For the past three (3) days, I have been deep inside the Haleigh Cummings’ investigation, talking intimately with family members including Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings, and most importantly Misty Cummings, the last person to see little Haleigh Cummings alive.

It’s been over six (6) months since anyone has seen five (5) year old Haleigh Cummings, who disappeared from her home in Satsuma Florida, sometime in the evening of February 9th 2009. Now the last person to see her alive, is going to extreme measures to clear her name. Or is she?

Seventeen, (17) year old Misty Cummings, who married Ronald Cummings shortly after little Haleigh disappeared, has subjected herself to intense questioning, over the last few days regarding the disappearance of little Haleigh Cummings in hopes of clearing her name. Against the advice of her Attorney Robert Fields, she requested to take another polygraph, to be hypnotized and submitted herself to voice analysis.

Two (2) weeks ago, the family of Haleigh Cummings reached out to Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch (TES). Independent from law enforcement, Miller arranged for three (3) separate experts to arrive into Florida to conduct the test, the costs paid for by Texas EquuSearch. Because of my involvement with this story as a journalist, Miller asked me to film the interviews. The experts included John Gastar, a former NYPD Detective with 35 years experience in hypnosis, TJ Ward, a voice analysis expert, most notable for his work on the Natalee Holloway case, and D. Craig Harper an independent polygraph expert. This seemed outside the realm of the kind of work TES traditionally does. When I asked Miller this, he responded “we will go to any lengths at any costs to find this missing child.”

During the intense questioning, which lasted 2 days, Misty broke down in tears as she recounted sexual abuse at the hands of family members and attempts to point fingers at people who she thinks may have taken Haleigh in an attempt to defer attention from herself. Police have asked me not to mention “who” as it’s part of the ongoing investigation. Tearfully, Misty reflects “my life has not been very good and it looks like its not going to get any better.”

Misty’s shocking statements, all caught on tape, have refueled the investigation into little Haleigh Cummings. Detectives from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department were made aware of the findings, and although they are not endorsing the release of the information to the public, they were planning on subpoenaing the tapes and any related information. Miller willingly turned the findings over to investigators. Just yesterday, detectives questioned Miller and myself for over five (5) hours concerning our observations and viewed the tapes in our presence as we answered questions about our conversations with Misty Cummings.

The relationship with police and the Cummings’ family is contentious, to say the least. Tim Miller has developed a very close relationship to Ronald and Misty, and it is Miller’s intimate relationship with Misty that police have relied on for information. “She looks at me like a grandfather,” Tim states.

The results of the taped interviews according to the experts who conducted them and the police who reviewed them are great for the investigation, but not great for Misty. She “miserably failed” the polygraph test. This is the fourth time she has failed a polygraph. During the hypnosis, she appeared uncooperative and told yet another version of the story that was inconsistent with previous versions. The voice analysis was perhaps the most revealing and according to results, “it appears Misty Cummings knows what happened and was directly involved in the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings.” Upon their initial viewing of these tapes, investigators uncovered several inconsistencies in Misty’s story. They are particularly interested in her version of the timeline the night of February 9th between 8:00pm and 3:00am. She claims she put Haleigh down at 8:00pm and went to sleep herself at 10:00 and awoke abruptly at 3:00 to find Haleigh gone. Now even her husband Ronald isn’t buying that story “she never went to bed that night” he said “the bed was made” Police confirmed Ronald’s story. As the investigation closes in on her and investigators focus on those few hours the evening of Feb.9th into early morning Feb.10th that Misty can’t account for. One thing is clear; the only thing that’s consistent about Misty Cummings story is her inconsistencies.

It’s clear from spending time with them, that the Putnam County Sheriffs’ Department is passionate about solving the Haleigh Cummings case. They have worked tirelessly following up on leads, they have a room full of evidence, and continue to search areas of interest. Without divulging specifics about their investigation, Captain Dominic Piscitello is very clear about one thing, “Misty Cummings holds the key to what happened to Haleigh Cummings that night.“



  1. Hey thanx for this if your email me at the email addy given I might be able to guide you a little. I so much appreciate your efforts and time for this child. May God Bless you and yours.

  2. Great Reporting!
    Thanks so much to Tim and Nejame!
    I pray that Haleigh is found soon and whom ever is involved to be put behind bars for life! I just don’t understand how America has given up on their children. These are God’s children and we should all stand together and watch out for signs of abuse and other…most just look the other way. The children go missing and we hear about it the first few days and if the media has enough dirt they will air for a few months then the children are forgotten. What about the thousands that are still missing? What about Adji, he is from FL as well. I wish there were more Tim Miller’s and Mark Nejames around!

