Does a Rose Hold The Clue To Where Haleigh Is??


actual rose
actual rose

Or is Misty Cummings sending investigators on a wild goose chase? This week, during one of several long conversations, with Misty Cummings, she revealed something that may, or may be of interest. When asked “is there anything else you can remember, in particular, is there anywhere police should be looking?” she paused and said “there’s a place that needs to be searched again.” She then gave us specific directions and said “look in the forest for a single red rose.” Ronald drove us to the location she described and when we entered into the woods as directed. We found a red plastic rose, covered lightly with brush. It was an eerie moment and we quickly retreated with the intention of going directly to law enforcement, which we did.  We returned later with law enforcement and without Ronald Cummings. Investigators bagged the rose and decided the area was worth being searched. The intense, detailed search with law enforcement and Texas EquuSearch is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I have been asked not to disclose the location, because IF this tip is actually credible, no one can attempt to tamper with the evidence.

Here’s what I find interesting about this. If you are completely innocent and allegedly have NO knowledge of a crime or NO knowledge of anyone who may have committed this crime. Why would even allude that you may know where the body is buried? Why would you lead people to an area where you think a little girl may be buried? A little girl who you were the last person known to see her when you claim you have NO idea what happened. Perhaps to distract law enforcement/searchers away from an area where the body actually is? If this turns up to be nothing, is Misty taking tips from the Casey Anthony handbook? “How To Lead Investigators On A Wild Goose Chase”?  Perhaps Misty’s tip of what may be buried there is just as telling as what isn’t. We will know more tomorrow.

I just want to say the Putnam Coutny Sheriff’s Dept. is doing an incredible job on this, considering what they have to work with on this case. They are skilled investigators and a wonderful group of people and this case is very close to their hearts.


45 thoughts on “Does a Rose Hold The Clue To Where Haleigh Is??

  1. Thanks for the updates, Steph. How would Misty know about that rose? I hope they find Haleigh tomorrow. (If she has perished) and I do believe she has.

  2. Why the heck would you make this comment? Please explain. This makes no sense, really. Why??

    “We went and we looked, and we found it, and the next day we took them (Putnam County investigators) back there,” Watts said. “I don’t think they are going to dig where the rose is and find the body, but the fact that they went with us shows that they are following up on every lead.

  3. Shouldn’t that be allude instead of elude?

    I’m OCD…sorry. I love your new blog and how it looks as if we may be nearing some resolution for Haleigh.

    Thanks for the updates.

  4. You go from THIS ..

    ” The intense, detailed search with law enforcement and Texas equusearch is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I have been asked not to disclose the location, because IF this tip is actually credible, no one will attempt to tamper with the evidence.

    TO THIS:

    “We went and we looked, and we found it, and the next day we took them (Putnam County investigators) back there,” Watts said. “I don’t think they are going to dig where the rose is and find the body, but the fact that they went with us shows that they are following up on every lead.

    You went from HOT TO COLD…WHY?


  5. Steph,
    Thank you fro all your hard work and keeping us posted. How did Ron react to finding the rose? Did you get the impression this location was news to him?

  6. Steph,

    First off, in Florida, I highly doubt Misty Cummings used the terminology “Forrest”. Floridians call them the woods.

    Why didn’t you call law enforcement as soon as you found the rose. This would be a very important tip that should have been followed up on immediately. Please explain why that was not done because we are talking about a missing little girl and her name is Haleigh! Thank you.

  7. Kelly,
    Why would Misty, all of a sudden, come out with a red rose and where to find it. She claims she knows nothing. LE is going to search but in what Misty has said all along, that she knows nothing, why would she implicate herself more with this information?

    In other words, don’t get your hopes up that Haleigh will be found at this site.

  8. Kelly, sounds like you have a problem. Why don’t you go back to where you belong with the Churnalism at T.J. Harts site. Steph and Tim rock on!!!

  9. Steve,
    I like your website much better than the others. You write to the people not trying to make everything grand or exciting. I believe that Hayliegh is buried near where she was taken in the Murphy Creek area. I am sure she will be found tomorrow.

