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The trial for Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson beings on Tuesday.

He has sat behind bars for over 3 years on 20 million dollars bond awaiting trial for the murder of his 3rd wife Kathleen Savio. It’s been 8 years since Kathleen Savio was found mysteriously dead in her bathtub and 5 years after Peterson’s 4th wife, Stacey Peterson disappeared, sparking the investigation in Savios mysterious death and ultimately filing murder charges.

Stacy and Kathleen’s family, and anyone who has every had contact with Drew peterson says he is slick, manipulative and controlling, even from behind bars.

That was apparent last week in court as Drew Peterson carefully studied and appraised every prospective juror who took a seat in the small Joliet courtroom. He nodded or shook his head when his attorneys asked whether to fight to keep them.  Essentially Drew Peterson selected his own jury, with, surprisingly, no argument from the state.

Is this an attempt by Peterson and his defense team to intimidate and control the jury? It was initially believed the jury would hear very little, if anything, about Stacy Peterson’s disappearance during trial. But, in an odd move by the defense she’s actually listed on the witness list. Opening up the possibility her name will be mentioned in court and a possible explanation to the jury as to why she can’t testify.

Having been in Peterson’s home and in his presence more times than I care to remember, I can predict he will do anything to communicate with the jury in an attempt to win them over and distract them from the facts of this case and charm them into a “not guilty verdict. Let’s hope the jury is a little smarter than that.

Please join me Thursday live from 2:00pm – 3:00pm on The Susan Murphy Milano Show as we discuss the media’s Influence on Justice. We will discuss Casey Anthony, Drew Peterson, and Joran Van Der Sloot and take you calls!!!  talk with us LIVE!!!!

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It was 17 years ago today the bodies of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson were discovered bludgeoned to death outside Nicole’s Brentwood CA home. Prime suspect; OJ Simpson. Thus began the trial of the century and one of the biggest injustices to date. This event sadly turned murder into entertainment..and we’ve never looked back

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony

While this trial is underway, it’s important to look at statements the keys players made at the very beginning of this case and compare them to what is being said on the stand. I have compiled my interviews with  Casey Anthony’s friends, family members, and investigators below.  Some very interesting stuff here.

July 21st 2008: Steph meets with a DJ who knew Caylee and Casey                                                                                                                    DJ: “Casey Anthony was a ‘Good Mom’ to Caylee” 

August 1st 2008: Steph Watts on speaking with Casey Anthony Investigators who are searching the Anthony home.                  Inside The CSI Search for Caylee

August 4th 2008: Steph goes ‘On The Record” w Greta Van Susteren discussing George Anthony’s visit to jail to see Casey      Jail Release Deal in Works for Missing Toddler Mom? 

August 12th 2008:Steph interviews Carlos Padilla of  the Orange County Sheriff’s Office about calls that were made from Casey Anthony’s phone.

Phone Log: What Caylee’s Mom’s Calls Could Reveal in Search for Missing Tot

Steph goes “On The Record” with  exclusive details of Casey Anthony’s cell phone records

October 14 2008: Steph reports for ABC News on George Anthony’s Grand Jury testimony                                                Mom charged with murder in Caylee Anthony Case 

May 16 2010: Steph discusses on his radio show whether or not Casey will get the death penalty                                       Watt’s Up With This? Casey Anthony and the Death Penalty

July 19th 2010: Steph discusses Cindy Anthony’s 911 tapes                                                                                                                     Watt’s Up With This? The Casey Anthony Case

August 8 2010: Steph Interviews  Psychic Jeanette Lucas about the Casey Antony Case                                                      Watt’s Up With This? Cases and Faces

Cindy Anthony outside her home addressing the media

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony

On this mother’s day I can’t help but think about Cindy Anthony. Cindy is Casey Anthony’s mother- and grandmother of Caylee Anthony. As I’m sure you’re aware, Casey Anthony sits behind bars accused of murdering her daughter Caylee.

No matter what you think about Cindy, this must be a heart wrenching day for her – her granddaughter’s body found just down the street from the home they still live in, and her daughter accused of the crime about to stand trial starting tomorrow am – well jury selection start tomorrow but that’s technically the start of the trial – certainly the start of the media circus. Sadly for Cindy, the eve of her daughter’s murder trial is also Mothers Day

I texted Cindy to let her to know I was thinking of her on this difficult day and I had her in my prayers. She replied right away with a simple “Thanks”

I have seen Cindy and George’s journey through this nightmare – and their journey through the media -from the onset. The circus outside their home when this story first broke was unfathomable. People screaming at George and Cindy as they entered or exited their home -calling them murderers – it truly was a modern day witch-hunt. People from all over the country – who had no business being there, and who knew nothing about the facts – drawing conclusions – becoming Judge and Jury, right there on George and Cindy’s front lawn

I have to say George and Cindy and Lee have always been very kind to me. I was taught not to sit on judgment of others and I always take people for face value – how they treat me -that’s all we can do – and every time I was in their home they offered me food and drink and we would sit for hours and talk and they would try to piece to together the puzzle of what happened that time that Caylee disappeared and they would share stories of the nightmare their lives had become. I like them – no matter how they have been portrayed in the media.

What they have gone through and are about to go through starting tomorrow is an absolute nightmare. No one can judge them for their actions. They are Grandparents of a murdered grandchild and the parents of the mother accused of the crime. Put yourself in their shoes. Cindy gets criticized for her tireless support of her daughter. Whatever happened between them in the past is just that- the past. Whether you agree with it or not, I have to admire Cindy for her public loyalty and commitment to her daughter. This is America and Cindy Anthony has the God given right to say she doesn’t believe her daughter murdered Caylee. She has the right to support her daughter. So it made me sad when I learned that Casey didn’t want to see her mother, days before her trial for murder is about to begin and 2 days before mother’s day. The only visitors Casey has had in months in her defense team. After what she pulled off with not reporting her daughter missing for 30 days – she should be grateful to still have the support of not just Cindy but George and Lee.

