Back In NY.

Just taped “Inside Edition” on the Haleigh Cummings case. I will post air date as soon as I know.


13 thoughts on “Back In NY.

  1. Steff, what curious minds want to know now is……”Who’s foolin whom here?” I dont understand how it came to be that TES is toting around the ‘father’ in this case as if he was one of their pals? Is this to gain trust? Many are concerned that TES is being fooled by this bunch.

    I remember the condition of Caylee’s remains once the coroner was finished…..The Cummings decide to call ya’ll in 6 months late. Why? Why waite 6 months to resume a connection with Tim? Very Hinky and clever of them dont you think? I will go all the way back to the 911 tape recordings and do an analysis on that, will ya! Have the expert tell us he wasnt faking his emotions on those 911 calls. I’m not buying into this act that he hasnt nothing to do with this. Not when Misty hasnt been tossed out on her behind by the family for lying.

    Ron is scammin all ya’ll….when is TM going to realize it? Or does he already and going along for the ride? Whichever it is, I applaud what bold move it was to release this info to the public. The pressure is on and someone will have to make the next move, in this tragic tragic game of chess. IMO

  2. Hey Wickers,

    The Cummings family did NOT call in TES. They contacted Mark NeJame to help get HaLeigh’s face back into the media, and also help finding HaLeigh. MARK is the one that contacted Tim Miller to search for HaLeigh. How does that relate to the Cummings family “scamming” TES? They didn’t even make the initial contact.

    Keep in mind, when TES was leaving back in February, Ron BEGGED Tim and TES NOT to leave. Ron wanted them to stay and FIND HALEIGH. Ron has ALWAYS been about finding HALEIGH.

    I’d say that Tim is close to Ron because Tim has been in Ron’s shoes before. Tim KNOWS exactly how Ron feels not knowing where his daughter is and he can relate.

    Look at all the FACTS before you make statements about Ron.

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