  10. Agree that your posts need to be date/timestamped. It would also be nice if you posted a disclaimer as to what is news and what is OpEd.

    And there is a vast difference in spelling and usage.

    Thanks for updates!

  11. Why not let Steph do his job and just be glad he’s giving us some more information?
    You people! Just read and absorb for a change….PLEASE. We’ve been hearing you “know nothings” spewing your crap for months. Just shut it and let the man report.
    Thanks Steph for writing this for us!

  12. Becca I competely agree with you. In addition I’d also like to know Steph WHY you would even use that information re/red rose in the woods . . . and take Ronald Cummings with you to find the location?? Why didn’t you turn the information over to law enforcement immediately rather than take it upon yourself to take a possible suspect in the case of a missing child, to an area that could potentially be her grave?? Sadly the answer is obvious to me and many others who have followed missing child cases, especially over the past year, re: Caylee Anthony . . . Steph, your own “self-importance” in this case over-rode any care or concern that you had for this missing child – HaLeigh. You were more interested in the story you could tell to your online admirers, rather than taking this information to the police and letting them do THIER job as you should have done. I also found the comment that you made re: convinced that law enforcement was taking all tips seriously, AFTER you submitted this information to them as a search was planned resulting from the information – I gather from this comment you were skeptical that law enforcement did in fact follow up on tips prior to your experience and that is your justification for over-stepping & inserting yourself somewhere you didn’t belong – your admirers will buy that, I don’t. I see ego all over it. I’ll say it again; Your own importance in this case won out over the best interests of a missing child – HaLeigh Cummings.

  13. Sure takes along time for comments to be approved by the moderator – or perhaps you won’t post my comment Steph because it raises serious concerns about your “style” of journalism . . .

  14. “Ronald drove us to the location she described”—huh?? He was able to find a plastic rose in a haystack (um, forest)??? WTH, Teflon Ron strikes again…

  15. After hearing the full taping of Misty’s test today, I believe she is telling everyone that her brother Tommy did something to Haleigh. I believe her. This is what she has told LE, they just didn’t tell us this is what she said.

    1. Kelly, Are you an expert or are you friends/family? You have made some snarky remarks, especially telling Steph, good riddance.

  16. Thank you Steph for REAL reporting. The negative comments you are receiving are from the cast and crew that have a radio show on sunday. Basically, you stole their thunder.

    1. ??? Excuse me, what radio show are you talking about? I have no idea WTH you’re referring to but my remarks are mine and mine alone – do us all a favor kc, stop dismissing other people’s views and opinions by making “talking out your a$$” statements such as yours. TY.

  17. I think Misty clamped on to the red rose theory because it was mentioned in a forum by someone who stated they saw it in a dream. Just like she mentioned the theory about Crystal S & family regarding child support; also discussed in forums. Then, she jumped on the dream theme after the analyzer asked her before what she dreamed that night. She stated she didn’t dream, but later under pressure, came up with the “..maybe I thought I was dreaming…” claim. It is my opinion that MC will latch onto any excuse within reach that is suggested to her. She may not read the forums, but I bet someone close to her does.

  18. Steph,

    Why don’t you tell the real story. Taping all of the so called test given to Misty sounds like a set up for another one of your Biography’s. Was this the plan for Tim Miller and you to make money off of a missing child? If so this is sick and disgusting. Now, lets see if you post this, the truth, in my opinion!!

    1. Becca, you need to get yourself informed. Tim Miller doesn’t make money off of these searches. If anything, he runs in the red most of the year looking for the missing. He looks because no one helped him look for his daughter who was gone for 1.5 yrs. before her body was found. I understand if you were not aware, but that is the truth of it.

  19. Steph why don’t you tell your followers why you nor Tim Miller ever told any of the family members who you are and the REAL reason you were there video taping everything.

    Why don’t you tell your followers that the rose was originally found by somebody else and not Misty on one of the searches that the family was doing. Instead you left out that piece of information to make it look like some “Bombshell” that you had acquired, when in fact you have left out vital information.

