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Clyde Hedrick’s is suspected in the disappearance and murders of literally dozens of women dating back to the 80s, but he’s only on trial for one: the murder of Ellen Beason. This case was the inspiration for the movie “The Killing Fields” and inspired the search and rescue organization Texas Equusearch. It’s alleged he murdered the founder-Tim Miller’s-daughter Laura miller. Prosecutors even allude to her in court docs but never had enough evidence to charge him.

This is the sadly classic tale of a small town apathetic police dept. who treated the victims like lesser human beings because they believe them to be runaways, drug addicts or prostitutes, which was not case.
Police lost evidence and files relating to Beason’s case. The original Galveston County Medical Examiner, William Korndoffer, who is about to take the stand, lost 65 slides of crucial autopsy photos of Ellen Beason. His daughter who is his office manager, testified yesterday that they didn’t even have an x-ray machine and would often have to borrow one from a local hospital. She vowed to look for the missing slides when she got home last night, 30 years later and in the middle of a murder trial. Although Ellen’s skull was bashed, in Korndoffer concluded the case and manner of death were inconclusive. Clyde Hedrick’s was eventually charged with abuse of a corpse relating to Ellen Beason, and served less than a year in jail.

While all this was happening Clyde Hedrick’s was a free man, and many believe, including the DAs office, free to Murder several other women. Now, because of an apathetic police dept. an absent-minded medical examiner and all-round sloppy investigation, justice for all these victims hinges on the this trial. The murder of Ellen Beason.


Part 1
Star witness Candy Gifford is on the stand. Candy was Ellen Beason’s best friend. She was married with 2 children but admitted that she had an affair with the defendant, Clyde Hedrick’s. Candy recalls the night Ellen disappeared as a beautiful warm Sunday evening, July 29th 1984. They went to the Texas Moon, a local nightclub for a fundraiser. Candy was with her husband and a few friends including Ellen. They met Hedrick’s at the bar but when Candy’s husband became jealous of Hedrick’s attention towards Candy, the couple left leaving Ellen behind at the bar with Hedrick’s. The next day Candy drives by the Texas Moon at 10:00am and notices Ellen’s car is still at the bar. She frantically calls Ellen’s parents (whom Ellen lived with) and they say she didn’t come home. She the calls Clyde and he’s says Ellen left the bar in a pickup truck with another man.

Candy continued to press Clyde for information as she felt he knew more than he was letting on. Days turned to weeks turned to months. Then one night, four months after Ellen disappeared, Hedrick had been drinking heavily and Candy had been pressing him particularly hard for answers as to what what happened to Ellen. According to Candy Hedrick’s said “let’s go” and he explained he was taking her to see Ellen. They drove to a secluded field where he removed old tires and revealed the couch. Inside that couch to the horror of Candy Gifford was skeletal remains. She quickly identified them as her friend Ellen because she recognized her necklace, a necklace Ellen was wearing the night she disappeared.

At this point the jury was removed and the defense started questing Candy about her testimony and it’s comparison to her testimony almost 30 years ago. Apparently they believe there are major inconsistencies. Stay tuned. It’s getting heated….

Both sides have just presented their opening statements to the jury. The state made a powerful presentation laying out the key witnesses including the victims best friend, Candy, who was with Ellen the night she disappeared. Candy was at the bar and will testify that she left Ellen with Clyde and then several days later Clyde actually showed her Ellen’s body and where he had disposed of it. Candy eventually led the police to Ellen’s body.

We will also hear from the Chief Medical Examiner who at the time ruled Ellen’s manner of death as inconclusive.

We will also hear from a former cellmate of Hedrick’s who will testify that Hedrick’s admitted killing Ellen. The cellmate alleges that Clyde claims when he stuffed Ellen in the sofa she was still moving. He alleges Clyde told him he grabbed a table leg to bash her skull in. This is key because is does several things. It identifies the murder weapon and it also verifies the manner of death. Ellen body was exhumed years later and after careful examination it was revealed her skull was bashed in. The medical examiner sticks to his original ruling and claims it was a post-mortum fracture, perhaps caused by her being dropped by staff at the funeral home. The state claims it was caused by Clyde Hedrick’s and the murder weapon was a table leg…stay tuned. This is about to get really interesting.

The trial for Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson beings on Tuesday.

He has sat behind bars for over 3 years on 20 million dollars bond awaiting trial for the murder of his 3rd wife Kathleen Savio. It’s been 8 years since Kathleen Savio was found mysteriously dead in her bathtub and 5 years after Peterson’s 4th wife, Stacey Peterson disappeared, sparking the investigation in Savios mysterious death and ultimately filing murder charges.

Stacy and Kathleen’s family, and anyone who has every had contact with Drew peterson says he is slick, manipulative and controlling, even from behind bars.

That was apparent last week in court as Drew Peterson carefully studied and appraised every prospective juror who took a seat in the small Joliet courtroom. He nodded or shook his head when his attorneys asked whether to fight to keep them.  Essentially Drew Peterson selected his own jury, with, surprisingly, no argument from the state.

Is this an attempt by Peterson and his defense team to intimidate and control the jury? It was initially believed the jury would hear very little, if anything, about Stacy Peterson’s disappearance during trial. But, in an odd move by the defense she’s actually listed on the witness list. Opening up the possibility her name will be mentioned in court and a possible explanation to the jury as to why she can’t testify.

Having been in Peterson’s home and in his presence more times than I care to remember, I can predict he will do anything to communicate with the jury in an attempt to win them over and distract them from the facts of this case and charm them into a “not guilty verdict. Let’s hope the jury is a little smarter than that.

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It was 17 years ago today the bodies of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson were discovered bludgeoned to death outside Nicole’s Brentwood CA home. Prime suspect; OJ Simpson. Thus began the trial of the century and one of the biggest injustices to date. This event sadly turned murder into entertainment..and we’ve never looked back

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony

While this trial is underway, it’s important to look at statements the keys players made at the very beginning of this case and compare them to what is being said on the stand. I have compiled my interviews with  Casey Anthony’s friends, family members, and investigators below.  Some very interesting stuff here.

July 21st 2008: Steph meets with a DJ who knew Caylee and Casey                                                                                                                    DJ: “Casey Anthony was a ‘Good Mom’ to Caylee” 

August 1st 2008: Steph Watts on speaking with Casey Anthony Investigators who are searching the Anthony home.                  Inside The CSI Search for Caylee

August 4th 2008: Steph goes ‘On The Record” w Greta Van Susteren discussing George Anthony’s visit to jail to see Casey      Jail Release Deal in Works for Missing Toddler Mom? 

August 12th 2008:Steph interviews Carlos Padilla of  the Orange County Sheriff’s Office about calls that were made from Casey Anthony’s phone.

Phone Log: What Caylee’s Mom’s Calls Could Reveal in Search for Missing Tot

Steph goes “On The Record” with  exclusive details of Casey Anthony’s cell phone records

October 14 2008: Steph reports for ABC News on George Anthony’s Grand Jury testimony                                                Mom charged with murder in Caylee Anthony Case 

May 16 2010: Steph discusses on his radio show whether or not Casey will get the death penalty                                       Watt’s Up With This? Casey Anthony and the Death Penalty

July 19th 2010: Steph discusses Cindy Anthony’s 911 tapes                                                                                                                     Watt’s Up With This? The Casey Anthony Case

August 8 2010: Steph Interviews  Psychic Jeanette Lucas about the Casey Antony Case                                                      Watt’s Up With This? Cases and Faces