  3. Powerful and informative piece, Steph. Any word on the polygraph taken by Ronald Cummings? Is Tim satisfied with the results of the poly, stress analysis or other investigative tools concerning Ronald Cummings? In other words, is Tim convinced that Ronald Cummings had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance and that’s why he is coming back to search for Haleigh? Thanks!

    1. I was wondering the same thing this morning. Who all took a poly? Did Tim ask anyone else in the family to take one and if so how did they do? Or do they not want the results disclosed?

      I sure hope they asked Misty if Haleigh is alive as well and maybe questions about the area that may lead LE to where the child can be found.

  4. Gan Guy if you really have a hot tip why are you not be calling LE or Tim Miller.
    And if you are joking that in poor taste, when everyone is trying to find out what happen to HaLeigh.

    1. Thank you everyone for responding to my post. I agree, if you have any information about the case please contact Capt Dominic Piscitello at Putnum County Sheriffs Office immediatly at 386-329-0866.

    1. Good questions..In response to the marriage issue, Ronald claims he married misty to keep her close and try to get out of her what happened. Police think Ron married Misty becuase he was in fear of getting arrested for having sex with a minor, (remeber she’s only 17) and he believed if they were married she couldnt tesitfy against him…..

      1. ty Steph. Couldn’t he still be prosecuted for the relationship that took place before marriage? And where was Jr sleeping?
        I enjoyed your articles, btw. Although I didn’t expect them to find anything that close to the mobile home. That would be too much like a bright beacon.

  5. Steph, great reporting. You took many of us completely by surprise. Kudos to you, Mr. Miller, Mr. NeJames, and TES.

    I hope that you will consider writing a book about this whole thing when there is some kind of resolution, hopefully a happy one. Of particular interest would be the internet forum posts and posters. Their words and actions have simply been beyond belief and I, for one, would love to understand their motivations.

    Thanks to you all for stepping up to the plate and working so diligently to find the truth.

  6. Great reporting and informative article as we in GA have been wondering if the girl had been found or not.
    In my opinion, Misty is guilty. I could get her to talk….may not be the “politically correct” way but none the less, she would tell everyone what really happened that night!

    1. Tena,
      Me and you both girl. I live in Florida and all I want is for Police to let me have a crack at her for a couple hours. I would make that girl sing. Lets get together all us Moms and interrogate her. She knows EVERYTHING.

  7. Steph,

    Could you confirm that PCSO did confirm for you that Ronald told them Misty never slept in the bed that night. They wouldn’t confirm it for T J Hart. I really want yall to get to the bottom of this. Also, did Misty tell LE about the four people she remembers that night, or it could be a dream? To me, this ia major break in the case. PCSO Sure is playing this down, just as I figured they would. Very sad.


    1. This is new information… I would like to know for sure it its confirmed also. Where was Junior sleeping? Not sleeping in the bed/bed made is a big development.

  8. Here is the link to the audio of TJ Hart with the Capt at PCSO.

    [audio src="http://hosted-media.podzinger.com/wsky/archive/WSKY_News/2009-08-27_Capt_Piscitello.mp3" /]

  9. Fantastic news!! Finally, a positive step forward. FYI: T.J. Hart is trying to discredit your article and TES. When the search begins I hope T.J. Hart and Cobra are banned.

  10. Thank you for the update. There is just one question i wish they would have asked misty, and that is, “were you the one who was babysiting that afternoon and evening”. I really don’t think she was the one in charge of the kids that night, not enough detail, and you can’t shake the truth out of somebody when they don’t know what the truth is. Who better to center the investigation around, misty just was not there, so she is the best one to put in the forefront.

  11. I feel that everything about this case was staged. I feel Ronald is hiding something. The little girl gets home from school and is put to sleep at 8:30pm. Could Ronald have killed the little girl and taken her to work. He works at a plant where empty barrels are common. He never returned to work after she went missing, why is that. Seems fishy to me. I feel he knows more and nobody from work has been questioned about his behavior. I feel missy is covering for him.

  12. In one test, VA I think, the analyzer asks her what she dreamed about that night. She states clearly she did not dream. Then, later, when pressed to the corner on why it appeared she knew more, she claims she thought she was dreaming. My question: Is the dream statement just another example of how she will grab on to anything suggested, when she feels cornered?

    1. I can’t decide if Misty is lying….. knowing the truth or is she confused over the events of the night due to being in a drug induced state.

  13. It would be nice to see some reporting by any news outlet on the fact that polygraphs, VSA’s, and hypnotism are controversial at best. Plenty of innocent people “fail” these tests. Polygraphs pick up nervousness, meaning nervous honest people can tell the truth, while expert liars may not feel nervous at all.

