Misty Cummings’ Interviews EXCLUSIVE

I will be uploading the interviews I shot this week with Misty Cummings in their entirety.  See what happened before the interview started and what happened after they were over…great behind-the-scene footage!!!!!  Stand By


14 thoughts on “Misty Cummings’ Interviews EXCLUSIVE

  1. “….great behind the scene footage!!!!!” You’ve got to be kidding me! Earth to Steph, this isn’t a G.D movie, this is real-life – “A REAL CHILD” – And as for your follower who advocates shutting up and simply being happy with whatever news we get in HaLeigh’s case, I say “NO!, I expect more than that and settling for “any news” just so long as there’s news, may give your readers their “much need fix” BUT it deminishes the importance and worth of this child!”

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing something like this. She is just a child. We do not know if she is guilty or not and I find it pretty low on your part. Leave the investigations to the right people and stop being just PLAIN NOSEY!

  3. Steph, I say, withhold the tapes or stamp the footage so that the “dog and pony show” can’t use them as their exclusives.

  4. I know what kind of work Tim Miller does here in Texas and all over.I don’t blame him for making her take a polograph before spending more resources on a wild goose case. Misty is not telling the truth whether she is lying for someone or worse. What is up with that rose?

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