    I have always held Tim Miller and Mark NeJames in the highest regard BUT I have to say that after this fiasco and the betrayal of trust that this family has experienced has really caused me to reevaluate my thoughts and respect on both of them. I would include you in this fiasco of lies and deception but I honestly had never heard of you until I Goggled you. What I read about you certainly makes things a whole lot clearer in my mind.

    Once again people have used HaLeigh to further their own agenda and line their pockets.

  20. Hello Steph! Excited to know you are involved in the Haleigh case. I think if you explain how you got from taping the interviews/testing of Misty to riding with Ron Cummings to the woods, that would satisfy people. Just tell what you can without disclosing what LE doesn’t want disclosed.

    It is odd that Misty knew about this rose in the woods and that Ron seemed to know right where she was talking about, so if you could shed some light on that, it would be helpful.

  21. I THINK MISTY Croslin Is giving out clues with the red rose, she failed the poly graph test failed miserable. misty been lieing all along someone got to do there job to get the truth out. 6, month been a little to long its going tobe 7, month i hope she will be found.By ShambySays 08/29/2009.

  22. Love Tim Miller and his Team . I feel sure that he will at least get to the bottem of this sic saga before #1 Helaigh dies,#2 misty gets pregnant

  23. Steph, This is just the kind of reaction that anybody that tries to help get information on this case receives from the very people that complain that there is not any information coming out. Your damned if you do and damned if you dont, so dont pay any attention to the people that post here with complaints about the way you say or print something. The ones complaining dont really want info, they just want something that they can argue about.
    Tell whatever you can about this case and the ones like me that want to know will read what you have to say and the ones that argue can just go get their info from somewhere else.
    I would like to thank you for whatever you can tell us on this case, a case that for the longest time had no Info coming out and now that there is a little something happening, Im glad to hear all that I can and if you do something wrong with what info you do collect Im sure LE will set you straight, you dont have to listen to the know-it-all bloggers and there unsavory additudes, they are the ones that cause people that might really have info, not want to share it.
    Keep on with what you are doing, Ill read her and wont harp on the wrongs or make ugly statements…….Your doing great…..

  24. HI, I am just now reading your stuff, and I am very impressed. When will the video be posted? I am anxious to read this, keep up the good work, and I for one am glad you are not one of those biased media journalists.

  25. Steph,

    “Does a Rose Hold The Clue To Where Haleigh Is??”

    You knew the answer before writing this article. That is why there was no hurry for a search. I have done a little digging and this amounts to nothing. Some of the family were searching this area a long time ago and the rose was noticed, but not by Misty. They felt it had nothing to do with HaLeigh!!! Did you or anyone you were with tell the family who you were and the reason you were there? I bet not.

    Please, have some respect for HaLeigh!! I thought the dog and pony show left a while ago. In my opinion and facts

    1. Becca,

      If the family thought it had nothing to do with HaLeigh, why did Misty even bring it up? Steph is just reporting on the events; Misty is the one making them happen.

  26. uh ooooo, Ask Miss Misty what her favorite song is and Im bettin she say The Rose by Bett Midler.. now that would be sum drama going on there

  27. Steph, I just want to say thanks. I’ve been reading the comments and some of the names are familiar. They cause trouble at other sites too.

  28. Well here is my thought after reading the editorials here:

    Perhaps Misty molested Haleigh and beat she is stating she was abused….Haleigh was the thorn in her side as she was the female number one in Ron’s matter what Misty would or could do for Ron..Haleigh would be first in line and Misty number two..and in a girl of 17 years old…this was not OK…I believe she sold Haleigh, or possibably she abused her and beat her and placed her someplace no one will ever find.

    1. This is very smart, I actually discussed this theory with police…Misty was number 2, to a child by a woman (Crystal) whom Misty and Ronald both 17 I can imagine some of that anger would be directed at the child

      1. Except I do not think Ron hated Crystal, Misty knew that and was jealous, and some of that jealousy spilled over onto a child that looked a lot like her mother. (imo)

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