    That doesn’t mean Misty is innocent of course. Since people obviously want quick answers, they resort to quick tests. I think a more effective method would be forensic psychology. Has this been used in this case? (I mean beyond 1 or 2 consultations).

  14. Although I do not profess to hold any great insights into hypnosis, there were a lot of things that jumped out at me during her, what I believe to be, fiend state. After the interviewer brought her back around, he asked her how long she thought it had taken. She gave an answer that was just about right on the money. It is my understanding that a subject feels as though no time at all has passed.
    I may very well be wrong, and if someone has info to the contrary, please correct me.

  15. How about some Investagating Reporting .,Up Front and make the news happen !! video your own searchs and Interviews. Get to the bottom of High Profile and small cases alike.

  16. I am new to this particular blog but I have blogged for 7 months. First off I want to say I pray for Haleighs safe return everyday. I feel like she is still alive. I just do not feel she has met with foul play. I may feel that way because I am so sick of hearing about our children being murdered by the very people that are supposed to protect them. Well here goes my questions.

    #1 Ron said in the beginning on all the News shows etc… That he picked Haleigh up from the bus stop that day however, Parents from Haleigh’s bus stop are saying that Misty picked her up from the Bus Stop that day has this been confirmed or denied?

    #2 Misty said when she realized Haleigh was missing she looked everywhere including under the beds. Well the beds they showed on the news were laying flat on the floor. How can you look under a bed when it is laying flat on the floor?

    #3 When I watched the Voice Analysis Video and the Hypnosis Video Misty took both of these tests the same day I am assuming as she is wearing the same clothes. She said in the Voice Analysis Video that her Brother sold his RED TRUCK shortly after Haleigh came up missing but in the Hypnosis Video taken the same day she said her Brother sold the VAN shortly after Haleigh dissappeared. Has that been determined which one was the truth?

    #4 Was Misty ever given a Drug Test to confirm whether or not she had been doing drugs when Haleigh dissappeared.

    #5 Can Misty not be arrested for Child Neglect as she was responsible for the care and protection of this Child. Maybe if she spent a few days in Jail she would finally tell the truth.

    #6 Misty has lied so many times. I do remember in the beginning Ron was on TV this was like 5 or 6 days after Haleigh went missing Ron said Please bring Haleigh home now IT IS TIME. I heard those words.

    #7 How did it come about with Misty sending the Police to this Location where there was a fake rose? How would she know there was a rose there?

    #8 If Ron and Misty had an argument on the phone that night while he was at work does LE not think that is important information that neither of them shared in the beginning?

    I understand Ron being scared of going to jail for having Sex with a Minor but am I the only one that thinks it is very Tacky to get married to the young lady that was watching my child when she went missing 1 month after my daughter came up missing and on the day that there was a search party looking for my child? I would not be getting married I would be out in the search party looking for my child. Or at least if I did get married it would not be with cake and a ceremony etc I would just do a quickie at the courthouse. Misty was in a wedding dress Laughing etc when there was an active search at the very moment they got married. Marriage would be the last thing on my mind. I understand keep your Friends Close but your enemies closer. But I would be heading up any and all search parites for my child.
    Lastly on February 9th there was a Contempt of Court order issued on Ron Cummings for Haleigh’s continuous Truancy from School and the last time she was seen was February 9th late night to early hours of February 10th? That seems like a huge coincedence to me.

    Also if Misty was Molested by her Brother and her Cousin I personally would not want either of them near me if they had molested me as a child but definately would not want them near any children I was responsible for and say that I loved so why would #1 Misty let them near Haleigh and #2 Why would Ron let them near his daughter? I think they should arrest Misty for Child Endangerment or Child Neglect and let her sit in Jail for a bit and she will break I guarantee it. Jail has a way of making people talk. I have only ever been in jail for Driving on a Suspended license but she will break like the Leavies did in New Orleans. They have enough Probable Cause to arrest her on those charges. So what about it? Can they do that?

  17. Steph,
    When and where were the Poly, Voice analysis, and Hypno tests administered? I’m just trying to put together a timeline of events to help everyone on the forum that I post on understand everything that’s been happening better. Thank you in advance for your time and reply.

  18. Great blog. Great information brought up. I’ve heard the “Tim Miller took advantage of her when he got her to take the polygraph.”
    That’s BULL. He did the wise thing….the family is always looked at first…get the family cleared and then go find whoever did it. Texas Equusearch works off donations and I’m proud of him for getting the polygraph done and flushing this out before alot of money is spent on this case. I want this little girl found! I can’t stand for any child to be “gone.” I think she’s guilty as sin.

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