Honestly, how many people can say they have someone in their life that is that committed to them? We could all use a friend like Cindy Anthony.

Judge Belvin Perry, presiding over the Casey Anthony case set to begin May 9th, denied objections from media outlets that are upset about his plan to limit news about where jury members will be selected for the murder trial. Judge Perry said he is doing this in the interest of providing Anthony with a fair trial. Perry said the coverage in this case has “never been seen in the history of this state” and maybe dwarfs coverage of the O.J. Simpson case. Several media outlets filed a motion Thursday asking the court to reconsider a confidentiality agreement related to jury selection in the case. Casey Anthony was in court for the hearing. As we all know by now, Anthony, 25, is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony in the summer of 2008. I covered many cases over the years and covering jury selection is like watching paint dry. And it doesn’t rate for the networks. Particularly in this case, I feel for the jury. They have a right to privacy. But I predict every aspect, every tidbit that the media can dig up about the jury members lives will be swallowed up by the press and trial followers. Stay tuned.

The epidemic of hate crimes continues in this country. Are gay men now being targeted online??
Earlier this year, DC high school principle Brian Betts was robbed and executed in his own home by 3 men who targeted Betts on a gay chat website. Betts had agreed to meet one man, and had arranged for him to come to his home. In retrospect, a fatal mistake. The men (boys really -just turned 18) showed up with the intention of robbing Betts when something went horribly wrong, and Betts ended up dead. Now, the three defendants in the Betts’ case await trial next month. But, why are they NOT charged with a hate crime?

Brian Betts was intensely revered and beloved by his students — so much so that a graduating 8th-grade class actually lobbied the school district to spend their 9th-grade year under his roof, rather than move on to the high school.

Drawn to this past week’s reports of the New York case where 11 suspects have now been arrested, and charged with violence against four individuals they apparently targeted for reasons of hate against homosexuals and other cases nationwide — Brian Bretts’ family breaks their silence for the first time since his tradgic murder. They speak out to me in an exclusive interview, along with their attorney Rene Sandler, this Sunday on my radio show.

Another case that I recently covered on my radio show also deserves national attention. Tyler Clementi, a young gay male college student committed suicide after he was targeted by roommates and unknowingly videotaped having a consensual sexual encounter with another male, which was then broadcast on the Internet. Sandler believes that, “Violence against gays is a growing trend because the crimes are less likely to be reported so a gay person becomes an easy target. The revictimization of these people who have been brutalized regarding their sexual preferences is outrageous.”
Please tune in and tell your friends to listen and join the discussion.

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As Tiffany Hartly continues on her national media tour, authorities are continuing to question her story.

Tiffany Hartley claims her husband, David, was shot to death by Mexican pirates chasing them on speedboats across Falcon Lake on Sept. 30 as they returned on jet skis from a trip to photograph an historic Mexican church. Neither his body nor the jet ski has been recovered.  What gives her story some credibility is that Texas officials have warned boaters and fisherman that pirates frequent the Mexican side of the lake, a 25-mile by 3-mile dammed section of the Rio Grande. Also, that part of Tamaulipas state is overrun by violence from a turf battle between the Gulf Cartel and the Zeta drug gang, made up of former Mexican special forces soldiers, and both are battling the Mexican military.

But here’s the problems I have with her story. She says the pirates were shooting at them as they tried to speed away, when she looked back, David was off his jet ski lying face down in the water.  She sped back through gunfire, but the pirates allegedly retracted. She claims she got to him — turned him over — and realized he’d been shot in the head. Really? How could they shoot him in the front of the head if they wee shooting from behind. She would have seen the gunshot/blood BEFORE she turned him over..Also how did she manage to outrun skilled pirates as they returned, shooting at her for a second times?

My father has sailed around the world, and lived in this area of Mexico for years. He has many first-hand experiences with pirates and shared stories of other sailors. He says there is NO WAY they would ever take a body. Tthey want MONEY — material objects — not dead bodies. Tiffany’s story has holes in it. Stay tuned.




I receive so many letters/posts from people — like the one below — looking for justice…and I want to use this blog to post as many as I can.


“This may be a little redundant, but I really want people to understand the emotion behind our journey as a family. I posted this awhile ago and would like to post it again for any who missed it…I want to share with everyone something that drives me every day to think of ways to help my niece find the justice she deserves. The day before we laid Juliette’s sweet little body to rest all of my siblings gathered at the funeral home together… together we entered the small room where she laid in a small white casket, and together we cried. We all live many miles apart, some hundreds, but when we are together it’s as if no time or miles have ever separated us. As my Brother Casey sat 4 feet directly across from his daughter, in her tiny white casket, on the floor against the wall, together, 5 of us sat with him… surrounded him, held him and cried with him. We sat there for hours, shifting, taking turns next to him, holding his hand, holding him. He just stared at her and cried, and I knew as I watched him sitting there in his Army fatigues, that he blamed himself for not staying, for not taking the girls when he had visited a month earlier. It is now when I think of that moment, that I get really angry, because it is at that moment, that I also remember that Juliette’s Mother was not there. My Brother LOVES his girls, WANTS his girls, and would never put drugs or others before them. This is what motivates me daily to fight for Juliette, the love her Daddy felt and feels for her, the longing he has to be with her and Jaelyn… She is worth fighting for and will not be buried and forgotten!  Auntie Liz”

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