises questions too me!! We need to keep this story fresh and in the news. The police need to turn the heat up!!! Do Not let Haleigh become another unfound child!!!! Please everyone pray for this sweet little girl to be found safe….and pray for Junior as well that he stays safe and out of harm. These kids both need to be somewhere other than where they were!!!! God Bless you Haleigh and Junior and Bring Haleigh home keep both of these Babies safe!!!

  10. I just saw the newsbreak.Both Misty and Ron are in jail,along with some of their friends.I do hope this will result in closure for the Haleigh case one way or another;preferably she’ll be alive and well.

  11. While that may be a commendable effort by Tim Miller, his actions may be compromising an active police investigation and this should be handled by the authorities, and not by Tim who may just want the publicity for his business. It may actually be a criminal act on his part depending upon the jurisdiction.

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